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Nuremberg 2.0 explained

While our politicians keep moving their mouths filled with rubbish because their masters oblige them to, some are clearly preparing for the unavoidable truth. Once this House of Cards is at the ready, and dismantled piece by piece, the remmnants of a past society will sprout once more. Justice is cyclical, as to you get what you give…

They clearly lost a memo…

Bondage to Freedom. Will it take a Superstar to do it?

According to press releases the size of the Spacelink X satellites are around the size of a table, give or take. How on Earth can these “Pandora’s” boxes be visible from the ground and at such a distance?

Tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live will provide all the answers, that is if you believe the main stream. No other than Superstar Elon Musk himself will provide the most astonishing account on why the hundred of thousands undersea cables will become useless and we need to link ourselves onto or into a script that, again, has the signature of the Society of Jesus written all over it. To Jesus we will get eventually, since even his come about is not what any public scripture tells you up to our current timeline.

Musk will do. I hope there will be a chance for the public to ask some questions regarding this blatant lie. People seems addement to believe any bone you throw at them is edible and needs crunching. The marrow contains a secret message, maybe that is what doesn’t get to me. The following footage was shot last night by a friend of mine in Southern Spain. The only thing that comes to mind is Project Blue Beam. The way in which they are aligned, bare in mind these things, if not real, need to be shown from a very high attitude. Projected perhaps like stars on a firmament.

Let’s see what the New York Times is publishing regarding Spacelink X. Shannon Hall writes the following article: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/06/science/spacex-starlink-astronomy.html

The link to SpaceX live mission scheduled for tomorrow: https://www.spacex.com/launches/index.html

Meanwhile somewhere in Space…

The latest is a state warning from the Italian government regarding the debris “made in China” that strangely enough seems to gain height during the close follow up from several alternative news sites. It’s a coming together of events that will, somehow, make sense after it all has been played out. It is still beyond me that after debunking NASA, people somehow believe the narrative of Superstar Galactica Elon Musk, because he is such a cool dude and seems a nice guy? Two words: Tom Hanks.

I hope the Chinese debris crushes the Vatican City and Elon Musk reveals that the reincarnation of Jesus Christ has be among us all this time. Its always been you. It would also suit him tremendously, since he is the public speaker on Aliens that he could give an explanatory rush on the following picture, which by all means is what we, as humans, are entitled to. And is, in the larger scope of things, great part of these strange visible lights on our firmament that made people in Los Angeles believe it was an Alien invasion. That happened thousands of years ago. Weird stuff those timelines. Enjoy the weekend!

The Executed: Clones, Doubles, Actors, Transvestites Hiding in Plain Sight, Holographic or CGI – AMG-NEWS.com

A long post with pictures from J.F.K. taken from Telegram. Has an new Era already tricked us into believing it is real? WWG1WGA by all means and any way nessecary. I wanna know the guy that write the script for these things, since they are already proven very useful, we might as well improve their script, release me, clone me! Who’s next? We need an Epic story to tell this one. Who is playing WHO? I can’t wait to get my seat. A new digital Hollywood is made for it, because it has already played and been paid for it.


LEVEL 2021: The truth is hard to swallow.

Page two: The private dairy of Admiral Bird. Life beyond the ice.

Q made “timing is everything” to be a new kind of standard. Like a gunshot in the air or the clinging church bell for another sinners Saint to be forgiven. Theorist and scientists they all have had their divine 15 minutes to either brainwash you in believing one thing or be exposed for another. The producers of this film challenged NASA to a “dialogue” of some sort. It would have been a monologue by all means. Now you can watch for yourself. It’s time to level up. Enjoy the show. Praise to all who where involved into making this film!!!

One piece of footage that makes this all much easier to understand. I took a screen recording from my phone. Days after the premiere I receive various types of film that fall right into place.

Spaceship Earth and the truth about Q…

Our entire history has been rewritten time and time again, trying to make us believe that we are descended from the apes. Time and again, the meaning of words and hieroglyphs is altered to lead us astray. In order to disguise our true heritage, religions were introduced with a god to be worshiped, otherwise you were punished. In “The Great Shift” (HERE), you could read how the power structure worked here on Earth to maintain this illusion.

