The 9th Circle and the truth about the red shoes. Part 1.

There have been written endless pages about the Ninth Circle. A Satanic worshipping cult up to this day regarded by many as another conspiracy theory. As if you try to tell people that the Bilderberg group has no logo or seal. Stunned by the in-exsistence of it. Even more people are unaware of the fact that a cult like this needs ingredients to maintain its power or to delegate their occult agendas. Human child trafficking is a cornerstone of the globalists disquised as your favourite king, queen, celebrity, influencer, media star; you name it, let’s not forget politicians and keepers of the law and justice. Some say Tom Hanks last words were along the lines of “It doesn’t make a difference if you kill me, we’re many and we’re everywhere.” He certainly was right about that. Welcome to the Ninth Circle.

Almost every article written on the subject gives reference to the red shoes worn by its participants. Some clubs, like this one requires a very specific entry fee. In return the participants may count themselves among the political establishment as many other industries.

Two months ago, two victims who survided and escaped this existing cult returned the emblematic footwear to where it once became a global export model, in broad daylight. Torture, rape and murder included at the Knights Hall located at the Dutch seat of parlement ‘Het Binnenhof’ at the Hague. This courages act is the fysical manifestation of the end of this Satanic network on the landmass of the Netherlands, returned tenfold after centuries. Belgium used to host its HQ but that has now been moved to the US. A big part of this story comes from a Dutch website Ella Ster and triggered me to continue with this story. It inspired me  to at least finish it, despite the fact that the case uncovered in Zwolle barely has seen justice prevail. As it most definitely should in this case. Ultimately it is about equality for all and that starts with the ownership of their free will by our children. There are many ways to look or take in the forthcoming information.

What you need to understand is that it tells the story of the crime that binds it all together. Child trafficking, human trafficking. And in order to do that for as long as it has been going on one needs the convalescence of our politicians, state department laqays, talkshow hosts, celebrities, newsanchors, actors and musicians. It needs to hide in front of us, where it won’t be noticed nor searched for.

Politicians are most likely the worst kind of them all. They came first, centuries ago to legalise all their crimes through false laws and constitutions, just like the beating of our hearts, that has been overruled by their ferocious hunger to power, fame, influence, mostly  attachments you see, but they also have been noticed and their downfall is imminent. We, people of truth, will make sure of that. Either with a riffle or with a feather, it really makes no difference in this matter. Satanism should not be practised here on Earth, pedophilia never tolerated and I have this radical believe that by eradicating the human manifestation of these frequencies by the likes of our government apparatus and fake opposition leaders,peace can become a true aspiring goal. But equality first. Our breed did not came here to be “fraggle dipped” at the mercy of psychopaths. Sacrifice is as old as humanity itself.  Add migration to that and war lives right next to it. Neighbours for thousands of years.

The first established company in the history of our current timeline, the VOC is a good benchmark to start. With it came trade as today Shangai is in the limelight for Covid-19 related narrative, with it’s Port as the main price.The historical information regarding the ‘Verenigde Oost Indische Company’, the Dutch East India Company is enormous, it has woven deep into societies karmic trenches and as such manifests in sutile attributes such as shoes..I kid you not. They even find it practical for very sinister reasons.

At its peak, the VOC was worth the equivalent of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, ExxonMobil, Berkshire Hathaway, Tencent, and Wells Fargo put together. This means that the world’s most valuable company, Apple, is worth about 11% of the peak value of the VOC would it exsist today. Which it does by the names of Vanguard and Blackrock.
Even in our current times the modus operandi is actually still the same. From the first ship named ‘Batavia’ in the 16th century to the last well known ‘Ever Given’ in the 21st. 500 years of Sodom and Gomorra that we know of.

What’s the Ninth Circle cult?

The Book of Inferno van Dante, written in the 14th century describes this well. In this book, the nine circles of hell are broadly spoken of. The ninth circle is the residence of Satan and is the centre of creation (according to the satanists). Those who violate the sacred trust will end up in this ninth circle. The worst sin (and condition to enter the circle of creation) is the betrayal of the sacred innocence, such as the child’s innocence.

In other words, the sacrifice of a child in order to be allowed a seat at the table of infinite power, adoration and money? Set for life? At the betrayal no men should survive on our planet. What follows is discretion advised.

The torturing, rape, assassination and consumption of children has been going on for a very long time. The Roman Catholic Church surely knows as we all do by now.

Dante had close links with a few pauses and described an existing practice that was common within the Vatican. Part of these rituals are statements (or mantras) saying “We sacrifice the innocence to Satan in exchange for unlimited power.” And that’s exactly what the satanists believe in. By taking part in these rituals, one thinks that unlimited power, wealth and status is acquired. It is therefore not surprising that the participants are in the highest regions of society. Today that would be a Nansi Pelosi, Hillary Clinton or Ursula von der Leyden for instance.

The sacrifices include raping, torturing and killing babies and children, drinking blood and also cannibalism. This ritual is still openly, but although in a weakened and symbolic form during the Catholic Mass, suggesting that Christ’s body should be consumed and one should drink his blood.

The Ninth Circle cult is therefore strongly intertwined with the Catholic Church and the black nobility (especially in Rome and Italy) who, according to insiders, hold the true power within the Vatican. The Dutch and British royal houses are also part of this black (Satanic) noble. But satanic rituals are performed throughout the Cabal and are part of their Luciferian belief. The following links describes this club in further detail.

Red Shoes of Pedophile Club

9th Circle Satanists: The Elite Child Sex/Sacrifice Cult

The Pope’s shoemaker.

Several witnesses such as Toos Nijenhuis, Anne Marie van BeBleenburgh, Ronald Bernard and many others have reported that these practices are common among the political elite, top bankers and royals. The practice is globally, with hotspots such as Rome, Washington DC, New York, Vancouver, Paris and London. In the Netherlands, Zwolle is an important node of international trafficking and padding networks.

During a raid a building owned by the Ninth Circle cult, finds were made that very much reminiscent of the Marc Dutroux case. Children who were locked in cages and remains of victims, hidden in cold cells and secret basement rooms. Also elsewhere in Europe, ITCCS, in collaboration with local police, took a raid and a total of 19 people were arrested and 8 children were liberated. For the time being, nothing is being brought out of the mainstream media.

The reason for the raid was the one announced by the ITCCS (International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State) that satanic rituals would be held in numerous places that would be the victims of children. The rituals were to take place on 30 April, including within Catholic churches and other buildings in Rome, London, Paris, Brussels, Geneva, Frankfurt, Washington DC, New York and Tara Hill in Ireland.

The 30th of april is an occult day and is it called the ‘Beltaine Festival’ or ‘Walpurgis Night’. This is the highest day on the Druid Witch calendar and after midnight, human sacrifices were required on 1 May, so the conviction within the Satanic Ninth Circle cult. The origin of this occult date is from Ireland. It was once a purely holy day, where on Tara Hill, a holy place in Ireland, the goddess were honored. But the Cabal has made this date and tradition pervertently and used for satanic purposes. These origin sacred places and rituals are used, especially under the influence of the Vatican, and specifically the secret organization Opus Dei, for satanic and dark motives.

