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Maria Orsic, a girl medium who flew away from earth.


Maria was a renowned medium and became the leader of the Vril Society.

Ufologists believe that she helped Hitler create a flying saucer capable of permeating space and time. But there is no reliable information, let alone documents. Moreover, the flying saucer was designed by Bartini, whom Stalin stole from Italy. By the way, all real information about him is also classified. And probably it was the easiest thing – a flying saucer.

Maria was an active participant in the German nationalist movement in Austria, which was active at that time and aimed at uniting Austria with the German Reich. In 1919, Maria moved to Munich to her boyfriend, who later became her fiancé, but whether they eventually married or not is unknown, since both disappeared in 1945

Maria Orsic organized one such structure, consisting of women, on which a society such as Vril relied.

They were all young girls who opposed the fashion for short hair. Both Maria and Trout were beautiful girls with very long hair. They wore long hair with a ponytail, which was very unusual and sexy-defiant at the time. This became a hallmark of all the women who were part of Maria Orsic’s group in the “Vril Society”. It is known for certain that the group existed until May 1945. The women of this group believed that their loose, long hair worked as antennas that received messages from extraterrestrial beings. But when they appeared in public, they gathered their hair in a ponytail.

Maria Orsic

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CAUGHT! Election data analyzed, producing detailed list of over 500,000 votes SWITCHED from Trump to Biden via voting machine software theft, with heavy fraud focused on swing states

To the end of the line…

How many more lives are we going to sacrifice in virtue of Icons, made of China and painted in gold, held by a child consuming rapist, living of public funds dressed identical as priest expelled out of southern Egypt some 5000 years ago because of fraud and pedofilia?

You still don’t trust your heart?

All the light lives in the Darkness…you just need to be reminded about the switch…

Decades wondering in the darkness, it took me 47 years and 5 months to remember everything about my eternal self. Children, if reminded instead of programmed could easily reach their full encarnation cycle by 6 or 7 years of age. By the time they reached adulthood, 18 summers further down the road, they would be beyond our combined current spiritual consiousness awareness. In other terms, they would dominate more than one domension and be aware of it. I might even be to cautious making this statement.

The point is, today we have a tremendous variety of opportunities ahead of us. And they are all good but need to be taken. It’s 2020 and many still believe in the magical wands, the painted China Elf working from under the table to satisfy your master. Dressed in gold.

Hollistisizm, a mountain; patented from outer space to convey us the eternal dance our spirit should make for our own ancestry instead of feeding false bloodlines with our suffering and miss out on all the good and true stuff ourselves. Sedation is not only credited to drugs or alcohol. Religion, the practice of spirituality, your “chakra” managment are bright indicators for your invisible masters to feed upon. Its a menu, and your on it three! Three star Michelin and the variety is mind-boggling.

DISOBEY yourself first…

Everything to distract us from our destiny, our mandate. As individuals, but clearly more visible as a kind. WWG1WGA sounds good enough for me. I trust my eternal self without any doubt, do you?

Much love R

No conquest of Paradise is achieved by compremise, you do it with a heist…

If there’s anything we can learn from other cosmic races, then it should be their ability to dominate, truly stand on top of the food chain, be master and commander but exchange the thirst for blood for the divinity of our loving capacity as human beings

Ruben Miller

This show is far from over and admittedly its about freaking time it vanishes ftom the face of our planet. They, these “integrated cosmic races” disguised as politicians only serve a higher good to themselves, their cosmic dominators and in truth this alien race is the menace of universe due to its soulless, violent nature. Hence, Pedofelia is not a human construct by any means. It belongs geneticly to reptilians and we possess two connections since eons. It belongs to the DNA of these “beings” that currently are fighting for their lives and prevention of the rise of humanity. But they still need our energy to maintain themselves on our plane. This mexican journalist deserves all our eyes, for the world to see that our emotions, again, another life has consumed us and taken the best of us.


Their energy grid supliance won’t work anymore now that every day it becomes more visible who has done what, how and more importantly,  for how long and where. Why? We are food to them, Loose. This is the only Global plandemic ever worth mentioning, humans taking back their power. Credit yourself for believing the impossible.

Sounds like the discovery of child abuse allegations in a courtroom? It does and should, its about our children and ancestry at the same time. No more silenced victims who oftentimes are treated with charges after their predators have gone free. Humans stand in their dypers with a bag full of entitlements. Just waiting like sitting ducks. Masterclass that.

Gaia doesn’t need our help, any “master of something” that convinces you that we should all connect and rise, …just be heartfelt and full forced when it comes to giving your energy.  You only need to give it away once to loose it for lifetimes to come. Inspiring other people is the only good fight worth loosing your freedom for.

“It is truly tragic to realise that humans have actually been enslaved economically, culturally and religiously for 200.000 years. You may throw all kinds of intellectual arguments at this statement, but the fact remains that it has been this continuous opression of humanity, which has largely retarded our rapid progress. We don’t know where we would be technologically today if we had a global society free of oppression.” M.Tellinger


The microscopic picture is the closest ever taken from 1 human cell. If images speak louder than words this one doesn’t. This is discovery into the translation and manifestation of the “I”. You need to work for it, dig yourself in for what you may find remarkably similar to environments and structures around your everyday life. You may be in awe of your divine self, its complexity yet clarity and function once understood energeticly.

The most detailed model of a human cell to date, obtained using x-rays, nuclear magnetic resonance, and cryoelectron microscopy data sets.


Source and Credit: Transformation of the Cellular Landscape through a Eukaryotic Cell, by Evan Ingersoll Ingersoll Gael McGill ~ Digizyme’s Custom Maya Molecular Software
Biología Al Instante

Anything familiar?

This little “thing” needs you, from one cell, yours preferably, you can instigate life changing experiences. Human cells feed on more than just water, bread or whatever you think that keeps your mojo up. It feeds on emotions, hurt, fear, doubt and so forth; it’s energy, it’s life,it’s you simplified.

To be continued..

Lectores Del Registro Akashico!

Se trata de demostrar lo que son los Registros Akashicos a personas en mi pais a través una lectura multiple. A qiuen resueña la practica les invito a descubrir juntos lo que a continuation vais a ver. Me gustaría dejar claro como funciona su energía a mis paisanos, que entre 17 millones ni hay 10 lectores. Juntos les podemos siempre!!

Este es el articulo presente en el periódico Trouw de hoy, 5 de noviembre. Se trata de una masacre de 118 “caballos del Rey “. Una sobre population creada artificalmente sobre un terreno ganado sobre el mar de 56km2. Dato curioso es que ningún cuerpo policial tiene jurídicion sobre dicho campo. El cuerpo militar se ocupa de esto. Fue creada entre 1950 y 1968. Menudo obra ….

Les dejo la misma información que utilizo en preparación de varias visitas en los últimos meses.