President Kennedy was aware of this and had undertaken the almost impossible task of breaking this power structure in order to liberate humanity. He wanted to dismantle the CIA and return the financial funds that only ended up in the pockets of the wealthy elite, to their rightful owners, humanity. This was his death. He was murdered by the CIA on November 22, 1963, in Dallas Texas.

This all-saying nod from Representative Albert Thomas to new President Lindon Johnson, just after being sworn in on the plane, after the Kennedy assassination, speaks volumes: “We did it!” The coup was successful! The US would never be what it used to be. Widow Jacky Kennedy, in the foreground, knows the game is over. This wink speaks volumes. Click on the illustration for an article about John Kennedy’s attempts to sideline the FED ..!
The freedom fighters are, through “John Trump,” President Donald J. Trump’s uncle and principal financier of Nicola Tesla, deeply intertwined with Tesla technology. Their Secret Space Program (SSP) is at a very advanced stage. Trump himself, has an extremely high IQ, and appears to be a 5 dimensional (outside of space and time) chess player at the top level. In the “SSP” they travel through space and time, obtaining the information they need to take those steps that lead to ultimate liberation.

The basis of Tesla technology consists of portals, vortexes and stargates, and is used to get to know and understand the universe better. During their travels through the wormholes and portals, they make use of enormous spaceships on the one hand, and by means of DNA on the other. You visualize the location you want to travel to. Then you see yourself standing there, you open your eyes and you have reached that destination. Traveling by means of DNA, seems to be usable only by real people, not clones or other alien, non-human, civilizations. Those enormous spaceships can have a diameter of many kilometers and transport the smaller ships. There is a secret base in Colorado where these spaceships are made and then deployed in space. There are countless movies that tell about this. In those films we are literally shown how far technology has advanced. This “science fiction” is the harsh reality and therefore real. Bigger, faster and better is the motif behind the “supersoldiers”. Limbs can be easily changed. Think of the series “The Man of 6 Million”, from the 1970s. The series “Fringe” and the movie “the 13th Floor”, take place in parallel worlds. In all these worlds, you encounter doubles of your own. You also come across the technique to rejuvenate. It is used to let people from other timelines, in a young body, gain their experiences. Women are reduced to about 23 years, men to about 28 years. In this way they are enabled to live longer. Several “Bell com / NASA” employees have stated in recent years that NASA lied not about some things, but EVERYTHING .. !! All the images they have shown us from space are CGIs (Computer Generated Imagery). This means that if we want to find out the truth, we have to let go of everything we have learned in order to perceive our reality in a whole new way. So daring to ask ourselves: Is the earth round? Are the stars we observe in the sky real? Is this our real Earth? Is the sun that we observe every day our real sun, just to name a few.

The truth as a conspiracy and vice versa: PICK THE LIE AS A TRUTH .. The biggest lie currently being used is to place the “real” truth under the heading of “conspiracy theory”. With this they try to keep people asleep. I am now taking you on a journey that will undermine everything we have learned. Dare to imagine that the place we think of as our Earth is not Gaia herself at all, but the home of the Reptilians, referred to in certain circles as the “West.” The Babylonian system, in other words, the slave system is their structure.

This structure consists of a corporation, which is run by the Vatican. Below are all kinds of other corporations and layers, which I described in “The Great Shift”. (HERE) This is where we find the governments; soldiers; intelligence services; judges and the legal system; ambassadors; bankers; re-education system; trade; prison guards; main stream media; genetics; goods; the totalitarian state.

In this corporation, we are trapped in a “Virtual Artificial Hologram” (VAH). It is a prison, which can be compared to a hive full of bee combs, each of which contains boxes. Every cubicle is inhabited by one of us, or rather, they hold our consciousness in it. In those boxes a holographic film is played that is completely tuned to the role we play in this body, which is not our real body. The environment in all boxes matches, to give us the idea that we are all living in the same reality. The conditions are such that we are constantly put under stress, with the aim of filling our box of unresolved emotions as much as possible, causing us to fall ill and die and to harvest our negative emotions. Until 2015, we were then put back / born in the exact same hologram, and the same movie was played again. By harvesting and consuming our negative emotions, traumatized blood and bodies, they are able to create such a low frequency that traps us in a form of hypnosis. This prevents most people from waking up and seeing what is really going on around us. “Babylon / Ur An”, became Iran and was home to ANU and his family. When they took over here, pyramids were built everywhere on the power places of mankind destroyed by them.

