The Akashic Records are a vibrating storehouse of information and energy, an ever present resonance that expands in our lives and the Universe itself. They are in the smallest particles and the greatest of fields. They are the particle, the wave, the consiousness, the energy and information of eternity. Embodying all mysteries of life. Your life, my life, the eternity of life from before your life here began as you know it.

Journeying into the akashic, you can visit and rewrite your records of the past and get rid of difficult blocks in the present, heal relationships and financial patterns and change the history of certain times and places that may still have a hold on you. It’s healthy to distinguish the following diferences.

The Akashic:

The etheric, the divine mind,the collective consiousness.

The Akashic Records:

The expansive body of all information, knowledge, inspiration, discovery and creativity for eternity.

The Akashic Forces:

The etheric energies and psychic powers that move through and catalize all things, all thoughts and all actions through all time. Also, the Force and will of the higher mind and heart to respond acurately.

What People Say

Spirit is dismissed by so many, yet it is a considerable part of our energetic power.

The heart is a consiousness field that is filled with light particles that are sensory emissaries and receptors, so the heart, when is open and activated and vibrating, can feel/see all the vibrations that surround us.

Eyes that don’t see heart that doesn’t feel.

Let’s build something together.

Eyes that don't see, heart that doesn't feel.

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