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We have not resolved nor integrated our genesis and our history as a species, and, therefore, are at a loss to understand our real nature and future trajectory. That we do not see this as a profound puzzle is further proof of our species primitive naiveté.

Neil Freer


Use of the term Anunnaki has come to generically refer to all extraterrestrial races that have visited or made contact with the earth. But this is far too simplistic, in the same way that numerous different races and ethnicities contribute and enrich the wide array of human diversity, so too many different alien races have established their presence on this planet. The Annunaki may have been the most dominant and aggressive though, claiming and assuming rulership over the earth. According to scholar and author Zecharia Sitchin, who spent half a century deciphering the ancient Sumerian language on cuneiform tablets, Sumer’s history accurately chronicles in detail the Anunnaki alien footprint on planet earth.

Evidence shows that other ET civilizations other than the Anunnaki from such star systems as Pleiades, Sirius and Orion regularly visited, interacted and also interbred using human genetic engineering as well.

In all, perhaps dozens of alien civilizations allegedly left their DNA imprints on various geographical regions, explaining the existence of varying races and ethnicities. Throughout time other advanced extraterrestrial races engaging in interstellar and intergalactic travel to earth have regularly spread their genetically encoded DNA star seeds around the globe to produce the wide spectrum of human diversity in racial and ethnic lineage. Im saying it for some time now, everything on earth, ultimately is a manifestation of a Cosmic Race…

Aside from the entertainment appeal factor pumped nonstop out of Hollywood with the likes of GeorgeR’ “Star Wars” series and Steven Spielberg’s “ET” and “Close Encounters,” pop culture obsession for all things extraterrestrial has generated enormous widespread popularity and huge profit worldwide. Indulging in commercial exploitive fantasy that includes gobs of disinformation and stereotypes within the commercial Sci-Fi genre is one thing, but overtly violating the crime cabal’s official censorship policy regarding the truth behind alien contact with earth is still very much taboo. By design, actual coverage of UFOs and human contact with aliens is still routinely suppressed to this day.

Have some


The submission exercise wearing a mask is about to come to an end,not abruptly, but carefully planned so you and others are confronted with your illness. Wearing a mask is submission, which in turn is a unnatural state for humans to thrive. The compliance towards this submissiveness shows how little control you exercise over your EGO.

There is a green room. Behind the scene, that is to say in reality, under the surface, you are all the actors, marvelously skilled in playing many parts and in getting lost in the mazes of your own minds and the entanglements of your own affairs, as if this for most is the urgent thing going on.

Alan Watts

So, you live with this tiny sneaky suspicion that you might not be who you think you are…

Netherlands – The Pedophile Kingdom and Sodom and Gomorrah of the Modern World

The lineage of former Holy Roman and French nobility comprises today’s House of Orange-Nassau ruling over the constitutional monarchy of the Netherlands. The Dutch royalty owns major multinational corporations such as Royal Dutch Shell, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Philips Electronics and Holland-America Line. The royal family has evolved its interests as a high-level authority currently operating as a branch of the Vatican’s Roman empire, wielding considerable influence over such powerful entities as the Rand Corporation, Koch Industries, Princeton University (founded in honor of the House of Orange), some of the world’s largest banks including AMRO and investment firms like BlackRock, the largest financial asset management institution on the planet, worth an estimated $7.4 trillion in client assets.

With the worldwide mafia pedo-crime cabal no longer an illusory paranoid aberration, the planetary controllers realize enough of the global masses are finally onto them, and as a result, are rushing to make their dystopic vision of one world governance a reality sooner than later.

The objective: to dismantle the nation-state, strip the people of their self-determination and free will, and position themselves as sovereign rulers of the planet. Their common cause does not deviate from the age-old directive, but their means are custom-made to fit current times…

Down below in the link you’ll find a very extensive backlog .

