Brown Sugar

You cant live a lie when you die…

Dantes Infierno…

I consider myself a student of many religions. The more I learn, the more questions I have. For me, the spiritual quest will be a life long work in progress.

Mr. Brown sweeps up millions in revenue, envoking spirituality beyond believe and is so talented his fans world wide seem to forget that main stream media does not only include the flat screen hanging on your wall. It includes writers, actors, sportsmen, musicians, news anchors, showhosts,the list is endless. Its a global structure that supports the rest of the lie. It runs on programming for the mind.

If you are an obediant writer, you fit a certain profile and blend with the right crowd and attent the right kind of parties, you might get help after you did a 90 second elevator pitch. Any billionaire will do, I mean you have recently explained to the world how the DavinciCode reveals secrets unknown till this day. Billionaire friend just happens to have real DavinciCodex in his home office and loved every word of it. For all I know Billionaire friend has been sponsoring obedient writer, providing him with the research facilities and manpower . Merely suggestions, I mean look at Billionaire friend, 4.3 Billion to the World Health Foundation to control the living daylights out of it. Supporting a writer is just what he needed. That was back in the early years of the 21st century..

The New York times played their part obediently too…

As if by pure magic, in recent months people have been reading a lot more than usual. For many of us the lockdown period is a welcome time for nurturing and pleasantries that in a previous life always ended up on wishing lists.

There are many literairy examples that would fit the Covid 19 narrative. This one, in my humble opinion, smacks the door tight compared to any other. This one is for you Mr. Brown. You cant live a lie when you die…

I have attached a part of the book, chapter 22. How do we get rid of people we admire for their acomplishment, while all they do is contribute to the misery we live in today? Be the right hero, dont be a sucker for pain…

THE SILVER-HAIRED WOMAN in the van leaned her head against the bulletproof window and closed her eyes. She felt like the world was spinning beneath her. The drugs they’d given her made her feel ill. I need medical attention, she thought. Even so, the armed guard beside her had strict orders: her needs were to be ignored until their task had been successfully completed. From the sounds of chaos around her, it was clear that would be no time soon. The dizziness was increasing now, and she was having trouble breathing. As she fought off a new wave of nausea, she wondered how life had managed to deliver her to this surreal crossroads. The answer was too complex to decipher in her current delirious state, but she had no doubt where it had all begun. New York. Two years ago. She had flown to Manhattan from Geneva, where she was serving as the director of the World Health Organization, a highly coveted and prestigious post that she had held for nearly a decade. A specialist in communicable disease and the epidemiology of epidemics, she had been invited to the UN to deliver a lecture assessing the threat of pandemic disease in third-world countries. Her talk had been upbeat and reassuring, outlining several new early-detection systems and treatment plans devised by the World Health Organization and others. She had received a standing ovation. Following the lecture, while she was in the hall talking to some lingering academics, a UN employee with a high-level diplomatic badge strode over and interrupted the conversation. “Dr. Sinskey, we have just been contacted by the Council on Foreign Relations. There is someone there who would like to speak to you. A car is waiting outside.”

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