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Lately, and because people are confronted by information that exceeds their ability of understanding, some acuse me of giving a little while taking a lot. That needs to be settled since its far from what actually inspired me to start this whole venture, this site, in the first place. Once I was the King of pain. There are many people I have looked up to in order to look at them. Zachary K Hubbard and Jason Christoff certainly belong to this category. Because they Inspire.

It’s the absence of my child, my daughter that inspired me to dedicate all of me, my abilities and insights to create a place where she can go to and see for herself what most fathers share with their children on a day to day basis. I wanted to inspire her. This is all personal for me. Circumstances have caused that from the 17 years of age that she is right now, I only have shared less than 4 years with her. I divorced her mother when she was 3, I was an alcoholic but fought my way back, hell is where true warriors are forged. I live in sobriety for more than 7,5 years and regained her trust. By the time I returned to my native country to live close to her, it was her schools headteacher that informed me she had moved back to Spain where she currently resides, this was the second time it was done. Some use their children to get to the parents, thats all I have to say about that.

That being said, and my daughter turning 18 this year, you might be able to phantom the strength one needs to bare in order to keep going. Some life sentences are not proclaimed or read to you by judges, it’s the ones closer to you that can do it just as well.

But, I still had one fighting chance and that culminated into this, 369akashic.com. As an Akashic translator I regained a human ability more and more people are finding again. Its a human trait. Not easy to obtain and depending how much you want to give to it, or practice it; what it enables you to do is a lot of things and all in great benefit for yourself and others. One is to translate energies that are manifesting in other people’s lifes and that causes them to become ill, heartbroken, desperate, suicidal; there really is no limit to what you can find within the past, present and possible futures that make up the story of our lives. All this information stored in this vast cosmic library, like a cloud but only accessible by heart.

The Truth, ultimately, is security. They deserve that.

Truth doesn’t need to aim, and once I cleared out my own full incarnation cycle, my contract, I took it upon me to help others become more aware of themselves. More of you is a good thing. Over the years I simply had nothing better to do than release myself of chains and hooks. And if you do the things that nobody wants to do for a long time, you obtain skills no one else owns. It really is that simple. I have given everything, and I still do, even if it only could inspire others to do the same. Patience is the only virtue that allows you to experience all others, that is what more than a decade of absence from my child has taught me among other things. So,If I wanted a lot of money I would have robbed a bank instead or something along those lines, or maybe a YouTube channel talking shit or read Tarot cards talking about things I don’t understand. 369akashic.com has become a source for many people and it prides me to show that to my daughter. We are currently making plans to inspire the living daylights out of life itself, because love is not something you get, it’s something you give. Regardless if life has put you under, getting up is obligated. Time and time again.

Much love R

Never give up. Ever.
The Sumerian Contract

Eyes that don't see, heart that doesn't feel.

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