Pyramids are portals that allow them to travel in space and time. Isn’t it interesting that especially now that Iran is once again playing an important negative role in current world events. The Pharisees, a movement that started around 200 BC, were known for their biological warfare. Besides poison they use bacteria and viruses .. Recognizable ..!?

SATURNUS Sa Satan, belongs to ‘Goldman Sachs’ (Gad family) MARS Ma Massava, belongs to the’ Freemasons’ MERCURY El Elohim, belongs to the ‘Illuminati and Pope’ JUPITER Lil Enlil, belongs to the ‘Rothschilds ‘VENUS Ith Lilith, belongs to’ Israel / Rockefeller) ‘

Together, these 5 groups form the five-pointed star of the pentagram. Every year, hundreds of millions of children disappear into the satanic “sacrificial” circuit. Many victims were born underground and were never able to see the light of day. In communist China and Africa, many children disappear and are either kidnapped or, as is often the case in China, sacrificed in exchange for a job. China was the country that best met the demands of those in power. This was the reason that today, we should have been taken over by communist China worldwide

Bodyless parasites They wanted to apply this structure worldwide. That is almost a thing of the past, thanks to the firm actions of President Trump. We are trapped in the “Abyss”, the canyon. This is the space, which is located between the real Earth and the underworld of Babylon / Ur. It is a binary system, fed by Saturn, the black sun, and home to the “Sith” (demons). They are the highest level of malicious entities. They do not have a physical body, and their goal is to acquire a host. These are often bodies of people who have sold their souls in exchange for power, fame and / or wealth, or bodies of people who have become addicted to alcohol and / or drugs. They love torture and murder and are pure sociopaths, skilled actors and liars. 30% of humanity here are real people from the original world, with human DNA. The remaining 70% are clones or other civilizations. Most of the people here have never been free before and don’t know any better. This is also the reason that they are unable to see anything else, and cannot conceive of what it means to be “free.” These are the “sheep” who wear the masks and queue up to be vaccinated. When humans were captured by the Reptilians 16,500 years ago, they were stripped of their original DNA, which was made up of the DNA of 12 super races. This DNA was then used to create reptiles with a human appearance. So new hybrid bodies were developed, to which a reptilian brain was added in addition to the mammalian brain. The reptilian brain is known as the source of sociopathic behavior, which manifests itself as: anti-social; aggressive; criminal; emotionless etc. This was against all universal laws, but because a treaty had been signed by the indigenous inhabitants of Gaia, no action could be taken.

in case you still have any doubts….

What we need to realize is that we are not our body, but that this body is just a garment and a means of moving around. You are a living being who has always lived and will always live. You are a mirror of your mind, your double. You are created for the mind to operate within creation. All of the DNA and personality traits are taken from the double to create this mirror. Everything that lives here has its own mirror. The mind is the life force. The mirror of man, from the “original free world”, has a soul. YOU are that soul. The more experience you build, the deeper your ability to love becomes. People who sell their souls in exchange for power, fame or wealth lose their mirror, as it were. They are taken over by something else, because ghosts can be caught, and mirrors can be hijacked. The “Sith”, is the Luciferian council of the 7 planets that make up Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Mars, Venus and Mercury. The planets bear their names. They are known as the 7 “Candlesticks

According to NASA insiders, they owe this name to the fact that the planets bearing their names are on poles. During a cycle, the planets are all on their own poles, moving according to the corresponding parameters. When such a pole is destroyed, it can have catastrophic consequences for the population of the planet. All planets can fly off their poles to move like free spaceships. This photo above, of Earth, was taken on March 10, 2012.
A net, the so-called “Codrington net”, has been placed around us to keep us captive. It is part of the SMITH program (watch “The Matrix” movie getting close to the truth) It creates the holographic sky with the effect of stars and planets surrounding the earth. At the end of a cycle, the Earth can fly independently. The sun is a transformer, a gateway to other Dimensions. SUN is not visible in the free space. There are no light years as there is no light. Watch this video below from the brilliant physicist Nasim Haramein, “the new Einstein”, who is utterly free, expressing himself about the Sun’s potential as a portal ..!

Below is an original, non-NASA edited, satellite photo of the Earth from 1968. Since then, changes to images and photographs of the planet and solar systems have taken place to obscure the truth. Not only is the photo a clear view of a hole in the North Pole, there are graph lines and degrees marking it. At the end of a cycle, there is a split between the different “families”. That is the moment we are currently in. Anyone from the original world may exit through the “EASTERN” portal.