Chapter 36: Netherlands – The Pedophile Kingdom and Sodom and Gomorrah of the Modern World

SPI: Spiritual Purpose Inception. 2017

I dreamed I had turned off the internet. Luna was waiting for me at the gate for a “spiritual interference” mainly focussed on self-preservation. This time I know what is coming and willingly I accompany her on a stroll around the estate. Whenever in the pine forest next to the urbanisation of “El cuarton” in Cadiz, Spiderman’s head bounces off in concerning ways; manners of behaviour that indicate “drastic reforms”. Three numbers bounce inside my head and quickly I scrabble them down, its 555 and the third time I notice them since this morning. Anything to conquer paradise, with or without a heist at this stage. I wander if I should carry a flag over the estate, I can pick anyone I want; they all hang tidily along the square courtyard of the principle house. After Berlin I should raise the German flag, or a Russian one to commemorate a dead ambassador. This is not provocative anymore, it lives in the third dimension and we should all be able to understand what is going on. So how does one react to a native paquistani or Tunisian police officer in Turkey shooting down the Russian ambassador at the opening of a exposition? Both Turkey and Russia have reacted “well composed” in my opinion. Regardless who produced these “false flags”, although Spiderman’s head suggest strong interference from American and British intelligence agencies, the only group that could benefit of an escalation in the region would be the military industrial complex. That and all it needs to sustain itself. The only negative expansion power, the one that ends things by placing military units, bases and camps around the world is the United states. So, in theory I could easily march around the woods with a stars and stripes, but I’m European. Have one of those as well, has never been used before, and I thought Jean Claude would appreciate it if he would “fly by” for a quick visit. This time I hardly notice German flags covering the profile of Facebook users; who wants to do the wrong thing by now? How should one react? Anyway you see fit as far as I’m concerned, and that I am. Who wants to acknowledge the shortcomings of our own intellect as a group? Where is mad dog Alpha and his wiggling tail? Luna will find him and teach him a lesson. Is it the short-term memory loss we all severely suffer from?

Lately a lot of people are asking me how they start this process of awakening. There are as many ways as we are unique each one of us. We all start to investigate something and believe it or not everybody starts to see objects, things hovering up in the air. UFO’s. This is because the first thing humans seek is recognition and credit. The same reason applies for the succes of the network. Since humans have mastered the art of painting countless images are available were one can see and find things for themselves. Who are these ‘beings’ that occupy them? This is one of many spiritual questions, but truth is these saucers are not a new thing on the block. At all. This is not our world, its theirs and they come and check up on us to see if we don’t get to smart with all this ‘new’ technology we copied from them in exchange for human testing and sacrifice that git a bit out of hand since the early fifties.
These ‘beings’, watch us, visit us, they like to check up on their ‘animals’.

We have started to question religion, we discover the purpose of it by smashing into a billion opinions; Divide and conquer. Once you stumble upon God anything can happen. With so many universes and galaxies, were billions of solar systems are operative, and were every manifestation of life is doing what its suppose to according to the sector or coordinates of the area within the cosmos were they are located. So, we have somewhat half way accepted that there are more and different civilizations. At least we can agree that we are not alone.

Television has helped us a lot with that process. Watching Star Trek, movies with alien architypes, there are just too many to mention. They have all spoken to our wildest imagination. First in black and white, then later in all kinds of formats up to 3D. So, one can assume that the programming has been constant and generational. The alien chip ‘crouton’ is very effective on top of this electromagnetic soup we all have created. People don’t hesitate to believe all the imaginary of invasions from other planets while the United States Military comes to the rescue.
Through argument, discussion and discovery some even suggest that contact with humans is not very likely. We learn that from a very young age, as children that humans don’t have the capacity to contact or relate to alien forms of life. Can you see how programming works? Instead we are easily shaped into the believe of a god that’s more Reptile and fiercely destructive towards humans!

It seems so.
All this discovery is being pushed towards the new age, the new era. In this age, again, all kinds of things appear, millions of them. You can choose the shit out of your life but at very little risk. Meditation appears, as do the chakras and one really get exited with all this new age stuff. Alignment of energies, it seems impossible to achieve by yourself. The external imagery is far greater than the time we spend looking inside our own heart. But still we get tangled up in all of this holistic new age stuff. As if religion is taken over with a dash of scientific narrative.

