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No to 5G technology.

Switzerland has banned the advancement of this dominating technology. As if they wouldn’t know the harm it inflicks on human health by radio transmitting specific frequencies. These then trigger the people on a cellular level with unforeseen consequences for our public health. It’s time for 5G to go, and preferably as quiet as it came. The pattentholders of the 5G technology reside in a few different boards of directors. All fysical entities with name and surname. How can it be that a Corporate Entity with no roots in my backyard imposes a violation of public health onto me and my community? Which vote did I miss? The lobby for these type of technologies are relentless, see how many people are surrounded by them damn towers without knowing the true harm they inflict on our health.

Project Quarantaine

What goes on behind the headlines, beyond the fear installing media circus. This Goldfish report will raise many questions, yet confirms it’s a full blown war out there. Let’s not be sitting ducks and anticipate ourselves on events to come. Pay attention to the ambassador in the recordings from 20 minutes in, he releases some pure gems revealing what many knew all along.

Que nos tiran tierra, pero que sepan la lección de superarnos se le damos nosotros…💚

Dicen que la mierda de tu pasado es el abono de tu futuro brillante. Asimilando que todos somos uno y estamos en la misma mierda, no nos queda mejor cosa por hacer que INSPIRAR a los que vienen detrás…que ya no van a poder pararnos en nuestro renacimiento común…

The role of the European Royal family’s illegal Shadow banking will be exposed.

Disclosure will reveal the truth of the Kissinger, Bush, Clinton and Obama political syndicates which will be peacefully and lawfully removed from American life permanently. Obama, Bush Jr. were both elected illegally and unconstitutionally. They are both controlled agents of the diminishing European monarchy.

The fact that mind controlled human clones have been democratically elected into national leadership positions will also be revealed.

The use of Clones in positions of international banking, spiritual and religious fascism, management of European Royal families, management of American politics, industrial militarization, Political assassinations will be disclosed for all to see.

The current Pope, Dalai Lama, and many others are Deep State controlled psyops within the establishment of religious control and disinformation will be revealed.

The occult connection between the Vatican in Rome and the Royal Crown in London will be known. The European crown owns the United States Federal Reserve System and it’s monetary disbursements. The legitimacy of the Royal Crown will be scrutinized and ultimately brought down.

How the hell can unappointed , unelected, unqualified so called Elite bloodlines have privileged access and ownership of vast amounts of invisible wealth and influence?! The role of the European Royal family’s illegal Shadow banking will be exposed.

We are seeing document leaks, legal interventions and inside disclosures which will bring about public outrage. We are currently seeing this happening. All around the world national leaders and regimes which have political, corporate or legal connections to the anti-constitutional American government in Washington DC will be removed from power.

Peaceful regime changes in many countries around the world just to name a few…Australia, North Korea, Argentina, Yemen , Iraq, Hungry, Ireland, Philippines, Qatar, Romania, Pakistan, Israel, Spain, Sudan, Paraguay, Poland, Taiwan, Thailand,UK, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Iran etc. will immensely benefit from this planetary regime transformation. Because, soon peaceful, benevolent democratically elected government’s will be possible.

The low vibrational antichrist energies of lies, deceit and personal greed as channeled by the past American political establishment is over. The Democrat and Republican parties will become unsustainable Hence, the New Republic!

We are seeing the Kissinger, Bush, Clinton and Obama eras being defeated because they can no longer survive energetically in this ever increasing vibrational environment.

Major Geo-political, financial changes which were thought impossible are happening. The current American dollar will continue under the control and ownership of Asia and be gold backed and gain in value and will be separated from the illegal corruption of the Fiat system.

It is my understanding that the Asian elders are in control of the monetary prosperity Funds… NESARA. These funds are also called the Global Collateral Accounts and they are also being monitored esoterically.

The information on these global monetary accounts have been extremely convoluted by the American rogue financial factions who really are financial terrorists over the past 8 decades.

The assassination of John F Kennedy and the false flag event of 911 were planned for the reason of derailing this Economic recovery act aka NESARA.
(St. Germain world trust)

Besides money being disbursed to the human population this money will also be used to buy out all oil corporations, Pharmaceutical cartels and banks. This money will also be used for various humanitarian projects and free energy implementation. This will also zero out and cancel all personal debt.

The entire human population will benefit from this act because Earth is a very abundant planet. Meaning, there is enough gold backed GDP for every human to be a millionaire with no debts of any kind.

NESARA is about sharing the resources of the planet to everyone globally and fairly. It’s also about putting benevolent banking systems in place to achieve worldwide monetary fairness. No human being on Earth will be out of reach to benefit from this planetary disbursement of monetary funds and no individual or corporation will be able to stop it.

What’s happening on our planet currently has been planned for hundreds if not thousands of years. Everything that is being done on the political stage and the enormous amounts of activity that we do not see happening behind the scenes has all been planned out by an Earth Alliance working with benevolent positive races of other star nations.

The human race is in for a complete transformation of planetary control and how we will live our lives. We are in for a complete paradigm change. The chaos that we see being driven by the Dark is becoming very apparent but to no avail. Resisting this change is futile..

Expect mandatory vaccines…