What is it you dont understand?

The residents who have always lived here leave through the “WESTERN” portal. Everything that was bad and corrupt disappears into the pit, to be completely destroyed there. Before the veils dissolve, with which our consciousness will return, the DNA of all real people has been mapped. To this end, the “fake” elections in the US and the “fake” Covid virus were used, which shows very clearly who is on which side.

The liberation of this universe began in 2007. The freedom army from the “free world” used state-of-the-art technology, including a powerful energy weapon called “a Parachute weapon”. “Uranus” was the first to be defeated on January 9, 2008. When he tried to stop the attack, the planet was completely destroyed. On April 15, 2008, the Allies caught up with “Neptune,” who had fled up when Uranus was destroyed. Here on Earth, we humans had no idea what was going on and what was going on above us.
Queen Elisabeth, the Vatican, the Freemasons and the Illuminati were directly associated with the Sith “. Meanwhile, the Freedom Army continued to “destroy the Kuiper Belt”. (The Kuiper Belt is a belt of multi-billion comet-like rock and ice objects called trans-Neptunian objects beyond the orbit of the solar system’s eighth planet, Neptune. The belt is located 30 to 50 AU from the sun.)

Bankers, with the help of their global financial crisis in 2008, openly stole real estate, which is punishable by the death penalty under Universal Law. All mankind, as a food source, was surrendered to the Sith by Queen Elisabeth. She herself represents none other than, Lilith, the daughter of ANU. Everyone who came to a Bilderberg meeting was implanted with a chip to prevent them from passing information on to people for whom it was not intended. People were used as slaves to build the spaceships with which they wanted to fight the freedom army. They stole our money through taxation and interest. NASA and NSA whistleblower, Dr. Eric Norton (HERE), who worked as an external consultant to protect the Earth from meteorites, saw how, in January 2013, a huge fleet approached Earth. The Allied Forces of the Freedom Army defeated “Mercury” on December 24, 2013. The Allied forces, by now, had defeated all alien bases on the planets and here on Earth. In February 2014, the “Papal Portal”, which allowed flying to other dimensions, was destroyed. This means that the DeepState has no way out to escape. The “DeepState” entered a full panic mode.

Symbol of the Papal portal ‘Saturn’, ‘Jupiter’, ‘Mars’ and ‘Venus’, were captured in March 2014. HAARP, which was used to sabotage the movement of the people moving back east, is now completely under control. By March 21, 2014, all enemies were captured. The Earth is now disconnected from its pole. The freedom army is parked above us. They are waiting for the right time to get us out of this abyss. The first thing they will do, in view of the light, turn the Earth back to the horizontal position. The sun, which we see as the sun, is not our real sun, it is Saturn, the “black sun”, the sun of the Sith.

It is placed in front of our real sun to prevent us from discovering that this is not our real Earth. The vertical position of the earth is used to create day and night. She revolves around the axis of the pole. Once that is complete, all electricity will be cut off simultaneously worldwide in the early morning hours. This is possible because, as the symbol of the UN clearly shows, the Earth is flat and not a round ball. All the people here, the 30% from the original free world, will be summoned. This causes them to awaken, allowing them to be disconnected from this body.

This is when the veil is lifted and all memory will return. You will immediately remember how to travel with the help of your DNA. The dome that held us captive will be lit up, removing the artificial skies. In 10 minutes the people can be evacuated to the spaceships from the freedom army that hang above us. The body itself will continue to exist in its role, so that nothing will change for those left behind. Once there, your consciousness and DNA will be fully restored. Once this process is complete, many will return to their own universes to reunite with family and friends. Many, however, will also return to this earth, to come and help with this, to eliminate all damage caused, so that a paradise will also arise here. The NESARA / GESARA plan will be used for this. This consists of more than 6000 patents, which will be released soon. These patents contain the information about:

how health can be fully restored using medbeds on how to provide the Earth with free energy quantum technology that enables space and time travel and much more. That plan, already developed by “President Kennedy”, was to restore the abundance of the earth. It has been signed on behalf of humanity in almost all countries, worldwide “. This cannot be ignored by the current governments, because according to universal law, government is at the service of humanity, not the other way around, as many still think. On September 11, 2001, this plan was due to come into effect, but was then sidetracked again with the attack on the “Twin Towers” in New York by the DeepState. In 2016, the “Q” movement emerged from quantum information. It is now followed by millions of people worldwide. Around January 17, it suddenly became clear who the person behind “Q” is, and this turns out to be none other than “Jared Kushner,” the son-in-law of Donald J. Trump. Kushner is directly associated with the Orthodox “Chabad” Jews in Israel. These are the Jews directly associated with the Khazars and thus the “Rothschilds”. The Chabad are then also called the Rothschilds of Israel.

