Working in the darkness

The Netherlands currently has the strictest lockdown in the world. It is no longer about a flu or virus, it is about the destruction of people, the social fabric and the future of our children. Of course, many experts disagree, but there is a reason why they are the experts right now. And not you or me. I’m not going to mention names, that’s not the goal. People are getting weaker as time goes by and that is what is meant to do, entire tribes are no longer worthy of a wink and the term zombie may also be called upon stage. Don’t get me wrong, by zombie I mean a thoughtless soulless creature, who can do the most terrible things to himself on the most strange or nonsensical command and does not hesitate to do the same to someone else. The difference is somewhere above, or above to express it better. All people in the Netherlands manifest themselves in a physical way so that they are visible, of flesh and blood, or in terms of the registers; dressed in a spacesuit. Your appearance, your body, hair, eyes and lips are the choices you made to look like this in this life before you were born. Everyone manifests themselves through this and can find work, have a social life, buy a house, or enter into a relationship; you name it. You would think a ghost is just a ghost, but that’s not true. The Spirit, your divine appearance, is indeed decisive when it comes to how you live your life and what happens to you as you experience or develop this part of your cosmic journey. Your Spirit has been traveling for some time and your body is only part of that journey. I made a drawing with the aim that you understand what is going on and how much influence you have on what is happening around you.

Respect, Love, Patience, Continuity, Humbleness, Creativity, Everything around us is subject to these energies. We have therefor a tremendous influence on them and how they affect our lives…

I’ve talked about the six energy pillars of the universe before, that’s where everything starts and ends. Whether you like it or not, everything in our universe is subject to these pillars. So it is up to you to keep these in balance with your thoughts and actions and to develop them further if necessary. That is not easy to do, but it is certainly the reason that you have chosen to be here and now. Don’t doubt that anymore. I can, so you can.

Respect, love, humility, continuity, creativity and patience ensure that everything grows and flourishes. What is important to know is that you are the puppet in the middle, you will undoubtedly look much nicer, the point is that you are in the middle of these enormously strong forces. Realize that being human is a big responsibility. The responsibility we have is nowhere near known to most. We are distracted by outside influences that constantly cause us to engage in our rights, which, as is clear, are controlled by others to whom we have given our power. Remember this: as soon as you give your power away, you give it all away. Everything. We all, without exception, have a cosmic mandate and that manifests itself in tangible reality as duty / function or calling. So if you give it away, think of politics as a social control system, then you are at the mercy of the wolves.

 The drawing also shows a smaller version of yourself floating above your head, so to speak. That is your spirit, your higher self / consciousness, or divine presence with two different wings. One that resembles a devil and the other that of an angel. We all have that without seeing it. On the left you see a heart in the same colors with a plus and a minus symbolism in the drawing. Our actions and thoughts affect our well-being and that of others. You know how pain feels and it comes from here. You could call it incorrect nutrition ( a -). You can assume that our mood, like everything else on Earth, is also subject to these 6 energy pillars of the universe. It creates our mood, individually and as a collective. It makes or breaks your day, sometimes lifetimes in a row.

You are the one at the top. All those who have come before you, with all their faillures, pains and victories are waiting for you to better the tribe and that of those that come after you…

The following picture is of you and all your ancestors, your family line. Most are amazed to find out that thousands of people have preceded them in order for you to have this life now. It is also important to know that as a person you can enter into three different forms of relationships in the dimension in which we are ( the 3D). Biological / genetic (mom, dad, uncle, aunt, sister etc) Ancestral (all the relationships from your past lives and the realtionships you had back then) and Cosmic (relationships from other parts of our universe). you think died here on earth and born again. All the times that happened you came up with a proposal as to the content of what you, your higher soul, that smaller doll above your head wanted to master, the lessons that you intended to teach yourself in order to progress on your spiritual path. Remember, you are a spiritual being undergoing a human experience .. So as you close successful lives you will get enough of the lessons you had to learn and you will eventually get to the point where very old incarnations are in. Knowing that you will not come back to Earth, or that you have a realistic chance of completing your mandate, but before that comes to that you will need to understand more about the dark side, the dark side or the shadow side from your higher self. Certainly in the time we live in it is easy to lose a lot of well done work in the blink of an eye, sometimes you can undo things that have taken lives by not paying attention to yourself. Therefore, the connection you can have with your higher, eternal presence is essential. If you avoid them by blindly listening to others and or following them, no matter how good the intentions of others are, you often do not know what the higher presence of the other is up to, you can loose it all. You just watch the manifestation in front of you, that little doll in the middle, but believe me, upstairs things are settled and adjusted, it has been that way for thousands of years and it will remain that way until you know who you are. I want to give some examples, after all, it is about you and your environment in the times of Covid-19. Here are some of the energies and social control systems that affect you, they are examples and how these relate to your higher consciousness, what they can do to you. Remember, free will, the choice whether or not to take something with you on a trip is always yours. The influence is different for everyone because not everyone has scored the same diploma in all the lifetimes that we have already completed. See what resonates, and let the rest lie down.