People that go to church are a breed that like things simpler.
All this awakening is more like a blender in the morning, the smoothie smasher on your kitchen table top. It holds the image of flying saucers, the meditation practice guide for dummies, kundalini, reiki level 1 from kast year or any other flavour you fancy disguised as a conscious choice. This generous mix of choices has already taken on your mind and you’re buying it. Now you want the best of everything. You even get to choose your angel, your ascended masters address and the portal opening of your divine destination. Soon you’ll have only peace to worry about. Dammit you might start to think this actually works. Religion has replaced itself by stealth into the holistic realms of our existence. The intelectual masterminds of this type of energy are non terrestial, Annunaki mostly.,

You know when to change the diet? When the primal energy you consume is laziness disquised as acomplishment. The areas of our consciousness where we think we can develop ourselves to our full potential are well occupied. Here is the thing, if you check up on your cattle every now and again, you notice the need for replacement of the feeding soil. Humans, as cattle, have consumed all there was concerning religion and will see the fall of the Vatican as a victory which by no doubt it is. But if there is anything, we can learn from the grass that has been fed to us, is that its just as green as it will ever be.

So, we have the UFOs, the meditation, the arch angles and your favourite pick of self-improvement carried by the ascended masters and a sweet green dragon the size of a parrot.. We get to work with beings of light, since that is what we are in essence. We can’t talk to them on a physical plane but through meditation we will be able to …whatever, seriously? So why not work with yourself? Again, as a child we learn that connecting to alien life is only for government-controlled hoaxes and false agencies that have astronauts hanging on thin steel lines to mimic gravity in space.
Meditation holding our favourite blend of spiritual smoothie is nothing more than a very careful structured fine textile of make believe where you are actually the odd one out. Your spirit doesn’t drink smoothies or attends masterclasses on managing like some pranky CEO or healing others through whatever cosmic colour you want to see. One can hardly distinguished the true information from the false one, as all is blended nicely together. You like blueberries? Fuck you, they’re pulp. It’s all fashioned into one.
So, there you are with your whole body still in one piece trying to find the answer to the questions that raised your discovery. You’ve abandoned the old religious restrains, you became a truth seeker to understand Ufology, you convinced yourself you have an electric body, with energetic chakras, all of which is good. Its correct, we can safely assume that there are different dimensions. You are here to assimilate all this and learn from it. Then you start to have ‘experiences’, or like the Mexicans say, te has subido un muerto. Dreams or nightmares however they fall right for you. You are learning about the separation between body and mind. A very unnatural thing to experience, you having a physical body apart from your inner guidance system. You discover scares on your body that fall under “it’s not what you think” to people who are close to you.

Again, many truths and falsities gather in these realms. So, we start therapy to distinguish the one from the other.
And while you’re doing that you start to wonder how this world has become such a mess if everybody wants the same thing. Or is trying for self-betterment to some degree. Strange enough all this self-betterment doesn’t give the global impact it supposed to have. Before it gets better, it will get worse, and the doubt is created. You’re getting a disease and according to your angles you have to pass through this experience to understand the value of life. Setbacks.
Until you ask yogi master why the fuck you have to experience all these pains, trials and tribulations in this life, while previous ones haven’t been at all any better, the only answer there is, is that you asked for it. We all did.

In fact, there is a clear declining line coming in from the past. Chaos, wars, just look at history and stop it wherever you want and you will see the same things that surround us today. Just open a history book at any page and ask yourself what the difference is. We haven’t learned a thing and are standing in our dypers as a species.
Different kinds of warfare make countries go bankrupt and fall into disaster at an alarming rate. Again, television has helped us tremendously with this effort. Meanwhile whole herds are asking themselves why these ‘beings’ don’t come down from their flying saucers in the vicinity of government buildings, a peace palace for instance or any other govern minded block that suits the shot.
The view of any other celestial zoo member in our dimension would create an instant chaos. Especially for owners of blenders. The classification of cosmic races has begun long ago, you just didn’t get the memo. Different people from different places all described similar looking beings over an extensive period of time.
Why? Because regardless of the work you are doing to please your angels, honour your yogi or what have you, its all a game of energy and who takes the most off planet. Everything is energy, even religion and its replacements, re place minds, to replace your mind while you think you’re working on personal freedom and achievements. Then you might hear some truths that come your way through the contact you had with these ‘beings’. With the luck or disgrace that some of these beings despite all the lies your have been fed will give you some truth.

‘This Earth has been habilitated for your species to think your existence is normal, the way it supposed to be. And you will find all kinds of emotions within your avatar over your life span that we need to feed ourselves or pure diversion of your specie depending on the ‘being’ that is manipulating you and the cosmic mandate this specie represents in the universe’.