There is little to any good first hand footage to be found about the areas that surround the biolabs in the Ukraine the world community is worried about, and we should. But before we can do something about it, the structure that provides this militairy course of action should be redeemed. Expelled from our planet to say it mildly. Diplomacy should be banned in my humble opinion, since those that need it do not have the greater common good for humanity at heart. None.

While half of the people in the world are happily gathered watching “Black Crab” on Netflix, about a virus so deadly it could change the course of humanity, but thank god we have Noomi Rapace to blow herself up in the end so the world is safe. Some outlets here in France talk about the wrong timing from Netflix to premiere the film. The media is in every single corner and personally I’m getting sick of it. Why bother go to a 4 year educational nightmare if all you’re going to produce are lies or prefabricated stories to be picked up by the entrance of your cubical floor? Why bother if you haven’t been raised with any proper criteria at home? Why bother if you know that what you “produce” is not for the greater good of education,research or simply the persuit of the truth?, of how things really are, how they stand in relation to other pilars of our society? Spokespersons or representatives, journalists or similar occupations should be radically overhauled in order to become decent subject of study or education. Most won’t even grasp what these lines actually mean. It infuriates me personally. Cowardice is the root of all evil.


The Lugar Research Center came to the public’s attention in 2017, when Russian authorities repeatedly alleged that the center was engaged in biological weapons development for the United States. The US Department of State called these allegations ”groundless” and reaffirmed that “all U.S. activities were consistent with the obligations set forth in the Biological Weapons Convention.”

Biological weapons expert Filippa Lentzos agreed that the Russian allegations were “unfounded” and commented that they are “part of a disinformation campaign”. Similarly, Swedish biodefense specialists Roger Roffey and Anna-Karin Tunemalm called the allegations ”a Russian propaganda tool” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lugar_Research_Center

Fast forward to 2020

The Lugar Center was established to identify and address disease outbreaks just like COVID-19.  We are gratified that more Georgians are learning about the important work that is performing there; we look forward to continuing that work to build the relationship between the United States and Georgia and address emerging and endemic infectious disease threats in the region. https://ge.usembassy.gov/lugar-center-supports-georgian-ncdc-on-covid-19-response/

The conspiracy theory began in seeming obscurity. In the hours after Russia launched its aerial bombardment of Ukraine, the Twitter account of a longtime follower of the QAnon conspiracy movement remarked that approximately 30 biolabs were dotted across Ukraine.

While everybody has their focus on the Ukraine, in the video below you can see how the Pentagon has biolabs disquised under diplomatic protection doing the worse to local communities fabricating chemicals that could destroy much larger populated areas. If not, change the face of big geo political areas.

The White House is warning on Wednesday that Russia’s autocratic leader Vladimir Putin could use chemical or biological weapons in a massive escalation of his unprovoked and deadly attack on Ukraine.Press Secretary Jen Psaki sharply criticized Moscow’s claim that the U.S. is building bioweapons labs in Ukraine as ‘preposterous propaganda.’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10595279/amp/CHINA-accuses-running-bio-labs-Ukraine-Kremlin-accused-DoD-bio-weapons-research.html


I did came across a film that shows perfectly how these biolabs are operated. By the Pentagon and under diplomatic immunity surrounding the Luger research centre in Tiblisi, Georgia. Rest assured many other labs are run the same way. Perhaps this way, with the cover of diplomacy is the only way for the Pentagon and its associates to operate. A good moment to think how did diplomacy get here in the first place?

The Sahara Bloodstorm “Celia”, a precursor of the next big event?

There are no coincidences especially in the times we live in today. Maybe more noticable by the full blown conspiracy theorist then by those who are not so much aware of how things stick together, or like David Icke said: ” Once you connect the dots, it all starts to make sense.” In my humble opinion that certainly accounts for the global news coverage of the Bloodstorm baptised Celia. All the regular Deepstate outlets give coverage of this ‘natural event’, which it actually isn’t.

Sahara sand covering cars on the south coastal areas of Spain is something that the Andalusian population don’t look up from anymore. I have lived in that southern part of Europe for nearly 3 decades and it has occurred to me more than often. However, my current position is about 900 kilometers further north in the province of Castillia y Leon with Burgos being one of the mayor cities. The locals told me they have never experienced such a thing and if you bare with me until the end, the dots I’m noticing are not that hard to connect.

