Without a direct connection to your eternal self, your spirit, oftentimes life can become a struggle. We don’t understand why certain patterns keep repeating or are anxious to understand the reason behind certain blockages.

As humans we can experience 3 types of relationships in our current 3D dimension. 1.Biological/genetical which represent your family line and all the previous incarnations within this line. 2. Ancestral, these are all your previous lives and the relationships you experienced in them and 3. Cosmic which are the relationships you had with people, places or even animals and other parts of our universe.

All of the humanness, our triumphs, failures, whatever you ask will be concealed within these 3 types of relationships. During most readings people rapidly recognise or remember occurrences that they have experienced during these lives.

Many of us have evaded our cosmic responsibilities for many life times…
When you remember you will find all you ever need at your leisure…

So, what can we do and how do we do it?

For as much as you are willing to give it…

The ability to work with the records is human. We all possess the trait to access them,but from our cradle to grave we are confined to a certain dominant energy. The reason being that if we wouldn’t, all our Akashic capacity would be mostly intact coming by the age of 5. However, children possess the shortest line to the Records by any means. It often takes an adult so well into their life to even reach the notion of the existence of the records. I can tell you they are very real. Young children can tell you they are real, if only someone would listen to them.

There are different types of readings.

The most simple is a one on one, either via phone or email and on occasions at home. One, two, three or five questions you really want to ask. Most people find it hard to come up with a question knowing that the records give what you need, not what you want to hear for instance.

I have treated people coming from suicide by helping them understand the energies that define suicide. Once people understand that they can work their way out. Repetitive behaviour that sabotages your higher mind and ultimately cripples your life force. You have to keep on moving.

There is also, within this example, the opportunity to establish a time frame. A week, a month in which you can create your own plan on how to improve your connection with your divine higher self and that of others.Together we can map out a course based on your “adjustment rate”. How far of are you from your original life proposal?

Negotiations, intermediumship,ground clearance. These are just a few examples of what one can achieve by understanding the energies the group as a whole confronts or is subject to commencing their combined activity.

Corporate readings are rare, but the example I can give is that of a Asian containership builder regarding the purchase of a German shipwharf. The Asians wanted to clear their concerns in the area of patents and solidified government policies long term regarding their investment.

There are numerous examples but one in particular will always stay with me. We were all reminded in Madrid. Its of another student of the Records, a Brazilian surgeon who returned several times to repeat the courses with Gerardo Amaro. Asked about why his presence again was among that of students he simple acclaimed that, “If my sleeping patient is on the operation table, I have to be able to communicate with his higher mind for indications regarding the operation”. Let that sink in, because that is what it can do. It can enhance the understanding of your professional field by a million times.

The applications of this human ability are endless. It will change your life for as much as you are willing to give it.

You can ask anything about anything. Let your records give you insight into the past, the present and endless future possibilities. All you have to do is get in touch…and ask

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