All is perfect

Current developments in my native Holland have triggered the need for information that resides in people. Not information that collides in people and makes them into useful puppets of those institutions that seem to have a vast control over the narrative they seem so keen on to implement. It’s important to leave people in their proces, not everybody is on the same page, not everybody has had the time or courage to stop and make amends. Not everybody is aware of what is going on. Only some have fought ferociously to free themselves from mental slavery, and at this point it seems that there are enough of us to tip the scale. Some have known it all their life and are in the midst of a hell of a U-turn. I admire all of you with a whole heart, and strongly, strongly suggest you nurture the things that live inside that space. Present or absent. Past or present. 

 Some will decide to follow the guidelines placed in front of them without hesitation, even those are needed and have my respect. In the following minutes I will try to explain the occurrences from a different viewpoint. Upfront, not everybody will be able to grasp the totality of this “Universal Production Scheme.” That is ok too, but allow me not to apologize for the fruits of my ascension or healing or whatever name you want to give to resurrection through remembrance, nor will I reveal source information. You would have to invest heavily in studying every single minute of your divine presence on this earth and in what you thought to believe to be reality, since the day you were born to understand the source I’m talking about. 

For explanatory purposes I have sought three pictures of Pyramids. Come to think of it, in previous posts I have cleared the assumption of the exact age of these monuments. They are much older than any school history book will allow to dwell upon. They are also, since the inception of humans as slave entities, the metaphorical structure of our society. As above, so below. It’s the way things have worked for thousands of years, until recently. We, although referring to my Dutch compatriots, are currently globally subject to pending changes in this structure. Every independent part of it suffers the same energetic re- adjustments. It’s a body in decline at best.The masses are occupied with a insignificant distraction, placed in quarantine overnight, mocked by their chosen politicians and patronized by the mainstream media. That is about to change too, it stops when we decide to divert our combined energy onto something OF OUR COLLECTIVE CHOICE AND RESEMBLANCE. If we decide to follow towards demonstrating, as proven, the middle of the pyramid will apply previous conceived approval (laws) by its people to protect itself from its people. Unfortunately, the system of democracy takes your power as soon as you GIVE IT by filling in your voting form. You literally give away your consent and place it into the hands of somebody you think you know, because of a false created ideology you don’t understand nothing about. Hence, our politicians lately have become caricatures, still moving around even after the music has stopped playing. Their credibility, with a few exceptions, is gone.

Let’s have a look at pyramid number one and see if we can find out who our politicians respond to.

Secret Society and Subversive groups:

As with the other two pyramids I have highlighted the areas of interest with a yellow marker, as you can perceive they are the same shape (pyramidal) but show different content. This structure has been thousands of years in the making and sustained by our ancestors and ourselves we now have come to a point of implosion.(energetically) The base that sustains it has come to the understanding that sending energy upwards (think in terms of your rights,privileges and benefits) in the name of democracy is a doomed scenario. We need to stop feeding the middle and the top of the structure. They rely on us, we only serve them. We are with many and consuming the production of the middle section with our energy. We buy their products, drive in their cars, pay their false cathedrals dressed up as universities to feed our children a rope around their neck, watch their endless mind numbing TV shows and worship false Icons that by manipulation sustain an evil empire that needs to go. The only thing these superior levels can produce is FEAR in order to control. Lies, again, will be provided by the whores of the journalist branche, there are plenty of those around.

 Before Donald Trump won the elections from Hillary Clinton, the Cabal or Deep State was convinced they would be able to push the New World Agenda forward.  Take notice, Holland, historically is a “foreign policy”ally of, yes you get it the same energy that has ended with the speech of Queen Elizabeth not wearing a crown) The Hague is called the Washington of Europe for very good, but also very sinister reasons. Rest to say, again, the mainstream media which is in the hands of the cabal doesn’t leave a single opportunity untouched to discredit the Trump administration. Diversion tactics. This brings me to the little red dot next to pyramid number one.

As you can see in this picture the top of the pyramid is marketed as NWO Agenda, in picture number 2 it’s the richest and most powerful families, and ultimately in the last picture it is, again, the NWO. Lets erase all of these nominal names and replace them with the word energy

.Energy that goes upwards and sustains the weight it carries by continuing sending the energy to the middle and the top of the structure.You are part of that energy system pushing upwards. You contribute to the sustainability of the middle part of the pyramid by participating as a law abiding citizen. Yet, you are being used to fulfill the needs of people you will never meet, with your energy.

