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Before the Catholic Church and the MSM start their roll out on the invasion narrative regarding Aliens, I highly recommend this 2011 Italian film directed by Varo Venturi.
Nothing could be closer to the truth.

Dr. Davide, a courageous scientist, has been studying thousands of cases related to alien abductions, obtaining by the abductees under hypnosis, the unsettling thesis that some extraterrestrial races have been installing for millennia their active memories in the abducted people’s brains, in order to ‘live’ through them in this dimension, exploiting a special human energy: the Soul… But when the scientist will decide to help Saturnia, a seductive eighteen-old girl that believes she has been abducted, and shows a clear attraction for him – he will have to face an insurmountable problem: once hypnotized, Saturnia will not leave anymore the trance condition, giving place to Hexabor of Ur – an alien entity coming from Mesopotamian ages that consider himself an half-god. This will be complicated by the unexpected discovery that Saturnia belong to a wealthy black aristocracy’s family.

6 Days on Earth shows what hardly anyone even will consider as real, let alone that it’s actually happening. As we speak and has been for millennia.

Eyes that don't see, heart that doesn't feel.

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