The following video is from my hero on the ground reporting from the front line. This guy is a first hand witness of what it is we don’t get to see, and if we do the narrative is twisted to benefit those who play the tune. Our Grandmaster Of Dance is spinning this like no other could sweep up the crowds. For uploading limits I had to cut the 7 minute video into two, sorry if that causes any inconvenience. This information also triggered my senses for what we most likely will witness within the upcoming 24 to 48 hours.

This post on facebook sustains the story you just heard. https://www.facebook.com/100064137535563/posts/334484878699427/

Simultaneously, as with many narratives that need to be programmed or activated by sheer coincidence I came upon an article about the latest release of the Pixar Studios, “Turning Red”, a story about the menstruation cycle. The storm from the Sahara is called ‘La tormenta de sangre’ in Spanish. The Bloodstorm.

The full article https://english.elpais.com/culture/2022-03-16/turning-red-pixars-taboo-busting-period-film-leaves-some-men-complaining-about-representation.html

The following two videos are testimonials of outlets and individuals that give you a good scope of how massive this ‘natural event’ actually is. For good measure I looked up a picture that by the time of this article is already outdated since the UK will join the rest of Europa, even the Carribean Isles and South East Coast of the United States are being visited by this Global event. I’m sure there is something more to this.

Two days ago.

SAHARAZAND? Forget it!

17 March 2022 / De Bataafse Courant. ( An independent Dutch newspaper)

Yesterday, we saw a yellow sky looking up.
Many reports about Saharazand spread across Europe from an official perspective.
Some critical observators saw something different in that yellow color: Sulphur dioxide.
We looked at the meteorological map and found yesterday that there was no sand from the Sahara above us, but something else, maybe it was SO2…. If it were, it would be more obvious that given the air currents this came from Poland and Ukraine. So, from the east, not from the south.
Sahara dust we have found only in Spain and Portugal. Below the map of March 16, 2022 – no sand here.
So what would it be?
Early this morning, the world was covered with a brown dust.
We’ve taken samples, and all we could do with it is see if it’s magnetic.
It turned out to be. So what is this mess, what’s been knocked down here?
Can someone put this under a microscope?
Sand from the desert didn’t come any further than Spain and this dust came from the east, given the air currents.
It’s not sand, forget it. We need to look for the more in the direction of smart dust. Nanoparticles such as graft oxide and hydroxide…. .
We’ve had a steel blue sky here for almost three weeks, not chemtrails, just counterfaces. A week ago, this changed and thousands of tons of chemtrails released in Western Europe for days and nights. Some people said we should not be so nagging, it could be HCQ or Ivermectin, delivered by the good guys.
We fear that it is always necessary to cover up the true nature of this magnetic dust by “experts” and the state company KNMI.

The origen of the Bloodstorm Celia
56 and 33 are important numbers in gematria used by the masonic misleaders of our times to ‘predict headline news’

This footage shows ‘how’ the origen of this whole narrative came to be. How easy would it be to mix the top surface of dessert sand with any kind of powder that could cause serious harm to public health as related and proven by the article of the Dutch Bataafse Courant? The follow was taken from Wide Awake, someone I follow on FB. You see, no such thing as coincidence.

“Smart Dust”

Imagine a world where wireless devices are as small as a grain of sand. These miniaturized devices have sensors, cameras and communication mechanisms to send the data they collect back to a base to process. Now you don’t have to imagine it anymore: micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), often called motes, are real and they could get to a neighborhood near you. Whether this fact is exciting or frightening, it’s good to know what it’s all about.

What can smart dust do?

Rest with miniature sensors, MEMS can detect everything from light to vibration to temperature. With an incredible amount of power packed in its small size, MEMS detection combines autonomous power supply, computer use and wireless communications in a space that is usually only a few millimetres large. With such a small size, these devices can stick to an environment like a dust particle. They can:

  • Collection of data such as acceleration, stress, pressure, humidity, sound and more sensors
  • Process the data with something that’s consistent with an internal onboard computer system
  • Store the data in memory
  • Communicates the data wirelessly to the cloud, a base station or other MEMs
For donations to support our work

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Human Intelligence Matrix. Beyond the light

Once humanity is able to understand and assimilate their gifted relationships provided by their own eternal presence, the process of becoming what each individual is meant to be and do, will become as popular as being a high end influencer, YouTube celebrity, a people’s leader or influential speaker. And with it, the powers that have held humanity in check will vanish, one by one.”