The planned rituals at Tara Hill were cancelled by the ITCCS’s announced actions, but the ITCCS direct-action teams were the most successful in places that had not been announced in advance. There the team, accompanied by local police, could attack the Satanic cult members while they were preparing the rituals. In Zwolle, a lot of evidence was found, never to be found again. Kevin Annet however

The Dutch team consisted of professionals, former police officers and military, and despite being assisted by local police, the ITCCS is doing its own independent investigation. It is noted that the police or the justice system cannot be relied on, because experience has shown that this type of investigation is often trained or embezzled evidence, as initially in the Dutroux case.

Huge breakthrough
The comparison with the Dutroux case is not without reason, and in particular the discoveries in Zwolle are absolutely horrible. They found children, malnourished and beaten up and locked in cages, not greater than 60 x 90 cm. Also found body parts of previous victims, which were kept in a cold cell. In addition, torture tools, audio and video recording equipment, pornographic material and papers with specific references to people who have not been in the picture before. The ITCCS is conducting further examination on the basis of this new evidence and from a forensic point of view, this finding can be made of a huge breakthrough.

The children and babies found are liberated. It is in Zwolle that at least one child under six and one baby from a child’s home in Amsterdam. In total, 8 children including babies were liberated in Zwolle, Dijon (France) and Lucerne (Switzerland). Kevin doesn’t know exactly how many children of what age, at what location were present. It is well known that one of the children found is a Dutch or French child who has been kidnapped. The team was aware of the missing and the child’s description matched, which enabled us to find out the origin. Kevin Annet says this kid was brought back to his or her family.

Some babies come from hospitals and one knows about one baby from which children’s home in Amsterdam it comes. The babies that disappear from hospitals and children’s homes are often of teenage mothers who have not claimed their child and have not reported birth. On the moon…

The fact that native children from the Netherlands and France have been found is remarkable, because foreign children are often used, originating in vulnerable areas such as war zones or poorer countries. Often, these are children from Romania, Portugal or North Africa, and in this case one of the victims from Tunisia.

At the time of the interview, Kevin indicated that research is still being carried out at the location. This type of rituals are often found in cellars or hidden spaces, which are not visible with the naked eye. An experienced team of forensic experts is therefore doing thorough research to track down possible hidden evidence. Also, video recordings that were in the found cameras are analysed in detail. The location in Zwolle is not the same as the so-called hotel ITCCS witness Annemarie van Bleenburgh talks about. It is an older place that has been used for this kind of rituals and is known to the ITCCS.

Neither the robbery, nor the arrest of the criminal cult members and the liberation of children and babies have been reported in the mainstream media. Kevin explains that the media is in the hands of a handful of people closely involved in this satanic ninth circle cult. They have no interest in broadening the news, because it is most likely to lead to great social indignation.

Despite the fact that the criminals (as far as Kevin knows) are still being held, it is uncertain whether they are being arraigned and prosecuted. We are well aware of the corruption of the so-called justice system that keeps people like Demmink out of the wind. Psychopaths like Robert M. and Marc Dutroux have been protected for years, because according to insiders, they had connections with the elite and royals in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Police officers and people within the justice are being pressured to protect the elite. This is done by bribery or extortion. Kevin told him last week’s Radio Free Kanata broadcast that Marcel Verflosemm once told him that the Ndragheta (the Mafia delivering children to the Ninth Circle network) spends € 15,000 000 a month in the Netherlands alone to buy politicians and police.

ITCCS is now getting help from the police
“All the more reason not to rely too much on the police”, Kevin explains. He suspects that some agents who helped the ITCCS team may have used the opportunity to spy within the organization. “People play the game on both sides” says Kevin. “For this reason, the ITCCS spends a lot of time forming a civilian police, where they train normal citizens in the Common Law Sheriff training”.

The culture of the elite protected by police and justice is changing, and the Ninth Circle cult is now in fact threatened. As a result, researchers of international satanic networks are often opposed in many ways, such as defamation and slander or through legal charges. Sometimes these people are even being ripped off their bed without a reason. But according to Kevin, police officers are increasingly less willing to cooperate. In that sense there is…

Where the elite used the dividing and rule game to suppress humanity, it is now being used by organizations such as the ITCCS against them. It’s a tactic that the ITCCS uses to disrupt the Ninth Circle Organisation. Within the criminal satanic networks, there are increasingly more whistle-blowers leaking to ITCCS information, which is aware of many ‘secret’ cases. Because the elite doesn’t know where and who leaked the information, there is a lot of uncertainty and panic. Kevin does expect this group to retaliate in an even more aggressive way to defend their status quo.

This is also visible because the more known places used for satanic practices, such as the San Lorenzo Church in Rome, are protected by paramilitary groups. The elite use private armies, but also often the national army or elite forces. Kevin concludes from the testimony of Anne Marie van Behenburgh that the army in the Netherlands and Belgium is involved in the protection of satanic meetings.

According to the ITCCS, the headquarters of the Ninth Circle, previously located in

in Belgium, is moved to North America. Kevin suspects this has something to do with the probability of intense protests, such as the mass demonstrations around the Marc Dutroux case. I myself wonder where the social outrage is. Many people avoid the subject, including within the alternative community and exhibit ostrich behavior, while these crimes occur within our society and right under our noses.

This kind of thing does not disappear when people do not put energy into ‘negative’ things and focus only on ‘positive’ things. It takes something other than the avoiding ostrich tactic. “The monster must be killed,” Kevin says, “because it does not change itself. It is the nature of The Beast that is predatory and aggressive.”

Sources. Ella Ster 13th May 2017

Did Macron left French soldiers to die at the Azovstal factory to save his campaign?

According to reports from Aydinlik, a Turkish media outlet the re-elected French President abandoned French soldiers to die, unacknowledged, in Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, Ukraine because he did not want their existence and possible deaths to jeopardise his election campaign.

Macron won his second Presidential term with 58.54% of the vote compared to the 41.46% for the Nationalist candidate, Marine Le Pen, who nevertheless secured 13 million votes – an indication of the division and unrest in France. Macron “the Mozart of finance” of Rothschild Bank and the marionette of the transnational plutocracy has been confronted with mass protests led by the Gilets Jaunes since he began enforcing austerity measures followed by some of the most draconian Covid restrictions in Europe.

According to Aydinlik:

Russia regained control of Mariupol, Ukraine. It was learned that 50 high-ranking French officers were trapped at the Azovstal Metallurgical Plant. It was learned that Putin opened a safe corridor, and Macron sent an order to ‘do not surrender’ in the election rush…

As part of his victory address to a rally at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Macron vowed to “unite France” after acknowledging the drift right by a disenfranchised population.

