CDMX 18/3

Today I will meet Maruja. Although my brother from another mother Gerardo has taken care of her diligently and send various videos, it will be a kozmik clash to feel our mutual presence. We have know each other before.

I had made different plans initially to go to Mexico, but due to extra terrestial warfare I changed my plans. I will bring her home without waiting for what any government official has to say about travel restrictions. Amid all, I will only take what’s mine.. to be continued..

Today,27th of July, Maruja has completed her cycle of recovery. I’m deeply humbled by her Spirit, her Force to overcome the most profound atrocities man can bestow upon animals and man itself.


Two sea lions.

For as long as there are animals living on the streets in unworthy conditions, regardless country, nation or even the world by it’s lonesome, humanity doesn’t stand a chance in their so called ascension. Equality first, and the profound understanding that each encarnation, each soul currently present on earth is needed for the betterment of all inhabitants of this Blue Planet. There are great expectations…all eyes are on us.

Ruben Miller
This is Oliver. I gave him that name. I also mentioned this to my brother and navegador Frank. I have asked the divine presence of Oliver, that if he would return if he would consider me as parent. That would be cosmic indeed.

May one soul, perished, without a chance to fight for himself be at the helm of understanding what it is we need to do as a kind.

It has troubled me eversince I came across this picture of a tied up and to death frozen dog. It enfuriates me to the core of my exsistence, it took months to try and understand what it is I need to accomplish in the life that’s ahead of me with what was left of me. I don’t answer to anyone and make decisions for myself, and within the process of recovery with my beloved Maruja, she has been paramount in the undertaking that has commenced a few weeks ago..

From the first moment I experienced Maruja being set free after the unconditional care and love of Gerardo, Vanessa and Mr. Victor I knew she hadn’t come back into my life (dogs encarnate) for no other reason than to finish what we started decades ago. We both needed to learn how to trust again, and even to this day I do very little, maruja even less. Humans are cruel, for no other reason than lack and lazziness. You are all guilty as charged for not being a good fellow creature. Because that is what this is about. Assension doesn’t happen without equality. You may want to check the false history and fake science on that one. This is no criticism but conscious reality. Yours, not mine. I’m out and planning on staying so.

The picture of this dog, tied up to a pole against the wall, somewhere in México, but it could be anywhere, illustrates to perfection what’s wrong with us. Not one energetic pillar of the Universe is currently in balance on Gaia,there are 6, for as much as your Guru will tell you otherwise and start vibrating higher.

Why are there then 18 million street animals in Mexico alone? Thats more than the entire population of the Netherlands combined!?

Because of borders and the “development level” of countries and nations? Don’t touch my bagel, if at this point in your life, and referring strongly to the past 7 months, you still believe you are top predator because of your sausage rolls, prime steaks, filet mignon, meatballs and smoked turkey breast, you should love yourself more and stop being so miserable.

You get what you give, and if all you give is money to buy your dead meat of corpses that actually had a heart and know more about love than all of us combined, you get shit for breakfast in the shape of the world we are living in today. Your energetic effort has led to this. It has such power used wisely. Offcourse you have given it your all, we all did over many life times, but to the wrong side of the scale.We reap shit for health and struggle for life, because we sustain the suffering of our fellow creatures. I can’t explain it any simpler, but surely I can say it louder.

Options are yours, but the way we treat animals like our slaves, as food and entertainment is the way humans have lived up to this day. Like slaves, food and entertainment on a cosmic level, I promise you that.

Look at the decline of our overal health and pray that the invoked pharma industry ( an artificial social system and opposition of Gaia sustained by humans, led and beneficial for non humans) really gets its ass kicked of our planet. As above, so below. Our fellow creatures need help, a lot. And the beauty of it is that humans can benefit tremendously if done right. Maruja happened to know how. She says I have to wait till Sunday. “Why?, I ask her.

Because Sunday everybody thinks they’re free, and might start to get moving on a hinch. The rest of the time people occupy for their advancement in function of slaves. Obedient followers of continuity, but to the wrong side“..

More information soon.
Sundays it is…

Eyes that don't see, heart that doesn't feel.

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