Medea, the Greek Godess of Illusion. Media produces the illusion of our reality. The more you cling yourself to it, the more you are distracted from what really belongs to your higher mind and Spirit…


Medea is known as the Greek goddess of illusion. For over a thousand years. For seasoned souls this is enough information, but it is important to know that even the most learned of people are also part of the current deception. So the media, the illusion, has been going on for centuries to throw you, us and all who preceded us, off the track what our eternal presence set out to do or to achieve. Herein lies frustration, pain, sadness and many, many unfulfilled lives. Add to that the picture of all your forefathers and understand that many times before you, other people have not been able to achieve what they envisioned. It’s not called the fifth power for nothing. This adds to the content of your dark side. You will not go on to start again for life and go straight to jail without paying. What the media shows you is nothing more than a production to make you and others believe in something, or to think a lot about, a cosmic sense representing no added value at all to make you achieve your mandate. I cannot say it more clearly. Famous stars or people are just a means of making you believe that you are less or unable to achieve what they have. You will be amazed when I tell you that no one gets famous or known without paying an ancestral price for it, think of the little doll at the top with the devil’s wing.

Often to the ignorance of these stars themselves. Media therefore produces an illusion and the more you let your life depend on it, the further you get from your intended goal. Consider, for example, the people who practice politics. Born and raised without exception to do this. I don’t know if they sold their souls to the devil, but what I do know is that the list on the left (actions and thoughts) that has filled their hearts leads more to eternal darkness than full joy of life. Media is also able to control large groups of people, you must have become aware of that after 2020, if not then I hope you can tick that off soon and continue. The news, the press and journalists have each chosen for themselves to choose the path of least resistance within the influence of the 6 energy pillars. There will soon be a worldwide explanation about this, so that I do not do here and now. What is very, very helpful to learn and understand is knowing that we have come to learn something. The Media is there to help you remember what you no longer want or need. You want to have a full and happy life. The doll at the top does not shy away from that either, you can safely let it go its own way. Think of intuition and feeling about things that your physical manifestation experiences. Learn to trust yourself more instead of blindly following information created to put you astray.

Entitlemens, Humanities biggest problem.

Masters and Entitlements

I am, you are, they are, we are and the world is. It cannot be put into words more clearly, so it is a pity that many, many people in their 3D jacket, think that doll in the middle, are often convinced of a superiority over others. This is because they have a higher education or were born from a privileged situation and had more resources at their disposal to climb the ladder of success. What success is I will now leave in the middle, that is different for everyone. Everything that is called Master, masters degree, master workshop, master conference is, just like what the media offers you, an illusion. Humanity is in its diapers as a collective, that may also be clear after 2020 and the person who dares to put himself forward as a master is, in my opinion, the least qualified. No one is superior to another. The 6 energy pillars of the universe count for all of us. So you could think that a person who profiles himself as a Master and can get you a diploma at a high level in a weekend might be dissatisfied with that little doll at the top. It does what it is instructed to do from the perspective that doll has to offer to the lower manifesting human. Fortunately, there are also many people with whom this is well proportioned. These are often shy of others and not in search of a great spotlight. They walk alone as if they do not live in hell. Entitlements are humanity’s greatest problem of all, and like media, it has led entire generations to believe that something, history, science; in short, whatever skill can only be practiced in a certain way and can therefore produce a desired result will make us all set upp for greatness.. Wrong again I would say. This also creates, consciously or unconsciously and life after life, content that eventually ends up in the room where the light is not on. Because through this distraction you have lost another life on something other than your own higher good. The dark shadow side of our collective existence has become a huge monster that no one would rather face.

 All light resides in the darkness, the unfinished legacies of all your previous appearances on our earth or in our universe. The diplomas not obtained, the squandering of innate talents in relation to and the need for masters degrees and universal entitlements reside currently in your dark side. Finally, I would like to mention the worldwide social education system, which is there for a reason and it is there again to not let all of us ,as a collective, come into contact with what that doll with those two wings has in store for us. Everything you need in life you have now and you already know. You just need to be reminded, but what happens? We are programmed and rewarded to remember from childhood. This, too, contributes to life after life, the dark side being fed with frustration, sadness, incapacity, ignorance, and servitude towards other people who we think are better because they have a golden spoon in their mouths. Make it up any way you see fit.