“I know that a number of French people have voted for me today, not to support my ideas but to stop the ideas of the far right,” he said and called on supporters to be “kind and respectful” to others, because the country was riven by “so much doubt, so much division”.


He added: “I’m not the candidate of one camp any more, but the president of all of us.” If reports of Macron’s abandonment of French troops in Mariupol is confirmed then it is clear that “all of us” does not include those who might tarnish his election campaign. French soldiers who are to be sacrificed without the knowledge of the French public.

The Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin reported an estimated 400 foreign mercenaries trapped in Azovstal. Aydinlik reported that it was determined approximately 50 among those 400 were French officers and some were high ranking. Macron, alarmed by the emergence of the secret operation (alleged organised without a mandate) sent a “do not surrender” message to the French Officers.

In a meeting between Russian Defence Minister, Sergey Shoigu, and Russian President Vladimir Putin it was agreed that the Russian attack plan would be cancelled to spare the lives of Russian military and Ukrainian civilians trapped in the Azovstal steel plant and in the industrial zone surrounding the plant. Putin’s strategy is to force the occupants to surrender without bloodshed while ensuring total blockade of the area to flush the NATO and Ukrainian military out.

As in Syria, humanitarian corridors have been established to permit the safe exit of civilians and military who wish to surrender. As in Syria, the Azov (Nazi) battalions are shooting or executing any who attempt to surrender and exit via the corridors. Their value as human shields is too great to allow civilians or military to escape unharmed.

Aydinlik sources claim that there are also British and American military experts inside the besieged plant who were providing weapons training for the Ukrainian military for the weapons supplied by NATO member states to sustain the war against Russia.

The same sources also claimed that the two French military-insigated failed helicopter rescues were an attempt to extract the French officers and to bring them to safety. Both helicopters crashed, one in the sea and the other close to the Azovstal plant. The sources have informed Aydinlik that two of the dead were French Intelligence officers.

The sources mention that Macron attempted to negotiate a supplementary humanitarian corridor with Putin – one that would enable the trapped French officers to exit into Ukrainian territory to avoid their capture by Russian forces. The sources stated (google translate):

“French soldiers were unofficially located in Mariupol. If the French soldiers trapped in the Azovstal Iron and Steel Factory surrender, Macron must answer to the French people. The work is also against French law. For this reason, we have been informed that Macron gave definite instructions to the French officers not to surrender. They want Russia to bomb the factory and kill the French officers there. Then they will not take care of their own officers and they will cover it up. What Macron fears most; that this event came to light before the election to be held on Sunday. He is afraid of the reaction of the French people.”

French analyst, Thierry Meyssan recorded the dismissal of French General of military intelligence Eric Vidaud in an article dated 5th April.

On March 29, 2022, General Eric Vidaud, director of French military intelligence, was dismissed. No official explanation was given. It seems that in reality, General Viaud had deployed men on the direct instruction of President Macron’s private staff, in 2021 when he was commander of special operations, to supervise the Azov Banderites regiment. Immediately, five Ukrainian helicopters tried to flee Mariupol, the stronghold of the Azov regiment. Two were shot down on March 30. The survivors were taken prisoner by the Russian army. They spoke immediately. The soldiers of the Special Operations Command are placed for all logistical matters under the orders of the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, General Thierry Burkhard, but they take their orders directly from the head of the armed forces, President Emmanuel Macron.

In the Aydinlik report it is noted that Russian Ministry of Defence spox, Igor Konashenkov, stated (April 17th) that Turkish President Erdogan had requested the release of hostages in the Turkish mosque in Mariupol – this was fulfilled by the Russian special forces. Konashenkov also mentioned the foreign mercenaries at Azovstal:

“The Azovstal Metallurgical Plant facilities in the city of Mariupol were completely surrounded by Russian forces. Russian soldiers asked the Ukrainian forces there to surrender. However, we learned from the radio conversations that the Kyiv administration had ordered the Azov group to shoot down the soldiers and foreign mercenaries who laid down their arms. According to the testimony of those who surrendered, there are about 400 foreign fighters in this region, mostly from European countries. Since the beginning of the war, 6,824 foreign mercenaries from 63 countries have come to Ukraine. Foreign fighters were deployed to Ukrainian military units in the cities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Mykolaiv and Mariupol.”

Credits to Vanessa Beeley.

Great events await us all.

The MH17 affair will now be coming out with Rutte’s and King Alexander’s involvement. By Rob Brekel

Dutch Politicians received the email below on Easter Monday 18 April.

Dear Thierry and other Politicians,

Rutte’s insider sheet is going to be a big deal against us (you) .

If you’ve missed it, Putin had clearly stated that he would purify Ukraine from Nazis and found people and children trafficking there, so crimes that Rutte’s friends committed. Over 30 bio-laboratories rolled up, including Sars II – Covi19 virus

After the breakdown of the USSR, Ukraine had failed to report its borders as a sovereign state, which Putin now claims these borders to keep the NATO off its front door.

Adding that Hugo de Jonge ( Former Dutch Health minister) has adjusted the reports of the RIMV ( Dutch WHO)to push his vaccination GENOCIDE agenda to the population and his role in the mouth caps affair, then I don’t get a good feeling about it.

Rob Brekel

The MH17 affair will now be released with Rutte and Willy the unnecessary ( King Alexander’s) involvement. Putin has warned the other countries not to turn against Russia, otherwise he will be entitled to defend his country. Now it turns out that Germany and the Netherlands have sent weapons and people to the Ukraine Nazis, many mercenaries have been killed or have already surrendered.

If I am not mistaken, Putin has lifted the 1945 ceasefire immediately, because peace has never been made between countries, not occupied the Netherlands, which was annexed by Germany in 1940 and the current form of government which entered into force on 18 May 1940, also makes that we have no peace treaty with Germany, but a province of his like a company registered in the USA as the State of the Netherlands.

The Netherlands Incorporated.

Russia’s actions were committed with a minimum of army personnel in Ukraine, Putin has still more than 2 million army personnel available. We see the images from Ukraine and also how happy the population is with their liberators.

While NATO and its own armies have been cut to pieces, Russia has equipped its army as a well-functioning machine.

Putin announced the end of WWII on 9 May 2022!

I guess that between May 9 and now things will happen.

Especially now that the Hunter Biden laptop has clearly shown Joe Biden’s involvement.

See link with evidence ►

The Nazis did not lose the war, but spread through Bernhard van Lippe-Biesterfeld with his operation Paperclip, via the KLM and the Vatican via Switzerland.

Bernard, Demmink and Rutte. Grandfather,father,son

The New World Order itself has been exposed, its a matter of fact. The EU has urged Russia to get Russia out of the Swift system so that there is no trade in the SWIFT system. Call the foresight or whatever, the BRICS countries have disabled the IIB and CIPS protocol to the IMF and FED including the ECB.

No one wants the Petrodollar without value, just like the forced worthless Euro. We are seeing inflation at the moment, where governments are stripping the population with price rises and trying to cause as much damage to the right of the population.