They are working behind the scenes to use “Q” and all social platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and others, to map out all awake people and then dispose of them via FEMA camps (concentration camps). This repeats the exact same script that happened 100 years ago in Russia that was then taken over by the Bolsheviks. (HERE) More than 100 millions of Russians were murdered. Communist parties were founded worldwide in 1920. In November 1920, the Red Army invaded Crimea, forcibly withdrawing the “White Army”. At the beginning of 1921, the ruble loses 96% of its value. Industrial production has fallen to 10% of its level in 1913 and the population of Petrograd has been reduced from 2.5 million in 1917 to 600,000. In March 1921, the uprising against the Bolsheviks took place in Kronstadt, but without success. In March 1921 the “Communist War” ends and the “New Economic Policy”, the NEP, is introduced. (looks suspiciously like the New World Order, NWO) On April 3, 1921, Stalin is installed as secretary general of the Communist Party. In December 1922, the “Soviet Union” is founded. This operation was called “Operation Trust”. (“Operation Trust” was a counterintelligence operation of the State Political Directorate (GPU) of the Soviet Union. The operation, initiated by GPU’s predecessor Cheka, ran from 1921 to 1926, and created a fake anti-Bolshevik resistance organization, ” Monarchist Union of Central Russia “, MUCR, to help the OGPU identify real monarchists and anti-Bolsheviks). So “Trust the Plan”, the much-mentioned slogan from “Q”, has a very different meaning than most people have thought so far.

He will understand what justice is about…

It is also the Rothschilds who are behind the accelerated introduction of the vaccination requirement. With this they try to destroy the DNA of real human beings. So “Where We Go 1, We Go All” (WWG1WGA) is a huge trap, and Kushner turns out to be “the big mole” in the entire liberation. Whether Trump was aware of this is not yet known. There is a good chance that he himself has been set in as well. This is the reason that in mid-January, worldwide, governments of countries, including the Netherlands, resigned. They have agreed to cooperate with the DeepState’s plan and the major culprit behind the tightened lockdown.

As a result of this discovery, the liberation army, which is above us, declared war on the Deep State on January 17th. The DeepState will not be allowed to implement their plans. As a result, in the coming days / weeks we could experience an accelerated route to liberation where the DeepState will be completely destroyed. In this timeline, the tightened lockdown can therefore be seen as a means to protect us for the time to come. What is currently taking place has already taken place in the future, as it were. It can be seen as a film that is played retroactively, to slowly awaken the sleeping masses. The more you become permanently fully present in your body, the faster the process will complete …

With great gratitude and respect to Harriet Algra

The International Criminal Court is riddled with corruption and sexual abuse…

The Criminal Court is not very successful.

The International Criminal Court has been in existence since 2002, but it is not yet very successful. It heard 28 cases, issued 35 arrest warrants and detained 17 people. Eight people were convicted and three were acquitted. Critics say witnesses are bribed; that big fish – like ex-President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya – go free, while insignificant figures are punished; that the prosecutors do not themselves look for criminal offenses, but rather wait for corrupt regimes to hand over a political enemy. If he is behind bars in The Hague, they will come up with an indictment. The Court is recognized by 123 countries, but it also met with a lot of opposition. The United States, China and Russia don’t want to hear about it. The United States reserves the right to intervene under the so-called The Hague Invasion Act if Americans are brought to trial. President Donald Trump issued punitive action against Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda when even plans to try Americans for war crimes in Afghanistan emerged.

A useless and corrupt enterprise…

In the very expensive headquarters of the International Criminal Court, corrupt judges sit and sit back. Staff are guilty of bullying, sexual harassment and “predator behavior”. Female interns in particular are not safe, a damning report says. The International Criminal Court in The Hague sees itself as the spearhead of the “worldwide fight against impunity.” The Court has been in existence for eighteen years and has been housed since 2016 in an office complex of 143 million euros built under Danish architecture in the dunes near Scheveningen.