Ruben Miller

Eyes that don’t see, heart that doesn’t feel. This has never been more significant within the process humanity is going through now.

The following explanation is just a very short description and only a small part of the entire human gestation period, but interesting to notice, understand and assimilate before you watch the film HIM at the end of this article. This movie left a deep impact on me personally as it resonates with many topics that many of us are currently questioning or starting to understand. It’s by no means a typical Hollywood block buster, but surely a “spiritual interference” for those that seek inspiration within the unknown. Those things that aren’t what you see but feel without looking.

Notice the moment of the appearance of the ICM, the Inner Cell Mass which makes the entire animal. Its here where the biological, ancestral and cosmic relationships of each incarnation currently present on Earth is not only established, but through which each of us obtains their unique footprint into our world. It is your gift to this time. Its protected in an initial stage for a very good reason and up till our current day hardly recognised as vital in regards to the evolution of our species.

Before the blastocyst is completed, you can clearly see that the unique “recipe” of you, of every incarnation currently present here on Earth has nestled itself in the first cellular component that ultimately makes you being you. That cell is manifested throughout the most powerful emotion that humans can emmanate, in fact it represents a universal energy pilar we all know and that is Love. The coming together of two individuals, two divine spirits, that create life, each carrying and adding their own biological genetic, ancestral and cosmic “luggage” that you will need along your journey, here and now. This moment of creation manifests well before the completion of a full, independent functioning brain two trimesters further on in the gestation process. Even before that your tung is constructed which leaves little doubt as to which parts of your divine eternal presence prevail over your brain. The latter being very malleable and surely attracted from the first days of birth to well beyond your fysical manifestation, your life and time, here on Earth.

For all of us, this though and difficult dimension, the “mind over matter” or the “I think thus I am” are labyrinths where many stay during most of their time here on Earth.

In human embryos the heart begins to beat at about 22-23 days, with blood flow beginning in the 4th week. The heart is therefore one of the earliest differentiating and functioning organs.

The heart begins very early in mesoderm within the trilaminar embryonic disc. Hence, one could suggest a metamorphosis with the “Sun Disc” of Amon Ra. The heart forms initially in the embryonic disc as a simple paired tube inside the forming pericardial cavity, which when the disc folds, gets carried into the correct anatomical position in the chest cavity.

A key aspect of heart development is the septation of the heart into separate chambers. As the embryonic/fetal circulation is different to the neonatal circulation (lung/pulmonary activation), several defects of heart septation may only become apparent on this transition. One septal “defect” occurs in us all, the foramen ovale (between the 2 atria) which in general closes in the neonate over time.


The following short clip is a key part into understanding that everyone with a heart in essence carries the same cosmic information or energy, yet the frequency of the content difference for each of us. Not everyone comes with the same proposal or tools, luggage or previous knowledge and wisdom obtained from earlier incarnations. The process, and the initial protection of your “cosmic data” or your bookshelf within the Akashic Records however is the same for each of us.

After two weeks of gestation your heart starts to beat. It emanates its frequency already and feeds itself through the placenta with everything it will ever need during its fysical manifestation, your life, here on Earth.

The following is taken from the Internet: The brainstem is responsible for many of our body’s most vital functions–heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure. It is largely mature by the end of the second trimester, which is when babies first become able to survive outside the womb.

Last of all to mature is the cerebral cortex, which is responsible for most of what we think of as mental life–conscious experience an voluntary actions.

The film HIM, beyond the light.

I was send a copy by a good friend and wasn’t immediately attracted to the film. I have this thing about “based on true events.” When I had a qiuet moment I watched it to the end in one go. A few days after that I decided to contact the writer and director of the film Frank Darier Bazier to ask him a few things. I was reminded about my search for the initial stages of human initiation on cellular level. I noticed that for its year of release, 2010, the message conveyed in the film was ahead of its time in my point of view and would certainly have a bigger impact today. He agreed on a meeting and before that I watched the film again and listened to it once more while I was doing other things. There are many powerful hidden gems in it that made me understand far better as to why I had to be reminded about this film. I openly want to suggest a redistribution of this film on a much larger scale. It could change a lot but could initiate even more.