I cannot hide the impression that a malicious government is intentionally damaging the population, and the GENOCIDE plan is also planning to implement food supplies based on the Climate lie.

The business policy of the Netherlands incorporates seems to live in a dream world with the thought that it will get away with all the crimes committed by politics and their WEF globalists.

When I look at the recording in the Second Chamber, I see many empty places, one is not delusional for their ripe salary at the expense of the oppressed population.

It may be impressed by MSM that the population is pleased with everything, but if, instead of orange flags on 27 April, white red flags appear to be flagged in order to greet the liberators of Europe, you should not be surprised.

If the messages are correct, the QFS is already in operation, on which the new value-covered money system is being handled for the whole world.

Because of Putin’s action the Great Reset of Nazi Klaus Schwab dead in the water.

Nothing is build, nothing is back and nothing is better.

The QFS is running for over 2 years with the old Swift system, so it is clearly illustrated who receives what salaries and what accounts can be frozen in a press press.

A corrupt government of the Netherlands Incorporated then has been disabled in a button press, including the unelected mayors who receive orders from the corrupt Bilderberg Cabinet.

Remember, the Nuremberg Tribunal has already entered into force, there will be no escape. If Putin takes action, a war situation will be created with the law of war that will then be leading to order.

Now this is the time when the Constitution is going to be repaired. The United States Constitution of 1776 will apply to the whole earth. Nuremberg Tribunals become under the war law, so no normal lawyer can then assist politicians’ criminals, at least that’s the image I get of it. This also means that the entire current case-law will be immediately dissolved and convictions are not valid through the old business system of the Netherlands NV, which has actually proved to be a corporation with abuse of power.

What a little insider sheet could bring about, I honestly did not think it possible.

Banks that do not comply with the ISO20022 standard are excluded by the QFS.

The Banks’ customers are protected, as the QFS has reported all bank account numbers, which is no longer necessary in the current form.

At the moment when Biden and his son are arrested with Obama, that will be the start to hunt and arrest all globalists around the world.

You don’t think the Netherlands Incorporated is going to be missed, that’s impossible, Putin promised to take down all Nazis, so also the Hitler cabinet of the WEF followers who have never had the best interest in the population.

It must be fair to say that it is quite exciting to be able to see the downfall of globalists. The illegitimate government that has come into power by deception and deception has emerged as traffickers and the population completely destroyed and robbed from its work.

In this context, the closed 1400 billion of our pension pot, contribute the 50.9 billion WAO and the 100 billion health costs that have never been spent on health care. Is it therefore possible that the elderly are killed first because one is bankrupt and cannot pay pensions? Especially when the ECB can no longer produce money out of nowhere?

I think we have many answers that are still unanswered by the 9th of May.

There are also many stupid people among politicians who walk and vote to harm the population. We also see that all parties like a cartel are conspiring to continue to rob the population.

We’re not a state, but a company we’ve never chosen as a population. Maxima is the best whistle-blower we have, along with dumb Willy the unnecessary, who has acknowledged that Wilhelmina fled the country on 13 May 1940. He only forgot to mention that, according to the Constitution in force, we are no longer a kingdom and the state has been lapsed by the lack of a valid constitution.

The reasoning that the Constitution was amended in 1983 is bullshit.

When I see a drowning floating in the summer with the ice cap on and the skates on, then no resuscitation will help. The patient is dead, like the Constitution, dead as dead can be.

Brenninkmeijer: “Grondwet zo dood als een pier”

Think you have a lot of conversation in the folk theater in The Hague, especially when it’s unexpectedly knocked on. Hey, Comrade Globalisky, we’re here. Would you come with me for an army of Tribunal?

There will be no children on the menu for Pedophiles, not even Adrenochrome users.

Think that very occupied Netherlands is looking forward to what a great show we’re going to see. Because MSM can’t sweep it under the rug anymore, even all the people who helped with the vaccination GENOCIDE will not get away with it.

We’re in the end game, the fear of globalists for their demise will be huge, we’ll get a show that humanity will never forget.

Der Untergang of the entire Nazi system is then a fact, including the unelected corrupt EU, NATO, UN and WHO. And not to mention the WEF with the 300 Committee. Everyone will be expropriated if the playbook that has been known to us today is right.

Kind Regards Rob Brokel


Originele Nederlandse tekst:


Enough has been speculated about the content of Hunter Bidens laptop. However, what needs to be said clearly to those people who “aren’t sure” if the old man on the video is the false instated, corrupt and senile current president of the United States Joe Biden. Offcourse you are not sure. Over the last years you have been looking at an actor behind a foam latex mask. How could you know the difference? Here is something you should know.

Video 1

I will upload and share all the videos as the story unfolds. For now these two will have to do. There is more of practical every known political leader coming out. And there is nothing they can do to stop it. Politicians have been ruled by extortion, blackmail, fraud and deceit since the age of mankind began. There really is not much more I want to write about this, I would only repeat myself so this page will be uploaded with the stuff that will make the narrative fall. Forever.

Rest assured there is not one European politician that is exempt of similar images. The hunters have become the hunted.

Video 2
Video 3

Payments & donations.

The Spiritual Brotherhood between Zelensky and Hunter Biden.

While the American big boys of media outlets the likes of CBS, NBC, FOX, the Washington Post and the New York Times are already covering the story that will make the fake Biden presidency fall like a house of cards, their European counterparts defend a far different stack of interests mainly their own involvement into the story of a heroic man who stands in front of “his people” stating that he “doesn’t need a ride” but would much rather have “more amunition”. If that doesn’t sound like EU scripted, what does? The latter, the weapons mostly, to kill their own civilians and turn the many cities into rubble to cover up their own crimes against humanity. The longer the European media awaits with tuning into the truth, the harder they will be punished. Nevermind the European political figures that have endorsed these two created puppets to go ahead with a narrative that will break wide open within the next 72 hours. After that, it remains to be seen how much leverage they actually have over their own population who are held captive within this same fake story with consequences that none of them is capable of resolving. They just were not fabricated to do so.

A French Ukrainian woman on Zelensky. French/English subtitled.

Before you are invited to the truth, see this video that just came out regarding Zelensky and his appearance to the UN regarding the mass killings in the Ukraine. Its outright sickining that this is displayed as news while its of his own doing that innocent people are being slaughtered.

Something much closer to the truth regarding MH17….

Azov (A30B) Downed MH17

Zelensky’s Azov Hangs Pregnant Woman and Husband ‘for Amusement’ (Twitter Keeping Video Up?)

⚠️⚠️⚠️UPDATE. Footage of young children belonging to Nazi parents, and most likely henchmen of the Zelensky regime enforce their children into mind indoctrination regarding the Nazi legacy and specifically killing Russians.

Suspending Russia: A Precedent that Undermines the Credibility of the Human Rights Council.