Everything is energy, the words a minister throws onto his audience, the headlines in the paper, whatever comes to mind, it is energy. Energy management equals new world order but not in the way many conspiracy theories suggest. It’s the combined energy production of humankind that is deliberately manipulated in order to serve those who are above the tip of the pyramid. That’s the oldest world order there is and it was due for an upgrade. (the industrial revolutions were also upgrades)

The names we have just erased from these top positions are, in our physical reality, also subject to impending changes between higher orders of societies. Groups, very old ones, that have been latent in their presential manifestation but are fierce in their undertakings to those that obstruct the evolution of mankind purposefully. With a long history of feeding  bloodshed, wars, cruelty and the infinite amount of fabricated lies, the last Cabalistic stronghold, the mainstream media, will be undergoing severe changes in the upcoming months. That starts with you choosing wisely, by honouring your divine presence and doing the right thing, feeding the right stuff to your organism.Indeed you are most wanted at this time. Your choices are energy, make sure you give it where change is effective and in benefit of the base layer of the structure. You. One cell, two cells, and so forth.

As you can witness in all three images these institutions are just above our slave debt position as a majority, we interact with them every day. That shouldn’t even be necessary, but again choices make us different and beautiful nonetheless. Within this energetic realm soon, truthful manifestations will come to light by remorseful people that, in reality, have been offered a choice.Take notice, it’s of great significance in the near future. Let’s dissect the yellow area in two. If we have to swallow this, then bite size chunks are better to digest. Somewhere in the middle of the pyramid you find:

EU, UN, Presidents and prime ministers.

While at the top of the pyramid the abdication of Queen Elizabeth, the Crown as an institution, the head of the energy that constructed this pyramidal structure over time went practically  unnoticed, the last royals are fighting for their existence, which in all probability will be re-defined once all truth has been assimilated by us. Within the scheme of things that is remarkable. Some even suggest the former royal and her husband Philip have already been executed.. As with former president Obama and Michelle.. Former prime minister Rafael Correa of Ecuador is holding up in Belgium, the list is endless and filled with prominent Icons that are paying for what they have done. Pictures of these people wearing ankle bracelets certainly answers the question if they are suspected of some wrongdoing.

Bill Gates is under house arrest as is his partner Belinda, the media wants you to believe Bill is running around trying to save the world. Well he is not, and our prime minister and minister of health certainly have been briefed by top military and intelligence services on the matter. Why else would the picture of our minister signing with AstraZeneca in front of a holocaust painting be published? It’s a trait of these councils and societies to work along a scripted guideline.

 I wonder why not one journalist asks about this.People that once were very powerful within the part of the pyramid we just separated won’t be returning home for dinner. Royals, bankers, religious leaders, actors, famous celebrities, producers of any kind (academic/financial/musical), and politicians that hold seats of decision power.

How this reflects on other royal families in Europe is not really of any importance. I hope they’re running scared, they deserve every bit of Karma coming at them. All of these non legitimate institutions will be presented with a choice. Don’t hesitate for an instant that it’s these institutions that are trying the hardest to prevail under the circumstances. Mainstream media is their weapon of choice. Lies are their bullets of preference.  

Look at what is happening in Spain. Another prehistoric bloodthirsty personage in the shape of Don Juan Carlos de Bourbon orchestrating secret societies to get rid of the PSOE/Unidos Podemos stronghold that wants to erase the spanish royals from their beloved homestead. At least the drama is served and ready to be played out in the open. Our royals are nowhere to be seen. Truth be told, Juan Carlos De Bourbon, within the linaje of bloodlines dating back to the black nobility of Venice and before that, is known in cult societies as the King of Jerusalem. 

 I’m sure the Dutch Royals are not far behind in historical and curriculum terms since these families (look at the top of all three pyramids) are all related in some fashion. We have politicians to do the dirty work in the middle section of the pyramids and to push that agenda in the name of the corporations that were founded by, yes! By the same energetic lines that are represented today by the Monarchy institutions.It has become an electromagnetic soup where doubtful ingredients dispatch flavours of dark origin.

But there is one thing they cannot do, what we and Gaia can. And that is ascending energetically. The middle of the pyramid (pick any of the 3 you like) is aware of that since our inception as a spiecie and there are Elite figures that will confess or have done so already that they didn’t expect humankind to raise their vibration so drastically and rapidly. In my language some may suggest this is zweverig. This is a false assumption stated by people (press mostly) that confess their personal and spiritual limitations, they do not coincide with mine.

It’s the European monarchies, represented by our chosen institutions (this will never sound right) that over time have been ratified and rewritten into the constitutions of all controlling mechanisms such as the UN, World Bank, UNESCO, all UN derivatives  and their owned properties filled with institutions we don’t know the existence of, or what it can do in terms of good. It’s these societies that are also subject to the changes but pretend that everything is fine under the sun. Holland is such a country. Don’t get me wrong, there was a time I loved kings and queens.