During my first talk I asked Frank to explain how he and the subject of the film Rene Mey came into contact. That was in 2004 in Marseille and immediately they both understood the implications of their cosmic reunion that, besidesa life long friendship resulted in the film HIM, beyond the light. At the time Rene Mey had trouble keeping his fysical integrity in tact, for the unique abbility he carries and decided to make a move to Mexico where later on the film would be made. I could relate to that since for the same motive I left my native Holand earlier this year. Everything happend exactly the way it was planned, and after hearing franks story about how the film came to be even more.

Although released for the box-office in Mexico in 2010, the entire process of making the film happend in a ridiculous short period of time starting in August 2008 to be finalised in December of that same year. That’s insane. Understanding that in all some 100 people would collaborate on the film. Something that Frank most likely would have done differently today after I asked him If he would change anything if he could do it all over again. We both agreed that with today’s advanced technology and superb camera quality of cellphones one could make a similar feature film with 15 to 20 people. What also played a key part into the process was the screening for a well know production office in Mexico who normally would not be interested in this type of films, but due to its message and power decided to finance the distribution. On scroll for production are: Origen Cell Production, Cinema305 and El Syndikato Productions. It eventually held a very good 29 weeks on the cartels of the cinemas stimulated by petitions of visitors towards the distribution companies to keep it there. That is remarkable in my view.

Among many other occurences and testimonials by people who have seen this film, this story of the manager of Cinemex Complex in Mexico City talks about the day that over an area of two city blocks all power went out. Having the emergency generator switching on seconds after that, the people responsible for the projection of each film in each room had to restart every single film. Some visitors walked out of their cinema room complaining. During this whole time there was one movie that didn’t stop nor had to be restarted. That was H.I.M beyond the light. Here is the testimony of the director of CINEMEX. Spanish only.

Nathan is a young Mexican scientist who is well endowed with his specialty, Cellular Biology. He lives alone in a large house and divides his time between his lab at the University and his mother, whom he visits very often at a specialized Institute for the Disabled. He’s a man locked in himself, well established, lonely and helpful. He lives with a secret. A loving passion for Maya, one of his very closed work colleagues to whom he is unable to declare his love. A meeting will soon come to shake his life upside down. A simple and different man appears, Jacques, a humanist with supernatural capabilities that will transform the lives of all that are implicated.

There is a first time for everything.

The website of Rene Mey. The inspiration of the film https://renemey.org/

If you want to contact the director, Frank Darier Baziere regarding the film: frankcine@gmail.com or


The EU negotiates surrender to Russia, fake Biden regime doomed to fall quickly.

One thing that will become blatantly clear within the next 72 hours is how successful, once more, the fifht element a.k.a the MSM has been in its persistence and persuit of mocking and misinforming the mass public regarding the truth about the war in the Ukraine. Criminals incorporated. Period. Sources reveal a staggering 30 million euros of donations so far throughout the Dutch Giro helpline 555 by Dutch taxpayers alone. Nevermind the total sum gathered by the Cabal globally, who is the primary beneficiary of this account.

I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls the British money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”

Nathan Rothschild

Its obvious, that this quote today accounts for all nations under the UN flag. Many of which have similar lines opened so their citizens can donate without questioning who it is they really support. Don’t get me wrong, there are victims of war but as with all wars, the ones that instigate them have every angle locked, stocked and barreled; again supported by a media conglomerate that implements the same cowardice stealthyness as their militairy apparatus. Those who fail to see the truth are mere toys of the self-loathing prime suspects that are currently fearing for their lives and need some ‘get away money’ to try a lame attempt to keep out of the claws of Universal justice. It has been served. Shame will follow suit.

Signed: the homeless reporter.

Source: Benjaminfulford.net

Before anything else I urge you to watch this press conference held by Vladimir Putin explaining very clearly as to why Russia is doing what it is doing. He literally says: “What is it you don’t understand?”

The EU or Nazi fourth Reich, knows it is checkmated and is trying to negotiate a surrender to Russia, multiple sources confirm. This means the fake Biden regime in the US will also have to surrender or die, the sources promise. “Ukraine is the head of the snake. Once it comes down there is no globalist empire anymore. It is finished,” explains an Australian special forces officer.