Alfred de Zayas: “The UN General Assembly decided to suspend Russia’s membership in the Human Rights Council. This establishes a destructive precedent not only for the future of the Human Rights Council, but for the future of other United Nations institutions. Obviously, it is a blow to Russia’s prestige, and adds to the general atmosphere of Russophobia that we have seen over the decades. We could think of excluding Saudi Arabia because of its genocidal war against the people of Yemen. Another credible candidate for suspension would be Azerbaijan because of its aggression against the hapless Armenians of Nagorno Karabakh during the Blitzkrieg of 2020, where war crimes and crimes against humanity were committed, including torture and execution of Armenian prisoners of war. Let us not shed too many tears over the Human Rights Council, whose authority and credibility are questionable, and whose resolutions are routinely ignored by many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel. Since its creation in 2006 the Human Rights Council has not served human rights well – but it has certainly served the geopolitical and informational interests of the US and the EU. Far more serious for the world are the economic sanctions and financial blockade imposed by the US and EU countries on Russia, which will have a long-lasting impact on the world economy, hurting the most vulnerable not only in Russia, but also in Europe, Africa, North and South America, and Asia. The GA vote illustrates the success of the “information war” that has been waged against Russia for decades. This has a simple explanation: NATO has had no raison d’être since the Warsaw Pact was dismantled in 1991. In order to continue existing, NATO must have an “enemy” – and that is the only role that the US and NATO assigned to Russia. The Russian bogeyman is necessary and guarantees that the US military-industrial-financial complex can continue its war on the world and on the purposes and principles of the United Nations. The allegations of war crimes allegedly committed by Russian forces in Bucha in the vicinity of Kiev precipitated this move by the US to have Russia removed from the Human Rights Council. How much do we know about the events? While Ukraine accused Russia of murdering 400 civilians in Bucha before retreating from the town, the Russian government has refuted these allegations, pointing out that Russian forces withdrew in an orderly fashion on 30 March and that no allegations of extra judicial executions were made until 2 April, four days later, when Ukrainian security forces and TV cameras arrived in Bucha. The US and NATO accepted Kiev’s claims uncritically and used them to justify imposing further sanctions against Russia. However, serious doubts have arisen about a possible staged event and tampering with the photos and videos. Do we have here another false flag operation as we have seen multiple times in Syria, staged chemical attacks that could not be confirmed by expert inspectors? Are the dead persons civilians or military? Were the bodies those of Russian soldiers and Ukrainian civilians victims of artillery bombardment? Were the bodies Russian soldiers wearing white armbands or Ukrainian civilians with white armbands to signal their peaceful intentions and subsequently lynched by Ukrainian extremists for collaboration with the Russians? One day we may find out whether the US had advance knowledge of the alleged crimes in Bucha or whether it was involved in manufacturing evidence for the information war. Of course, nobody knows. What we need is whistleblowers, more Julian Assanges and more Wikileaks. Where is the accountability for all of these crimes? The International Criminal Court will not have any credibility until it decides to apply the Statute of Rome seriously and go after the likes of George W. Bush and Joe Biden. Hitherto the West has “gotten away with it” – but for how long? Will the ICC remain in the service of the West, as a strong arm of the Pentagon? Hitherto we have observed the culture of impunity that protects Western leaders. Will the rule of law ever evolve into the rule of justice?”

Part 1
Part 2

Here is the transcript of the two videos. Edited by Azra Dale.

Zelenskyy and and Hunter Biden have a great deal in common and you should be aware of it. You see, Zelenskyy the President of Ukraine, well the coke head of Kiev, because he is a coke head.

The coke head of Kiev is actually a manufactured political figure. He was manufactured by a Ukrainian-Israeli Cypriot oligarch called Ihor Kolomoysky.

Now Ihor Kolomoysky was the man who owns 1+I Media here in Ukraine. And 1+I Media is the company that financed and produced the TV show, Servant of the People. And Servant of the People hired Zelenskyy, a well-known actor in Ukraine with zero political experience or even any political interest. Well they hired him to play the role of the president in this show Servant of the People.

Some people who know how to speak Ukrainian and who have watched the show have told me that it’s a mildly enjoyable show but no big deal. But anyway, the show was hugely popular, and it ran from 2015 to 201. And almost seamlessly Kolomoysky, the oligarch ,created a party called Servant of the People. Same name as the TV show, and their candidate was Zelenskyy, a man with no previous political and indeed no previous political interest. And Kolomoysky financed Zelenskyy to the point that Zelenskyy today is a billionaire.

How many actors do you know that are billionaires? I mean, I don’t think that Tom Cruise is a billionaire and he’s the most successful actor in the world, if he’s just an actor.

Zelenskyy is more than just an actor. He’s the finger puppet of Kolomoysky, this oligarch.

And do you know who Kolomoysky also financed to $50,000 a month plus additional benefits of different sorts? Hunter Biden. Yes.

In 2014 Burisma, the Ukrainian oil company, the gas company, excuse me, hired Hunter Biden to be on its Board of Directors to tune of $50,000 a month.

Who do you think controls Burisma? Kolomoysky. The same guy who manufactured Zelenskyy as President of Ukraine. I bet you didn’t know that.

Zelenskyy and Hunter Biden are spiritual cousins. They are bankrolled by the same guy.

It’s funny because both of them have drug additions, pretty serious ones. Both of them get their money from Kolomoysky and both of them are intimately involved in Ukraine.

But here’s the difference of course. Zelenskyy doesn’t have a dad who’s President of the United States now does he?

Why do you think the White House, the United States is freaking out so badly over Ukraine?

In Ukraine there are all kinds of secrets. In Ukraine well, see the more unsavoury people in the Washington establishment have used Ukraine as their private piggy bank to the detriment of the Ukrainian people.

They have financially raped Ukraine, stripping it of monies and assets, monies and assets needed by the people of Ukraine. And this is part of the reason that Ukraine is one of the poorest countries in Europe, if not the poorest country in Europe, because of the corruption. Because of how westerners have exploited it, western politicians have exploited it.

Hunter Biden, $50,000 a month and you say to yourself, well 50,000 isn’t that much. Yeah, but you know, $50,000 a year is the medium household income in the United States. In Ukraine, a much poorer country, $50,000 a year would easily solve the problems of a good four or five families, the financial problems of those four or five families in Ukraine for a year. And Hunter Biden was getting that money per month, just for himself.

Although of course in the Hunter Biden emails, there’s talk that seems to be true, that the old man would get a 10 percent kickback of whatever Hunter Biden was getting, and that was in the laptop.

Look it up. You don’t have to take my word for it. You don’t have to take my word for any of what I’m telling you. Look it up yourself and you’ll find it. It’s very easy to find.

Kolomoysky, the Ukrainian-Israeli Cypriot oligarch was financing Zelenskyy, was financing Joe Biden. God alone knows who else he was financing, and he was just one.

There’s a whole rotten bunch of these people here in Ukraine, and they were all busy paying off the west so that they could carry on their little evil deeds and whatnot.

If you want to know why the west is freaking out over Ukraine you have to understand that they are all terrified that the truth will come out in Ukraine.

