COVID-19: The System, a powerful documentary that holds nothing back.

This well made documentary follows Dutch businessman Nico Sloot on his quest for the truth about the Covid-19 virus. The implications for his family, his company and as viewers we are invited to his own personal discoveries regarding the harsh truth about the Pharmaceutical Complex, our governments and the few “appointed specialist” that decide for us all.

Throughout solid research sustained by knowledgeable people such as his brother who is a toxicologist, he learns quickly that the true intentions of the Dutch government is much different than what they display by using their favorite and deeply manipulated tool, the main stream media.

Sloot’s sympathetic and initially somewhat naive caracter must relate to many of us in the beginning of this grand fraud, his helpfulness and drive are beyond admirable at times.

This brilliantly edited document directed by Belgin Inal starts following him around September of 2020. Nico shares his personal discoveries about B and T cells, that immunity and natural defence are hardly, if not never, touched upon by the spokespersons of political and health institutions, not to mention the media outlets he invites to publish his findings; but regardless the negative responses his tenacity shows no sign of weaknesses throughout the film. Their rejections triggers him to even dive deeper into the hole of big business with great results.

Subtitles available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish and Russian make this film a must watch if you want to learn about the complexity, or simple “follow the money” behind the biggest sceme humanity had to endure this century so far. Its because of people like Belgin Inal and Nico Sloot that ordinary persons get to see what withholds them of living their life to the fullest while loosing everything they have ever worked for to a few that should rule no more.

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