Netherlands – The Pedophile Kingdom and Sodom and Gomorrah of the Modern World

The lineage of former Holy Roman and French nobility comprises today’s House of Orange-Nassau ruling over the constitutional monarchy of the Netherlands. The Dutch royalty owns major multinational corporations such as Royal Dutch Shell, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Philips Electronics and Holland-America Line. The royal family has evolved its interests as a high-level authority currently operating as a branch of the Vatican’s Roman empire, wielding considerable influence over such powerful entities as the Rand Corporation, Koch Industries, Princeton University (founded in honor of the House of Orange), some of the world’s largest banks including AMRO and investment firms like BlackRock, the largest financial asset management institution on the planet, worth an estimated $7.4 trillion in client assets.

With the worldwide mafia pedo-crime cabal no longer an illusory paranoid aberration, the planetary controllers realize enough of the global masses are finally onto them, and as a result, are rushing to make their dystopic vision of one world governance a reality sooner than later.

The objective: to dismantle the nation-state, strip the people of their self-determination and free will, and position themselves as sovereign rulers of the planet. Their common cause does not deviate from the age-old directive, but their means are custom-made to fit current times…

Down below in the link you’ll find a very extensive backlog .

Chapter 36: Netherlands – The Pedophile Kingdom and Sodom and Gomorrah of the Modern World

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