Addictions as Illnesses are unhealed traumas you have neglected to work on over many lives. The deseases or addictions manifested in your life are a reflection of how little domain you have over your Ego…

Addiction and illnesses

There are many lost lives in this. Many of the puppets in the center, the manifestation of your eternal presence, are lost through addiction and illness. This is also most of our higher consciousness that lives in the dark because it has to do with how we interact with the six energy pillars in relation to our physical state, our being. Again, the list on the left (actions and thoughts) that you can fill in according to your own wishes and needs, your free will, over all your lives, depends on your behavior or reaction to the world on the outside. If you do not show respect to your higher self over several lifetimes, then you will be presented with the sum of those over and over again until you understand that the more you honor yourself, the better you will stand in relation to your stated mission. Add to this the second image of all your ancestors and / or past lives and perhaps you can imagine the space where the light has not been on for several generations. All the light is in the darkness and is certainly not hiding in a book, faith or the urge to move towards the light together in connection. Imagine a football stadium filled with people and suddenly the light goes out, do you know all the higher manifestations of all people? Do you know what all the dolls with the devil and angelic wings have in mind with the carnal manifestation that make us human? It seems difficult to me, so I am therefore reluctant to connect in love since most of that filled stadium does not know what love is, let alone the purpose of all those other higher appearances that most of them don’t even know exist. A risky venture.

Addiction is not something that is brought to us with a spoon, but how often do we get to hear or be asked whether something has been in the family for some time and why?, if we can believe the Western medical world (mainstream psychology) for what it is, should we just resign and then sit down to suck and swallow a series of drugs that eventually make us addicted so that we again lose a life next to the prize that should have taken us higher up the cosmic ladder? The medical complex is a means of social control that has kept us all under control for centuries and from which it is very difficult to escape. So the illnesses we manifest equals the control we have over our ego. Like it or not, the relationship between that figure in the middle and the one hanging above it is your own, no other power or person should be allowed to influence it. But we, humanity, appear to be convinced that improvement or healing must come from some outside additional thing. I need not cite examples of how people are literally injecting themselves to pieces right now because the control they should have over their higher and eternal selves has completely disappeared. This is wasting a lot of good work that you have done in past lives by taking a syringe now and putting your soul back into the cosmic waiting room. In cosmic relationships, this is also the goal of the Cabal or forces that have ruled mankind for centuries. Sounds like science fiction, but it is true. Patience, another universal form of energy, is nil for most people. Everyone seems to be looking for the magic pill so that all of the accumulated, what is in the room without a light, suddenly no longer exists and so we think we are ready and can move on to the next step in our cosmic awakening. That is simply not true. It is very hard work on yourself for a very long period to complete all reincarnation cycles. This is also difficult and requires tremendous discipline that is not rewarded instantly. The only thing you achieve with it is that that puppet at the top can eventually throw his bucket list in the trash. You are done, you have learned everything you had to learn and remember everything you agreed with yourself before you were born never to forget. You have overcome your experience as a human being, and as a reward all pain, frustration, loss in love, you name it, everything that can undergo your eternal soul within the three relationships is rewarded with the wisdom of all your forefathers and incarnations . So you come to sit at the table of your elders. That’s the reward. These are the souls who should guide, help and teach others, but again in today’s world this is very difficult because people simply pride themselves on entitlements. That diplomat, the masters degree in science, medicine you name it. While in full truth it is only a reward for the doll in the middle by which he leaves the connection with his higher self for what it is and happily participates in what we all learn to understand as the matrix or the control system in which addiction and diseases also manifest. Your journey on Earth in this game is over and you will be confronted with the same lessons in a subsequent visit to this truly beautiful place, our Earth. You have forgotten that you came to be reminded of who you really are, and instead you have received a false diploma and acted upon it. Rest assured, that is also good. The lesson is not to fall for a certificate that serves the puppet in the middle sufficiently, but rather to have the puppet hanging above erase a lesson off the list. Everyone manifests in the middle, but the deals are closed upstairs.

The black sheep of the family are the ones that, ultimatly, change the lives of all memebers. As in the past, as for fututre generations…


Those who manage to break free from the family structure, the endless and generational repeats of previous lives, traditions or family habits are ultimately the ones that will improve life for all members in their present and future incarnations. The black sheep has been ingeniously put in position by the matrix to keep most of them away. Breaking through addictions, illnesses and family dogmas ensures that the family line, the bloodline, becomes stronger. Few people believe in this until they find out who their children really are and what, once they are born, bring with them from their past lives along the same line. Many people take similarities in life, appearance or innate talents too often for granted. Again, working on your shadowside is not only good for the person doing the work, in many ways it is more than a sacrifice to the other members of the clan or family. Family constellations can provide a clear picture of this but are too often avoided because few people venture to the hard work to successfully complete their incarnation process in this dimension. Often the choice is made for the path of least resistance, the queue for easy instead of difficult. The records on this are very clear once you can view them from an objective point of view, and best viewed in conjunction with other members of your clan. This takes a lot of courage, and that is why the black sheep are often alone. Until the others drop the coin and so everything in life becomes easier and more sustainable. Acceptance is really how we as humans pay for our access to a higher consciousness.

I am, you are, they are, we are and the World is…

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