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How Heineken will become Neineken. Big Corp to be held accountable in court for “The night belongs to the vaccinated”…

If it can be destroyed by the truth, it deserves to be destroyed by the truth.

Dutch activist and freedom fighter Mordecai Chrispijn started this unprecedented global initiative to force Dutch Conglomerate Heineken to abolish the video you can see down below. “The night belongs to the vaccinated” clearly marks a before and after in the fight to restrict, and ultimately ban, all comercials. The fact that this “Wine & Spirits Giant” refused so far to take down the video stands as a test of time for us as consumers to exercise the tremendous power we actually own regarding these irritating jingles and mingles. The world of commercials. Mordecai deserves all the help and support he can possible get. The night belongs to everybody. At stake is the exercising power from big food and drink conglomerates to influence its consumers into vaccination. This is obviously not their job, but the fact they chose it to be so might very well be their downfall. Let’s say it it. tohttps://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=344641887321335&id=100053265785071

Without any commercials in our daily lives, a big part of our source energy could be emanated for much more longlasting effects, projects and social conduct that matters and makes a difference in the world.

Take commercials as an energy form, which it is, as it represents a specific frequency that has clearly the goal to keep our minds from normal behaviour ( that is without forced MK-Ultra attributes such as commercials) I remember one Heineken commercial where a group of young succesfull men raised their green bottles after getting into a pact full stadium just prior to some huge big concert. What an achievement, and that certainly counts for Heineken whoms personal legacy is “mysteriously” linked to the Dutch Royal family. One of the former Queens Beatrix son’s, (Willem Friso, who was well up to his eyebrows into the Satanic child and human sacrifice cult) was a son of the late Freddy Heineken.

This commercial shows why we are better of without all of them. We know by now which poison belongs to which club, let alone alcohol which during this whole plandemic was steadily available for many young and “succesfull” future alcoholics and the usual suspects. A staggering number which blows away the fictitious Covid-19 rates, yet not one government official addresses the stealthy assassin or the companies that produce, thrive and on top of that mock the living daylights out if it’s weakening flock of alcohol addicts.

Let’s make NEINEKEN a precedent into how, we the people, learn to gather and decide what is good for us. All of us. Alcohol isn’t one of them. Don’t be a sucker for pain.

If alcohol producers start advertising to “inspire” consumers to get vaccinated we are better of without them.