The reason for this defeat is that the Pentagon and the five eyes nations (Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand and the US) are refusing to fight Russia on behalf of the Nazi EU.

The above statement in cosmic terms. I have kept mentioning this for a long time. Everything on Earth, ultimately, is a manifestation of a Cosmic Race. No one should expect a favourable outcome if they choose to engage with a Bear and a Dragon.


This caused the French military to do an inventory of Nato’s ability to fight Russia minus the Anglo Saxons. They concluded Nato could only hold out for five days against a full-scale Russian attack.

All political heads of State will have to surrender in a matter of days. Unfortunately the MSM until then will do what it is designed to do, which is creating another narrative that will keep them in a safe spot. Pointless. A single ticket to humbleness awaits them all.

It is also clear this Russian move was planned long ago. That is why Russian President Vladimir Putin said in 2021 that Major European political figures have “spoken of the need to create a single space from Lisbon to the Urals. I believe, and I mentioned this, why the Urals? To Vladivostok.”


“Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky knew that war would start on 22 Feb 2022. He knew the exact date a few years back!” an FSB source notes.

Even more intriguing, the Russian coat of arms shows a knight in a white hat trampling a reptilian. Is this just a coincidence or does this mean current events were planned centuries ago?

Again, the White Hats can be seen in Cosmic terms as the Kuthulus/Luciferian conglomerate with some additional races of minor strenght. Against the by now know Draco-reptilian race that had its claws upon humanity for over 2000 years.

Whatever the case may be, it is clearly game over for the Khazarian mafia in Ukraine.

The Russian Ministry of Defense says the Kyiv regime has almost completely lost the ability to manage the administration of the regions and districts of the country.

The FSB and CIA are both saying Khazarian mafia Ukrainian puppet president Volodymyr Zelensky has long since fled to Poland. He has also been promised a rich retirement in Florida. See attached photos of his assets in Costa Rica at Dresner Bank ($1.3 billion) and his $34 million house in Miami, Florida.

Zelensky never was ‘the last real man’ on Earth. Now you understand it when he said:”Send me amo, I don’t need a ride”? Having fled to Poland many days ago? In movie terms thats called changing locations.


As for the Nazi foot soldiers using civilians and human shields in the Ukraine Putin does not expect to reach any agreements with “a gang of drug addicts and neo-Nazis that are holed up in Kyiv.”



The Russians say the Nazi troops in Ukraine will be treated as criminals and most will be killed outright. It is basically game over.

There is also military activity outside of Ukraine. For example, French intelligence sources say the nation of Moldova located between the Ukraine and Romania has “ceased to exist.”

Swedish intelligence sources say both Finland and Sweden surrendered to Russia last week and promised to stay neutral and stay out of Nato.

The de facto surrender of the rest of Europe to Russia can be seen in many public comments. For example, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson noted in an opinion piece in the New York Times that “This is not a Nato conflict and it will not become one…Russia has an overwhelming force…What happens in Europe will have profound implications worldwide.”

Talk of sanctions against Russia is also pure bluster. That is why German Economy Minister Robert Habeck says his country could not do without Russian oil and warned that “a shortage in supply could threaten social cohesion in Germany.”

To understand what the Russians are thinking, it is good to look back at what their Presidential Avatar Vladimir Putin told the Davos gangsters in 2021. He warned that ignoring “systemic socioeconomic problems” was a “dangerous illusion.” He noted “Modern technological giants are de facto competing with states,” and that “global business attempts to replace legal democratic institutions and essentially usurp or restrict the natural right of people to decide for themselves,” had to be stopped. In what amounted to a declaration of war against the KM corporate fascists he concluded “The world cannot continue creating an economy that will only benefit a million people, we must now proceed from stating facts to action,”

The Russian FSB is now negotiating directly with the White Dragon Society about how to replace the post-war Bretton Woods system with something that actually works for the people of the planet.

The full article from Benjamin Fulford:


Reading payments & donations.

Ukraine Officials Release Intense Allegations and PROOF Against Joe Biden and his son Hunter.


The following is a transcript and video footage from a official press release that came to my attention. Down below you can watch the full, english subtitled conference. It contains hard evidence that among a lot of people working for the Ukrainian and foreign governments are involved in a massive set up with ultimately casualties of war. It destroys the posture of the EU parlement, the usefulness of NATO, the ICC and its prosecutors and the media lapdogs writing and producing lie after lie. Dating back as far as 2010-2014 up till 2019 and further. The Biden family is not the only one involved. There is no coming back from this.

