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Eyes that don’t see, heart that doesn’t feel.

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Offcourse it had to come of it one day, and offcourse it had to be because of revealing the truth. I wouldn’t wanted it to be any other way. It takes more from me than it could ever compensate in cosmic terms. It’s about balance, or unbalance to be more precise, that I have been set aside. The fact checkers or whoever it may have been deserves a prize, a promotion of some sort. It finally took the best of me in the sense that repeating myself is not among my favourite past times. The fake narrative of covid and its derivatives can’t be silent no more, but still and somehow the fifth estate manages to evict those who want to show the stone cold truth. Those who enforce avoiding the truth coming out are quilty as charged.

It was a video, that obviously I will post here once more about a horrific scene off a Hospital where bodies of Covid-19 deaths literally were scattered in the hallways, blood everywhere and signs of severe mutilation. Cut open corpses with missing organs, some on stretchers others on the floor. A friend of mine thought of it as a scene from the walking dead, but if you make enough screenshots you will witness for yourself this is not the case. Share this as much as you possibly can. For me this is my only outlet to do so after for the foreseeable future I’m not able to do anything on any of my five, all different subject related, Facebook pages. I might as well call it a day.

The comment is in Spanish. It narrates the harvesting of organs from Covid-19 deaths whom for some reason won’t be given back. No translation needed.

It is beyond me that this video is not subject to or part of any public investigation. Not one movement or health related institution confronts their government with this atrocity. Rest assured this happens around the world in every single country that has a dead toll from this so called virus. My own, the dismissing Dutch government wouldn’t blink to this since its no secret all the occupants of the house of Parliament serve the Satanic Deepstate pedofiles and have done so for decades if not centuries.

Much love R.

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Eyes that don't see, heart that doesn't feel.

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