Graphic Artwork

Expression of how I feel at a certain moment is of vital importance for me. I need to be able to let go, fast, but also be prepared to engage even faster if needed. Some people keep things around them to contemplate their higher mind, its nudges, its cravings, its need for life and to be among the living. I have discovered a space in between for myself, an endless energy that has always been right in front of me, around me, in me. This energy allows me to detach from anything that no longer serves my highest good in a nano second. My cosmic mandate is more important at this stage than acceptance in a society that has been hollowed out, crushed for generations, but still in great pursuit of happiness. It losts its credibility to govern, its acceptance of diversity and natural growth, the freedom of speech and the willingness to do the right thing. The means are there, but the manners have left the dome until further notice.

These works sometimes helped to bring back certain questions that were made during visits to the Akashic Records. Remembering has everything to do with what we have come to experience here..

Some works have been sold to the client after their assimilation process required them to have the option to remember always. Image holds all the power it needs to give. Some I have given to friends as a sign of affection and their great unconditional loving influence in my life. Im blessed beyond my wildest imagination.

Like many of you my life looked very different in february of this year 2020 that will have its ending soon. I have been challenged and seeked for them on many levels. Like most of us. The one thing I am grateful for is my Samsung Note10+ by which I do al my creative and some of my writing work. This magical gadget becomes an infinite tool, and creative outlet by all means. My aim is to get space for a exposition, so people can feel what their eyes are not telling them.

Welcome to the Akashic world where one tiny pixel can change the course of everything.

My love for the graphic arts was consolidated at the Lyceum of Graphic Art in Rotterdam, the


Atlantis 1
The Tarot Dancer – final version
Razas Cosmicas – Insectoide
Guerrero. Private collection. CDMX
Breathe. Private collection Buenos Aires
Dew of light
Navegadores RA – Santiago de Chile/Collection privada
El nacimiento de un Angel. Private collection Málaga
Astrotrol-the pay off. Reciprocity series IV
Marrakech – Reciprocity V
Quintana Roo
Behind the waterfall. Private collection Moscow
Geisha Azteca – reciprocity series III
Toroide I
4 AlAA – The Big gifts in life
The Sumerian Contract
Life in Space. Private collection Madrid.
Astrotrol Forgery
Eat me. Private collection Hamburg
WWG1WGA #findtheothers
Grandpa. Private
Reciprocity I
“In between” many.
#findtheothers II
The Netherlands – the Other side
Emerald City. Santos Brazil
Two Worlds.private
Icons Fall. Donated
Duendes. Private
#findtheothers III
Interstellar RA. Private
Underneath. Private collection Aarhus
Untitled. Donated
Hollywood 2020.
Navegator Ra
Gaucho. K5. Private
Untitled. Private collection Amsterdam
The Rising. Private collection Aszia Dee.
Memoria RA.
Singer911pinup. Private collection The Hague.
Behind the waterfall 2. Reserved.
Only once. Reserved
Kriptonite. Series. 2/5
Connected. Private
Lintjes 8
Playa 88 QR
Work in progress…
Linajes II
Linajes III
Metropolis. NYC
Children of the Sun (linajes IV) Private Collection The Hague. ING.
#findtheothers – (linajes IV)
The 4th kind
Lethal Float. Reciprocity series II
Renaissance I
Roxanne- Renaissance II
Promised Land Blues – ICONS FALL series
Gaucho II
In between 2 worlds
Razas Cósmicas 2.0
30 min. To Mars
The richest man in Babylon
Portugal 2021
Vila Nova de Gaia 2021

Eyes that don't see, heart that doesn't feel.

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