We have not resolved nor integrated our genesis and our history as a species, and, therefore, are at a loss to understand our real nature and future trajectory. That we do not see this as a profound puzzle is further proof of our species primitive naiveté.

Neil Freer


Use of the term Anunnaki has come to generically refer to all extraterrestrial races that have visited or made contact with the earth. But this is far too simplistic, in the same way that numerous different races and ethnicities contribute and enrich the wide array of human diversity, so too many different alien races have established their presence on this planet. The Annunaki may have been the most dominant and aggressive though, claiming and assuming rulership over the earth. According to scholar and author Zecharia Sitchin, who spent half a century deciphering the ancient Sumerian language on cuneiform tablets, Sumer’s history accurately chronicles in detail the Anunnaki alien footprint on planet earth.

Evidence shows that other ET civilizations other than the Anunnaki from such star systems as Pleiades, Sirius and Orion regularly visited, interacted and also interbred using human genetic engineering as well.

In all, perhaps dozens of alien civilizations allegedly left their DNA imprints on various geographical regions, explaining the existence of varying races and ethnicities. Throughout time other advanced extraterrestrial races engaging in interstellar and intergalactic travel to earth have regularly spread their genetically encoded DNA star seeds around the globe to produce the wide spectrum of human diversity in racial and ethnic lineage. Im saying it for some time now, everything on earth, ultimately is a manifestation of a Cosmic Race…

Aside from the entertainment appeal factor pumped nonstop out of Hollywood with the likes of GeorgeR’ “Star Wars” series and Steven Spielberg’s “ET” and “Close Encounters,” pop culture obsession for all things extraterrestrial has generated enormous widespread popularity and huge profit worldwide. Indulging in commercial exploitive fantasy that includes gobs of disinformation and stereotypes within the commercial Sci-Fi genre is one thing, but overtly violating the crime cabal’s official censorship policy regarding the truth behind alien contact with earth is still very much taboo. By design, actual coverage of UFOs and human contact with aliens is still routinely suppressed to this day.

Have some

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