The biolabs, that just came out. Victoria Nuland, the Undersecretary of State admitted that these biolabs existed in Ukraine. Why do you think that she would admit to such a thing if it weren’t true?

And she said that they were instructing the people in Ukraine on how to dispose of all their material before the Russians could get their hands on it.

Now that’s weird. I mean if I’m in a bio lab and I’m working on like the cure for Alzheimer’s or something like that, I’m not worried about the Russians getting their hands on my research. On the contrary, I’m worried that the Russians might come in and destroy it maybe on purpose, maybe on accident right, but that’s my worry. I’m not thinking to myself, “Oh the Russians are coming, therefore I am going to proactively destroy my research.” I’d never think that if I’m working on something mundane or potentially beneficial to the human race.

But I would be thinking that if I’m working on something really nasty. If I’m working on something really nasty like a super Anthrax virus or something like that. Or some super plague that will kill off a whole bunch of people, then I’d be thinking to myself, “How do i get rid of this material, of this research that I’ve done before the Russians find it, and get it, get their hands on it and show the world what i’ve been up to?”

See that’s the thing that all the politicians in the west are worried about and, so far as Ukraine is concerned. They don’t really care about Russia taking it over. They don’t care about the Ukrainian people. They don’t care if Ukraine is turned to rubble. Actually, they hope it will because in that rubble will be hidden all their deeds, their evil deeds, their corrupt deeds.

That’s why they want to destroy Ukraine. That’s why they don’t care how many Ukrainian civilians die needlessly in this conflict.

They want Ukraine to be turned to rubble so that in the rubble will be hidden all the evil corrupt things that they have done.

How One Ukrainian Billionaire Funded Hunter Biden, President Volodymyr Zelensky, And The Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion

Is this why Hunter Biden’s laptop talks about “Children Burned Alive” in Ukraine?

Kolomoysky Owns Burisma Holdings

The real person who was the benefactor to, and the boss of, Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, at the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings, was not the CEO of Burisma Holdings, Mykola Zlochevsky, but it was instead Ihor Kolomoysky, who was part of the newly installed Ukrainian Government, which the Obama Administration itself had actually just installed in Ukraine, in what the head of the “private CIA” firm Stratfor correctly called “the most blatant coup in history.”

Shortly after the Obama Administration’s Ukrainian coup, on March 2, 2014, Kolomoysky, who supported Yanukovych’s overthrow, was appointed the governor of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Hunter Biden, with no experience in the industry or region, would join Kolomoysky’s Burisma Holdings two months later on May 12, 2014.

A 2012 study of Burisma Holdings done in Ukraine by the AntiCorruption Action Centre (ANTAC), an investigative nonprofit co-funded by American billionaire George Soros and the U.S. State Department, found that the true owner of Burisma Holdings was none other than Ukrainian billionaire-oligarch Ihor Kolomoysky.

The study, which was funded to dig up corruption on the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, instead found that Ihor Kolomoysky “managed to seize the largest reserves of natural gas in Ukraine”.

Burisma Holdings changed owners in 2011 when it was taken over by an off-shore Cyprus enterprise called Brociti Investments Ltd, and subsequently, moved addresses under the same roof as Ukrnaftoburinnya and Esko-Pivnich, two Ukrainian gas companies which happened to be also owned by Kolomoysky through off-shore entities in the British Virgin Islands. (Think hard now!!! Epstein also was linked to Israel)

Oleh Kanivets, who worked as CEO of Ukrnaftoburinnya, confirmed Kolomoysky as the owner of Burisma Holding in the 2012 report saying, “The Privat Group is the immediate owner. This company was founded by Mykola Zlochevsky some time ago, but he later sold his shares to the Privat Group.”

In other words, Hunter Biden’s boss and benefactor at Burisma Holdings is the same Ukrainian billionaire-oligarch who also claimed the position of boss and benefactor over Volodymyr Zelensky before he became Ukraine’s president.

Kolmoysky, who currently holds a net worth of $1.8 billion making him the 1750th richest person in the world, owns holdings in metal, petroleum, and the media sector, where he has had a long history with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

For years, Zelensky’s company produced shows for Kolmoysky’s TV network, 1+1 Media Group, one of the largest media conglomerates in Ukraine. Zelensky achieved national fame portraying a president on a hit television sitcom called, Servant of the People, which was broadcasted on a channel owned by Kolmoysky.

In 2019, Kolmoysky’s media channels gave a big boost to Zelensky’s presidential campaign, while Kolmoysky even provided security, lawyers, and vehicles for Zelensky during his campaign. Kolmoysky’s bodyguard and lawyer accompanied Zelensky on the campaign trail as Zelensky was chauffeured around in a Range Rover owned by one of Kolmoysky’s companies.

The Pandora Papers showed that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his TV production partners were beneficiaries of a web of offshore firms created in 2012, the same year Zelensky’s production company entered into a deal with Kolomoysky’s media group, which allegedly received $41 million in funds from Kolomoysky’s Privatbank.

Zelensky’s political rival, President Petro Poroshenko commented on their connection during the campaign trail, “Fate intended to put me together with Kolomoyskiy’s puppet in the second round of the elections.”

After Zelensky’s victory, Kolomoysky, who had spent the last few years living between Israel and Switzerland, returned to Ukraine to keep up his relationship with the new president, nominating over 30-lawmakers to Zelensky’s newly established party and maintaining influence with many of them in parliament.

Much of my gratitude goes out to: Gonzalo Lira, Azra Dale and KanekouTheGreat for laying the groundwork. The following link will provide you with even more information.

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The “Hunter Biden Show”

A warriors fight II. How the infamous “Finger Lakes” tattoo leads international group of conspiracy theorist to uncover similar “criminal installations” around the globe. Who is watching who?

In order to eradicate our misleading politicians, their organised groups of tyranny such as NATO, the UN, the EU, the WEF, the ECB, the IMF, the WHO and any other linked organisation there is only one fight we have to engage in. Its the fight no one else is either able to instigate or to finalise victoriously but us, the people of this planet. Its the fight against human and child sex trafficking, for the simple reason that all mentioned institutions are bribed, blackmailed, enforced and upheld by this viscious, yet beatable criminal enterprise which is controlled by those who have no rightful place, nor duty of contribution, to our home. Gaia. They shall not be victorious.

While the war in the Ukraine is raging on, a few already know that this narrative propulsed and sustained by the MSM in sequence with the NATO and its allies, is about to dissapear into thin air. Yes, it will and the reason it hasn’t up to this point is very simple. The content that was stored on one of the few laptops that Joe Bidens son Hunter left at a repair shop without bothering to pick it up ( one can initiate the argument he did so on purpose) is filled with transactions from his companies that among other things was operating clandestine in the area known as Finger Lakes. Furthermore, some of these companies have continued to do businesses as usual in areas the likes of the Ukraine themselves. In fact, its no secret these companies are up to their eyebrows in the Pentagon installed biolabs and other criminal activities.