 Now I know that they are quilty over generations of manslaughter,slavery,canabalism,peadofelia,ritual sacrifice of humans, medical fraud, financial misconduct, grand scale drugtrafficking and illegitimate appropriation of practicly the world as we know it dating back to 1493. (Treaty of Tordesillas, Valladolid 1493) Our prime ministers and cabinet are dealing with the fact that there has been presented a higher power to reorganize the, again, marked yellow areas of the pyramid that once belonged to the Draco reptilian race ( remember Queen Elizabeth abdicating wearing a Hat, not a Crown) and are now subject to territorial change among other entities and fractions. David Icke has talked extensively about these entities as he has done so with other non terrestrial groups that are losing their dominance over certain areas of our planet. I’m sure people will scream and shout vigorously by these assumptions that our combined governments serve non terrestrial factions such as Annunaki, Arian, Grey, Insectoide and Cthulhu governance. The last being the most powerful and accurate in their pursuit of world domination. There are plenty of people that know about this, again they live and operate in the marked areas of all three pyramids. Occupy high positions and earn massive paychecks, but at what price? 

These non terrestrial energy forms operate stealthy and preferably by manipulation. The one that results in child abuse, child consumption and killing is a favourite since it offers a security form of retention. Once any member of the higher positions within the marked areas wants to speak out or reveal the secrets of this cult, either they commit suicide instead or dissapear under strange circumstances.That goes as high up as with our royals, passing through ministers, presidents,judges, religious institutions, CEO’s of companies stated, again, all divine creatures in the yellow market areas. All world influencers, actors, show hosts etc etc. Every country will, ultimately, be confronted with the falsity of their Icons. Their famous batch of puppets, radio presenters, tv show hostesses and media tycoons. All up for audits, up for grabs. Anthony Bourdain got assassinated by the Cabal because he wanted to reveal the truth about Harvey Weinstein. I’m sure more examples will come to light during future trials. I would like to remind people of the fact that more than 100.000 indictments have been filed by the Trump administration and are waiting for processing around the world. It concerns people and companies, yes! In the marked section of any of the three pyramids. 

Let’s look at pyramid number 2 and pick something from the middle marked section.

I picked the World financial control section and would like to share a part of Capital, written by Thomas Piketty, section inequality of capital ownership p.351: It doesn’t need any further explanation of who is responsible for the current financial situation. And the previous one, and the one before that. Was there one prior to that one?

“The primary reason for the hyperconcentration of wealth in traditional agrarian societies and to a large extent in all societies prior to World War 1 (with the exception of the pioneer societies of the New World, which are for obvious reasons very special and not representative of the rest of the world or the long run) is that these were low growth societies in which the rate of return on capital was markedly and durably higher than the rate of growth.” 

The institutions I mentioned earlier, with the monarchs and bankers up front, have installed these mechanisms a long time ago and are currently negotiating the terms of their new normal. As above, so below. We just don’t hear about it due to, again, the mainstream media. Piketty continues:

“This fundamental force for divergence functions as follows. Consider a world of low growth, on the order of, say, 0,5-1 percent a year, which was the case everywhere before the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The rate of return on capital, which is generally on the order of 4 or 5 percent a year, is therefore much higher than the growth rate. Concretely, this means that wealth accumulated in the past is recapitalized much more quickly than the economy grows, even when there is no income from labor.”

That is enough regarding the flow of money. It is also the reason why we are being occupied with something as likely as a flu. It is also the reason the mainstream media is relentless regarding the radicalization of people such as Willem Engel, or anybody who intends to mirror the situation of the people upwards. Anyone who asks questions or is on the right path can expect obstruction. Bring it on fuckers, I haven’t spent a life fighting for self provenance in order to descend into poverty for you. The structure we are up against holds great advantage in terms of historical solidity, it controls us from the day we are born and taxes us after the day we die by inheritance tax. And they have it all on paper. So what in gods forsaken land has all this got to do with a 1,5 meter society? Nothing, yet the middle of the pyramid wants to make us believe it’s strictly necessary based on assumptions by the medical/health/advisory boards that sprouted out of the long conquest of paradise of the monarchies and later the billionaires and philanthropists, the corporate industrialist, world banks and so forth.

So, patience and love are the most important ingredients we currently hold to power. Regardless of what your beliefs are, make sure they eliminate your fears. While the marked middle section of the pyramid dances till they fall, we have time to prepare ourselves for beautiful things to come. An annihilation of a planned demonstration is nothing in comparison what these old, very old energies have done to us over lifetimes. Once the marked middle section of the pyramid has his new players assigned and ready, the financial system will be rebooted as planned. Then governments all of a sudden will realize that after every great crisis comes a flood of innovation, industrialization of our species has led us to this point. The digitalization of our species is next and should not be feared. This also means that a great part of our bureaucratic systems can be replaced with new bot technology. Remember the vicinity of our politicians and ruling systems. ( I calculated the other day that 10.000 bureaucrats could be replaced by 500 bots). Through this technology runs 85% of  China’s economy. We can expect that to arrive soon once we have made a clear statement of what it is we will never accept again. 

Kind regards,

Much love R

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