It is a pigsty, where nine hundred employees are constantly bullied by their bosses. There have been numerous cases of sexual harassment. Especially female interns are not safe there. At the highest level, there is corruption. Internal surveillance fails and victims of sexual abuse and harassment endure their misery in silence. Pool of injustice and hypocrisy The palace of steel and glass is a pool of injustice and hypocrisy, according to the report entitled The Independent Expert Review of the International Criminal Court. This is an embarrassing situation, as the Criminal Court was established in 2002 to try war criminals and human rights violators. How can this task be entrusted to lawyers who are constantly abusing their power? The experts write: “We heard many statements of harassment and harassment in all sections of the Court, but especially in the Office of the Public Prosecutor. We constantly heard complaints about a hostile culture and discrimination against women. We heard a number of statements of sexual harassment and unwanted sexual advances from senior male staff members towards their female subordinates. Female interns in particular seemed particularly vulnerable to this rapprochement, which (…) had more to do with power relationships than mutual attraction. “The experts speak of” predator behavior in the workplace. ” They do not name the perpetrators, but accuse the board of the Court of letting things run their course and refusing to “show leadership.” In fact, misconduct was tolerated and the top of the organization is responsible for it, the experts say. They describe how top officials turned deaf to complaints of bullying and sexual harassment. The directors of the departments just had to handle it. They did nothing, because they were good friends with those who were accused. Once belonged to the confidants of a department director, there was nothing left to fear and could misbehave like a predator.

According to the experts’ report, the Court is using this “political pressure” as a diversion. Donald Trump is the enemy and therefore no one takes action against wrongdoing in their own circle. Member States have also entered into “an agreement of silence” in order not to discredit the Court. They would rather let things run their course than try to increase the effectiveness of the Court. Report sweeps the floor with capacities of judges The experts describe in detail how the Court and the Chief Prosecutor focus on many cases, but do not finish anything properly. For example, serious human rights violations in Colombia have been investigated for eighteen years without prosecution. The report wipes the floor with the legal capabilities of the eighteen judges. “Some feel like aristocrats above the ordinary employees,” the experts write. But those employees often have years of experience and more expertise. As a result, some judges have all the preparatory work done by their employees and sit back themselves to read again from time to time. “This results in situations where the employees – almost independently of the judges – make all decisions. Sometimes this happens with the permission of the judge. Sometimes the judge does not even notice. “The judges enjoy an annual salary of 175,000 euros per year, but last year started legal proceedings to turn it into 220,000 euros. Plus extra pension benefit. “Working conditions at headquarters are often inconsistent with the spectacular accommodation available to the Court,” an international group of experts wrote dryly. After nine months of investigation, the international law experts headed by the South African Richard Goldstone passed a damning verdict on the Criminal Court.

The idea was that judges would only be paid if they were actually at work. But the eighteen judges elect a president from among their number. Nigerian Chile Eboe-Osuji secured that position in 2018 by promising six newcomers that they would continue to be paid in exchange for their vote in their absence. The report denounces these practices: “The campaign followed is disgusting.” It leads to disrupted relations between the judges, as some are disgusted by vote-buying and are reluctant to run for the highest position. “It is hoped that when a new court president is elected in March 2021, the judges will have written down on how to avoid these improper practices.” President Eboe-Osuji can do with that. War criminals laugh in their sleeve How should we continue with this perverse Criminal Court? The annual meeting of member states will consider the report. But the president of that meeting, South Korean O-Gon Kwon, doesn’t sound like he wants to take the bull by the horns. He stated: “The report focuses on areas for improvement, not so much on an exhaustive overview of all the positive aspects of the Court. Nothing in the report should detract from the necessity and value of the International Criminal Court. “

For the time being it does not look like things will be put in order and that the legitimacy of the International Criminal Court is returning. The Court costs 150 million euros per year. Taxpayers in Japan, Germany, France and the United Kingdom in particular pay for this. The Netherlands paid for the housing for years and now contributes about 3 million euros annually. That the judges and their staff make such a mess is sour for taxpayers. It is risky for the youthful interns and it is a blow to the victims of civil wars and armed conflict. The war criminals will laugh on their sleeves.