This revealing piece of evidence is contrary to what Western media outlets want you to believe. All of them. They just didn’t care enough I suppose. I’m also sure, once you have watched the complete and very precise investigation, little doubt remains that the EU and all its memberstates have quite some explaining to do. Inviting the Ukraine rapidly into its mids while hastely providing armament to clearly make an effort to cover up and proceed with the coal and gas scheme as is very, very detailed explained in this footage. International corruption with foreign citizens and members of state involved. Especially the mentioned laundry connection in the Hague and personally I’m very curious about the Rotterdam+ scheme as mentioned several times as well in synergy with Burisma Holding Ltd & Rosemont Seneca (Hunter Biden & others) regarding these well prepared laid plans to use the Ukrainian people for personel benefit. Before you watch the investigation done by the Ukrainian officials I suggest you absorb the entire documentary made by Oliver Stone who does not need any introduction. In hindsight of the investigation and in synergy with Stone’s masterpiece, perhaps fast forwarding ( although I do not encourage it) to 47 minutes onto the film of “Ukraine on Fire”. It will shine a completely different light to the current situation in Europe, and especially the Ukraine.


Furthermore, the current president Zelensky has to be in the know about this. Such ‘Watergate 2.O type of investigation reveals the shocking truth that Ukraine has been well prepared in advance to not only be the laundrette of foreign officials, but the reason for the current war. It explains to great detail how tens of millions, most likely hundreds of millions were stolen from the Ukrainian people. The following text underneath is directly copied from radiopatriot.net.

Enjoy the show.

Because of the leaked information about today’s press conference last week it was announced that I was being sanctioned by politicians from the US Department of the Treasury under the request from Democratic senators. They really didn’t want us to publish what e are going to release today.

But we did not refuse a press conference: the state independence and sovereignty of Ukraine are at stake. And most importantly, the opportunity, on the basis of documents, facts, material evidence and now the testimony of witnesses, to return billions of money to Ukrainian citizens.

I will definitely comment on the issue of sanctions later today. But I would also like to note the following.

DemoCorruptionists are very afraid because documents, numbers and shocking recordings support every word that we will voice today.

DemoCorruptionists are very afraid because documents, numbers and shocking recordings support every word that we will voice today.

With each new fact, a new entry, new posting of accounts, we are convinced that external governance and international corruption are Siamese twins with many faces of senior government officials, oligarchs, schemers and many other actors who steal from the Ukrainian people.

What will be disclosed today?

Evidence of withdrawal through financial “holes” of millions of dollars stolen from the Ukrainian people, laundered with the help of banks and laundromats in various jurisdictions and their subsequent transfer to the accounts of the company belonging to the Biden family.

Evidence of withdrawal through financial “holes” of millions of dollars stolen from the Ukrainian people, laundered with the help of banks and laundromats in various jurisdictions and their subsequent transfer to the accounts of the company belonging to the Biden family.

2. New recordings of conversations between the persons who appear to be the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and former US Vice President Joe Biden testifying to external governance.

3. We will also unveil colossal corruption schemes related to the procurement of coal and gas, due to which Ukrainians pay 30% higher utility tariffs.

At that time, the highest officials of Ukraine and the United States participated in these schemes.

4. We will also make public the facts of embezzlement of hundreds of thousands of dollars of technical assistance provided to Ukraine by the US state as well as evidence of deliberate sabotage of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine.

I repeat once again: Every word that we will voice today is supported by documents, numbers and records that were given to us by investigative journalists, as well as people who have information about corruption schemes and witnesses who are directly involved in a number of processes, which we will talk about today. We will transfer all facts about international corruption and external governance of Ukraine at our disposal to the law enforcement agencies.

Today we will present to your attention only part of the testimony by witnesses. I emphasize – part of the testimony by witnesses. I want to assure you that we have other witnesses who can confirm the facts of international corruption, including citizens of foreign states.

Without further ado, the first part of our press conference:

Evidence of the withdrawal through financial “holes” of millions of dollars stolen from the Ukrainian people wit their subsequent transfer to the accounts of the company belonging to the Biden family. At one of the first press conferences about a year ago, we showed bank transactions for hundreds of thousands of dollars to the family of former US Vice President Joe Biden, namely to his son Robert Hunter Biden. the latter was a member of the board of directors of the infamous gas production company Burisma.

