No conquest of Paradise is achieved by compremise, you do it with a heist…

If there’s anything we can learn from other cosmic races, then it should be their ability to dominate, truly stand on top of the food chain, be master and commander but exchange the thirst for blood for the divinity of our loving capacity as human beings

Ruben Miller

This show is far from over and admittedly its about freaking time it vanishes ftom the face of our planet. They, these “integrated cosmic races” disguised as politicians only serve a higher good to themselves, their cosmic dominators and in truth this alien race is the menace of universe due to its soulless, violent nature. Hence, Pedofelia is not a human construct by any means. It belongs geneticly to reptilians and we possess two connections since eons. It belongs to the DNA of these “beings” that currently are fighting for their lives and prevention of the rise of humanity. But they still need our energy to maintain themselves on our plane. This mexican journalist deserves all our eyes, for the world to see that our emotions, again, another life has consumed us and taken the best of us.


Their energy grid supliance won’t work anymore now that every day it becomes more visible who has done what, how and more importantly,  for how long and where. Why? We are food to them, Loose. This is the only Global plandemic ever worth mentioning, humans taking back their power. Credit yourself for believing the impossible.

Sounds like the discovery of child abuse allegations in a courtroom? It does and should, its about our children and ancestry at the same time. No more silenced victims who oftentimes are treated with charges after their predators have gone free. Humans stand in their dypers with a bag full of entitlements. Just waiting like sitting ducks. Masterclass that.

Gaia doesn’t need our help, any “master of something” that convinces you that we should all connect and rise, …just be heartfelt and full forced when it comes to giving your energy.  You only need to give it away once to loose it for lifetimes to come. Inspiring other people is the only good fight worth loosing your freedom for.

“It is truly tragic to realise that humans have actually been enslaved economically, culturally and religiously for 200.000 years. You may throw all kinds of intellectual arguments at this statement, but the fact remains that it has been this continuous opression of humanity, which has largely retarded our rapid progress. We don’t know where we would be technologically today if we had a global society free of oppression.” M.Tellinger

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