The Others.

There are manifestations of human beings, divine eternal presence, that have chosen to come to Earth despite the hardship they have endured over previous encarnations, previous lives. This due to the urgency of their cosmic mandate and continuous thrust of Gaia to only bring the right travellers on her journey. Many of these people are so numbed by unfaced ancestral trauma that unsolved occurances in previous lives can feel as if they happened last week. For a whole life. I would go even further to state that they chose the same set of experiences in their current lives in order to hopefully be reminded by other similar visitors and fellow man of what it is they came here for. The Others are precious and should be found at all cost. If they are enabled, their free will is paramount, through study and the art of remembrance, these keepers can unleash a vast amount of information regarding the path humanity is heading. These souls carry with them the information of our future since that is where they have been before they presented themselves again here on our planet. Again to try and fulfill their incarnation cycle here on 3D modus. Many have perished in the flames, some are still standing unaware of their given set of skills and powers while most have fallen for the Grand Masters trick hiding in the shadows of holistic healing therapies. Their free will has been set in mud. Smudged over time and very hard and difficult to overcome alone. These are our children’s teachers and icons for those who come after them. Find the others.

Ruben Miller

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