To the end of the line…

How many more lives are we going to sacrifice in virtue of Icons, made of China and painted in gold, held by a child consuming rapist, living of public funds dressed identical as priest expelled out of southern Egypt some 5000 years ago because of fraud and pedofilia?

You still don’t trust your heart?

All the light lives in the Darkness…you just need to be reminded about the switch…

Decades wondering in the darkness, it took me 47 years and 5 months to remember everything about my eternal self. Children, if reminded instead of programmed could easily reach their full encarnation cycle by 6 or 7 years of age. By the time they reached adulthood, 18 summers further down the road, they would be beyond our combined current spiritual consiousness awareness. In other terms, they would dominate more than one domension and be aware of it. I might even be to cautious making this statement.

The point is, today we have a tremendous variety of opportunities ahead of us. And they are all good but need to be taken. It’s 2020 and many still believe in the magical wands, the painted China Elf working from under the table to satisfy your master. Dressed in gold.

Hollistisizm, a mountain; patented from outer space to convey us the eternal dance our spirit should make for our own ancestry instead of feeding false bloodlines with our suffering and miss out on all the good and true stuff ourselves. Sedation is not only credited to drugs or alcohol. Religion, the practice of spirituality, your “chakra” managment are bright indicators for your invisible masters to feed upon. Its a menu, and your on it three! Three star Michelin and the variety is mind-boggling.

DISOBEY yourself first…

Everything to distract us from our destiny, our mandate. As individuals, but clearly more visible as a kind. WWG1WGA sounds good enough for me. I trust my eternal self without any doubt, do you?

Much love R

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