⚠️⚠️⚠️just in a few hours after publishing this article.

Latest breaking news from Fox on Hunter Biden. The end is in sight..
⚠️⚠️⚠️ update from 29th of March. One of the former CIA officers who signed a letter claiming stories about a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden were disinformation says he helped swing the 2020 election away from President Donald Trump.

“I take special pride in personally swinging the election away from Trump,” John Sipher, who served for decades as a senior operations officer at the CIA, wrote in a recent post on Twitter.

“I lost the election for Trump? Well then I fell [sic] pretty good about my influence.”


At the end of this article I will leave you with plenty of links so you can dive into this rabbit hole. It really is of importance that people start moving on their own curiosity regarding this matter. The time that others will do it for you is over. There really is no other way in saying this, but lazziness in getting what people want without any effort on their behalve is simply not done anymore. Especially when it comes to international human sextrafficking. Europe, as a conglomerate of judicial entities, can be regarded as the firestarter of this 150 billion a year enterprise. “The Americans” and their populus, their children, women and immigrants just a “scaled up” version of what was initiated as early as the times when the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal were roaming the high seas. The time prior to that the Americas were “discovered” by the Jesuit propelled expedition led by Christopher Columbus.

Imagine yourself fighting with all you have to find the truth so others maybe placed in a position to shed some old outdating believe systems, paradigms or main stream media lies in order to relieve them from unfounded fear that keeps them captivated, jailed in a reality that simply is not true. Yet, in return of this all you get is rubbish, crap, outright shit back in return, verbal abuse can reach painful heights. There is no other way in explaining this. Would you continue doing it? Would you still have faith in the betterment of your fellow men? Despite rejection and judgement based on ignorance and fear? Would you appreciate someone that calls you a liar, while Julian Assange practicly lives next door? To become educated on subjects that are displayed in the outside world as academic and intelectual content while in all fairness the core of the vast amount of information is very simple to understand, yet very hard to accept as true. Would you? Than why am I, and others, censored and obstructed in every thinkable way? Why are opposition platforms that are supposedly against the tyranny, the rule of a new world order in constant forefront of the news items, social media and controlled demonstrations all around Europe? Why are the henchmen disguised as “freedom fighters” on constant display to sustain their part that has been carefully written into the narrative we are all witnessing today? Why isn’t there a single political chosen member of any parlement, that with risk of losing their job, sustenance, credibility if you wish, that addresses the Dinosaur in the room which is international sex and human trafficking? Why isn’t there one well known newspaper that opens up this can of worms in order to provoke a long awaited release of truth carrying bombs regarding the most silenced yet horrendous subject known within our modern day society?

The gangs that trade in people

It’s because of who the clients are, themselves included. Its the cult we didnt get invited to, we provide for them. This ancient business model will vaporise all “democracy” pretending governments like a Dragon starting a fire on a nest of ants. Until then, there is no such things as Hunter Bidens laptop, no such thing as paid sex with a minor by politicians, judges, celebrities or any other prominent famous person. Writers, journalists, actors; the scope of this, and I start to sound like a scratched record, is beyond anything you can possibly wish not being true. It’s a huge monster that over generations, thousands of lives has not been dealt with. If humanity can muster the courage to face their inner darkness, this will dissapear once and for all. But what do people do? They praise the attachments given by society and judge the ones that came to save the children.

For the simple reason that your privacy allows you to crawl back and pretend nothing ever happend or nothing is happening. Hear no evil, see no evil. Waiting for the truth to eventually come out to subsequently pretend you were already in the know about this. Would you still continue to risk everything in order to save as many human souls from perishing? Saving the children is a real thing, it’s a choice like many others without any compensation in return. Much better the lack of it. Judgement and verbal abuse are a day to day thing for me. That is how fearful people are regarding this truth. But once you understand why you came here, in this life, losing everything is only a failure in the eyes of people who cannot, will not, and refuse life after life to engage in this matter. The last will be the first, let’s leave it at that. Cowardice is at the root of all evil. That’s no criticism, it has become a reality. I see it every day.

All the information you will find on this site speaks for itself. You can read it, discuss it, but most of all I wish you assimilate it, something very difficult for some due to the lack of personal criteria, against what can you measure it?. That edge your mum and dad gave you so you could make good judgement calls ones you would stand on your own two feet. Your heart, the biggest cosmic compas known to humanity. However, no one ever educated you when it comes to human and child trafficking on a global scale. Let alone a Cosmic scale. The most traded energy in our Universe is human.

The following report comes from Europol and again I suggest you read it, share it and discuss it with people. Awareness is the first step to make the criminal enterprise of human trafficking more difficult. The day law enforcement agencies will implement Akashic translators into their teams, I foresee a dramatic increase in the localisation and capture of the people that are involved in the 150 billion global business this enterprise annually provides en contributes to global corruption. It can not be that a few people can live like Kings and Queens over the backs of children. Is it really a choice not to engage in that fight?

Female victims continue to be particularly affected by trafficking in persons. In 2018, for every 10 victims detected globally, about five were adult women and two were girls. About one third of the overall detected victims were children, both girls (19 per cent) and boys (15 per cent), while 20 per cent were adult men.
Traffickers target victims who are marginalized or in difficult circumstances. Undocumented migrants and people who are in desperate need of employment are also vulnerable, particularly to trafficking for forced labour.
Criminals trafficking children target victims from extremely poor households, dysfunctional families or those who are abandoned with no parental care. In low-income countries, children make up half of the victims detected and are mainly trafficked for forced labour (46 per cent).
In higher income countries, children are trafficked mainly for sexual exploitation, forced criminality or begging.
As with previous economic crises, the sharp increase in unemployment rates brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to increase trafficking in persons, particularly from countries experiencing the fastest and most persistent drops in employment. Job seekers from these countries are likely to be more willing to take high risks in the hope of improving their opportunities.
The most vulnerable groups, even in wealthy nations, are those suffering the most during the Pandemic Recession.
An inimaginable reality for children sold into slavery. To provide for needs for people that in some countries, like the Netherlands, are protected by law. Pedophiles have rights in the Netherlands. If that doesn’t make anything tick, nothing will.

I have children that need to know the truth, they are entitled to. Because the truth, ultimately, provides security. And I believe we can all agree that globally wr all experience the lack of it because of the continues lying, mockery and falsehood from our politicians, governments and their media henchmen and even created opposition leaders. Regardless what the consequences will be for me as an individual. I have come to terms with that. Set pace by example and never ever give up, because my children’s children won’t be next .That might sound heroic but believe me it is far from it. Its the only good fight there is. Its alike everybody wants to save the animals until you suggest to stop eating them. This topic, these horrendous crimes that you are about to discover are exactly the same. Everybody wants to save the children until you suggest they start looking and researching for themselves what happens to these young girls, boys and mostly women so their knowledge can spread and avoid further hardship. To start to ask the right questions to those who are so addement in ruling over us once you’ve casted your vote.