Burisma belongs to the fugitive Yanukovych-era minister Mykola Zlochevsky. The inclusion of Biden in the Burisma leadership and payment for his services is nothing more than a political cover that protected Zlochevsky from the Ukrainian law, namely from the criminal code.

After a series of press conferences, our group of investigators, namely the senior prosecutor of the group of prosecutors of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine for investigating the economic crimes of the Yanukovych regime in 2016-2019, was approached by two foreign citizens. They were directly involved in laundering millions of dollars stolen by Zlochevsky from Ukrainians with the subsequent withdrawal of these millions to accounts of Burisma, and further withdrawal to the accounts of the company belonging to Bidens.

Since these foreign citizens are in the process of obtaining the official status of “corruption whistleblower” provided by Ukraine and for the purpose of their personal safety, as well as based on the secrecy of the investigation, we will call them by the code names Witness 1 and Witness 2.

Konstantyn Kulik, the Head of the Group of Prosecutors of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine for investigating economic crimes of the Yanukovych regime is 2016-2019, will tell you more about this.

In addition to the video, we will publish a statement to be filed by one of the witnesses to the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine which outlines the mentioned facts. I suggest watching the video.

Hello, my name is Knostantyn Kulyk. And today we will talk with two new witnesses who were related to the illegal activities of Mykola Zlovchesky.

[Read subtitles accompanying the video testimony which begins at 5:52]

Last spin, no more bets please…

I get you, really, I totally understand why you are convinced Zelensky is the ‘last real man’ standing on Earth. That the ‘invasion’ of Russia displayed and narrated by your ‘trustworthy’ Main Stream Media is your truth, the whole truth and that Putin is the most evil man on the planet currently alive. I really understand where you are coming from and I’m sure it’s a well earned, fought for and cherished part of our world. Many have gathered in this place and are equally adement to wave the flag holding the colours of heaven and earth as if the Ukraine was the last bastion of true humanitarianism. I get you, I see you.
I understand that feeling depressed, misunderstood, unloved or being used like no human ever should, feels much better driving a Bentley than a fifth hand Seat Ibiza with little more miles to its life. I really understand that. However, it still provides the same in terms of getting from A to B. Just like a small wooden cabin in the woods will give you shelter, yet hardly any space to ‘entertain’ your friends and loved ones like you could in your multi million dollar mansion. The same counts for the price of a loaf of bread paid by left over pocket change from an almost empty kitchen jar or ending up on a neverending monthly payment slip of your American Express gold card. The bread is still as crispy or a day old laying on your 50K plus kitchen counter top or between unwashed dishes on a tiny cabinet that has multiple functions in your 12m2 log cabin. However, and here is the thing.
If you would erase all the numbers (Bentleys and Seats, mansion and cabins) from a roulette table and only be left with the metallic spinning wheel without the black or red marked numbers that give you the illusion of ‘luck or failure’, ‘profit or loss’, ‘succes or deception’ how do you think that tiny spinning ball ends up in that little square? Precisely where it should?
There is no such thing as ‘random or luck’ that allows you to either feel or behave superior or badly towards any other human being on our planet.
Wouldn’t that tiny white ball still find the same place within the roulette wheel, even without the numbers glued on it?
That tiny white ball seeks its way downwards, spinning till it finds the perfect place for it to land. That is the synthesis of our material universe where you create the difference with your emotional cells of your mind for it to manifest. It’s your emotions that create your reality. And you choose how they are being fed. Emotional physics. Randomness or luck has no play in it whatsoever. Again, It’s your own believe that creates your reality.
Therefor, and I have said this many times before; everybody is important. Everybody. Once you understand that you will have created a unique opportunity to value not only the opinion of others and their believes and values, but respect them, anything less than kindness really is an insult.But more so, you create the fundamental truth that, although everybody seems to dislike one another because of race,religion or being different, ultimately we are all the same. And are all spinning to the best of your previous transmuted life lessons and experiences and chosen abbility to get to that fixed place filled with all our dreams, friends and loved ones. We are all one.
I see you.

Eyes that don't see, heart that doesn't feel.