A Warriors fight.

Instead, and very understandable, the people that are not up for this task seek a way to alleviate this quilt by finding a way to at least give themselves some sort of relief by donating funds to organisations that in their un researched mind will do the work of exposing and saving these victims of the most bloody and cruel crimes you can imagine. Not knowing that the organisations they send their money to are tools for the people that uphold and execute these crimes. Or provide the cushion for their clients to literally feast on these innocent children. Human trafficking is a thousand year old business. It’s global and I will go as far as to say its off planet. Every single implemented system is sustained by it.

The laptop of Hunter Biden is only a small part of what will be remembered in time as the biggest crime in our known history propulsed by ignorance and fear of the world population, orquesteated by a media conglomerate that has no soul. The next video will certainly confirm that statement. Journalists from around the globe are as guilty as anyone that is involved in the covering up or execution of these horrendous crimes. This man gave his life for it. I also strongly recommend the book he wrote on the corruption within the global media.

Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, a former editor for the German main daily newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), has first hand knowledge of how the CIA and German Intelligence (BND) bribe journalists to write articles free of truth, facts, and with a decidedly pro-Western, pro-NATO bent or, in other words, propaganda. In his bestselling book Bought Journalists (“Gekaufte Journalisten”), Dr. Ulfkotte explains in great detail the workings of the US and NATO’s propaganda campaign and how a lack of compliance with it, on the part of a journalist, can cost a career. Dr. Ulfkotte also provides a wealth of names!

Please allow yourself to understand and assimilate the following video.

Our governments are all corrupt, if you have any doubt about this notice our corrupt courts, our law enforcement and our police enforcement. You will find corrupt regulators, corrupt power and lobbied hanging alliances dancing on the same tune provided by the Grandmaster Of Dance. Producing greedy political attitudes, growing self indulgence but most of all secrecy, diplomacy at its finest; woven into the very essence of our society.

We have noticed the pedophiles and oppositions, both controlled to achieve the same outcome while you support one and fight the other. You are not fighting for your idealistic future, you barely fence but exhaust yourself on the field of divide and conquer. Clash into cruel drug enforcement and find deceit in every aspect of our governments. Corruption as a backbone of everything that’s greedy for power, wealth and stupudity. It has lost it’s power of intimidation, it has become pathetic. Grotesque clowning.

What does a corrupt government creates? It creates fear in the population. Into the fabric of our shared time here on Earth. It seems extraterrestrial with such amount of indifference. Almost impossible to achieve without ET pointing its finger. Are we ever coming home?

We have fear for our future, partly created by our economical instability. We have fear for wars, yet hardly anyone noticed that over the last 3.400 years humanity has experienced only 268 years of relative peace. Thats 9% on the scale of stop the wars. That’s by design, and we fuel it even more with fear for terrorist attacks, collapse of social security, unemployment rates reaching the sky and the fear that the Russians are coming.

People being suicided and tortured at leisure feeding the fear for the loss of our great freedoms and privacy. Fear creates a solid discord and meanwhile we are still willing to clash over everything. About rights, to own or not to own. Between gun owners, home owners, stock and gold owners or between those that dispute the lack of it. We clash over immigration, refugees and avoid the willingness to discern ourselves to do the right thing. Racial conflict, religious conflict, gender conflict, environmental conflict. Everything becomes a conflict due to the lack of inspiring leaders, we vote and adore lazziness disquised as acomplishment.

What does all this conflict creates?
It manufactures deteriorating conditions for life, hush hush, if we only lived half a life once. Being truthful looses time and time again to those who simply come first. It’s our poor education and an even worse health care, national debt that’s monumental. Whisper Urban deterioration and poverty, nevermind homelessness, forceful and declining marriages dressed like a culture boom of freedom of choice drizzled with a hotsauce of exceptional ignorance. Questionable foods and governments spying on us. Police brutality, prison cruelty modelled like big business, regardless if you where right from day one.

Theft through taxation. Before, during and after our time is out. Generational wealth only for the slaves covered in gold and with a firm addiction to humanities greatest hurdle, attachments. There is no wall of shame to the blind leading the blind.
And what does the government do? It is indifferent, you really should spend your time out in the sun instead of casting your vote. They really do not care what you believe. Why is that so hard to see?
We all live in nations filled with organized caos, it’s that acceptance that makes us into paying machines. Maybe things will get better, they won’t. Being mocked by our misrulers is our favourite silent masochistic pass time. It’s a test of our endurance, of how much you want to really have it. You might become a superstar a movie icon, you won’t either.
Mocked and hunted by government propaganda, by the press and television combined with mutual insurance on social media, by our mental escapes, by our own apathy. Without knowing our own fire.
Once we were warriors and turned fear into a blazing fire. It only happened once…

What media does
This simple picture is truth, but could never ever have been accomplished without the power of media.

What has been going on at Finger Lakes is one example of other similar instalations across the entire globe. The most unknown one, the land area that no-one, or very few are aware of is located in the Netherlands, Europe. Right in the middle of it and under it. But let’s talk about the who, why and how first. This will be my last post regarding this subject, I simply don’t want to repeat myself. If others don’t find the importance of this matter or the courage to seek for the truth than I hope you have had the human privilege to experience love to its full extend. If not, embrace yourself.

Tung of Lucifer

From one lucifer to another

Lucifer Falls

Lucifers Falls
A prelude for which one gets expelled from Facebook, while the same platform allows hate speech Pro Russian temporarily. Question that, question everything.

The first thing you need to understand is that politics is only interesting if you can address those who invented, installed and manage the people within our governments. This seems far fetched for many but ask yourself how did the global quality of our lives, our health care, our finances etc have seen a decline over the last centuries? It’s the politicians that became the corrupted. The system that is corrupted to its very essence. Voting hasn’t changed a thing as you may have noticed.

The content of Hunter Bidens laptop will reveal a systematic business venture that could operate silently around the Finger Lakes for at least a decade without any outside interference. Members of Congress, the US Senate, members of the United Nations, members of the European Union, diplomats and lobbyists from all around the world were targets and clients on order to fulfil a thousand year old business model that has its roots some 5000 years ago in the lower regions of Egypt. You can find more information about this here:

Eyes Wide Shut

Ultimatly, some thoughts:

Whatever comes from the infamous laptop of Hunter Biden we might never fully receive what we are entitled to. The truth, however thinly stretched, will surface in due time. However, there is a very effective way in addressing human trafficking to our current leaders. All governments will fall for the simple reason that they do what they do because of the world wide global enterprise I’m trying to battle eversince I can remember. Once we put present and force to this, it will be like catching the thief with his hands full of stolen goods. Its the reason why controlled opposition lurs you into focusing on one man. A symbol of the struggle for freedom, while if they really wanted to overthrow their respective governments they would attack the issue of human child sex trafficking. Down below you can find some of the many sites that write about what will erase any war from the front-page news.

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Eyes that don't see, heart that doesn't feel.