The Human Stain

This is by no means an initiation into the Akashic Records, although it could very well serve as a reference in the near future for doing so. Our aim is to help people remember, to enhance their scope on the world we currently live in and to share the questions we have regarding the truthfullness of the things we are meant to believe. Change is upon us as a kind, there is no denying that, and in order to get through these changes information is more important than ever. If after reading this long read you are interested to follow the options you, your tribe or even company have than click on the link and you will be informed further. Each case will be treated with the upmost care and insight. We aim to take care of others one by one.

Man is the most insane spiecie of all. He adores an invisible God and kills all visible nature without realising that the nature he kills is the invisible God he adores.

Hubert Reeves

It was not their irritating assumption of equality that annoyed me so much as their cultural confusion. Humans seemed to confuse standard of living with quality of life, equal opportunity with institutionalised mediocrity, bravery with courage, machismo with manhood, liberty with freedom, wordiness with articulation and fun with pleasure. All the misconceptions common to those who assume that justice implies equality for all rather than equality for equals.


This can mostly be credited to generational adoration towards the attachments people have grown fond of. The additional rewards to obtain in life in order to succeed by standards fabricated and woven into the textile of society. We are born among it, against it, in front of it, and part of our journey we call life seems to be an uphill climb through and over it if you have to believe the paradigmof a successful life. Most of our frabricated entitlements come through the diversity of educational systems, social status and inheritage among others.

From a very early age I questioned that. If suffering is what we are supposed to experience, as hell is a place on earth, then how come we all have been so mistakenly wrong in our choices made before we returned upon this planet to experience whatever we have set out to do? There is an answer to that as well.

The Human cycle manifests itself as follows, and each of us is at a point where we experience the physical manifestations that belong to the energy of this particular period or time where we are as individuals, a group, a family or even a company. I would like to suggest an exercise to observe these cycles towards humankind as a whole, as one thing. As above so below might very well be the only truth ever written in the holy scripture, and are woven into these cycles. So, to break free of the human condition, the stain we experience as spiritual beings, one must first be aware of these human cycles. Here they are and these count for all of us without exeption.

Bondage to Spiritual Faith

Spiritual Faith to Courage

Courage to Freedom

Freedom to Abundance

Abundance to Selfishness

Selfishness to Complacency

Complacency to Apathy

Apathy to Fear

Fear to Dependency

Depency to Bondage

As you can see these experiences as I will call them are cyclical. As is life itself, hence they represent the cycles. Being aware of this, that nothing lasts forever, in my experience, is half the work, it might just give you the edge you need to gather strenght for that last push. It provided me with stamina and tremendous strength over the years when I was subjected to external forces that didn’t allow me to either move forward or change directions until I assimilated the lessons that were sitting and waiting for me within these processes, within these cycles. What a fool I was to believe otherwise. But what does this all have to do with attachments?

It is almost impossible to discuss the complete spectrum of attachments in just one article. This would easily produce a book that I would be happy to write, if, you guessed it, I could let go of certain attachments. The way I have organised my life up to this point does not allow for it. Many attachments invade our life so we are less inclined to live the one we set out to live in the first place. Call it what you wish, we all have come here with our own unique proposal or blueprint and try to the best of our abilities to succeed , I’m sure. A good way to understand attachments and how much influence they emulate is to look more closely to a kitchen blender or kitchen aid.

I was a chef for more than 20 years and explanatory examples are abundant within the kitchen. Let’s take the Magi-Mix for instance and think of it as a top ranked University among appliances. In order to produce a wide range of recipes (life accomplishments) you are assured of a perfect result (wide acceptance) if you manage to gather yourself among the people that have previously obtained similar results using this fantastic machine. (certificate or diploma) I only recently learned that a titulo for the metro here in porto is translated as a ticket, language certainly lives among the attachments. This KitchenAid comes with an array of additional supplements disguised as tools for you to become a magician in the kitchen and impress friend and foe with your abilities. The perfect bread dough is achieved in no time and even the most precise and elaborate task is done almost effortlessly. Imagine if you grew up in a household or family where this amazing machine was standing on the countertop and produced marvels and wonderful results day in day out. To such an extent that you, as a child, made a promise to yourself that in order to have the same success and acceptance later in life, you would go beyond your means to get one just like it. Attachments work in the same way. Degrees, scientific diplomas, media acceptance, you name it, they all contribute to a belief system that gathers a massive amount of people to want the same thing, no matter what the cost are. Regardless if they can or cannot obtain it, clearly there is a price to pay. They want the result and from that point on they seek outside of themselves, often life after life, to get that appliance that will set them up for success and acceptance. Again, I have mentioned this before in other publications, attachments are humanity’s biggest hurdle to overcome. They form limitations and obstruct the development from our natural born gifts that we all have chosen by birth or have inherited from our family line. But what if without this Kitchen Aid one could become an international superstar? There are also plenty of examples of people that have done just that.

The Six Energy Pillars of the Universe

Part of this iniciative is to initiate and make people aware of these fundamental energies that are all around us. Everything is subject to these energies and we are in contact and responsible for the well being of ourselves and others throughout these energies. These energies manifest themselves in everything and the measure in which we feed, uphold, share and receive these energies will have a lasting effect on our lives and of those around us. They are the inicial gamechangers by all means on the path of self discovery.

These energies are Respect, Love, Patience, Continuity, Humbleness and Creativity. They can be found in nature around us and within ourselves throughout are actions and behaviour. Our thoughts and actions determine our reality. The way we treat other beings are a great part of the level of these energies. ( balance and inbalance) The consumption of other cosmic beings which we seem to have learned in school to be beneficial for us is currently the biggest detrimental application towards the sustainability of these energies. Humankind is meant to believe that by evolution we have earned ourselves the right to be on top of the food chain, while the reality is very different. Once we understand the power we have as individuals over these energies we will take no time at all into eradicating the harm we inflict upon ourselves by harvesting dead corpses and producing them for consumption. Which actually is exactly what is happening with humanity as a race as well. In later stages of this project these detrimental behaviours will become very clear, very quickly.

Holistic Spirituality

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. How often have you heard this statement? I am not debating the truthfulness of it, what I’m aiming for is to question rightfully how much of a fabricated social structure the holistic movement is and if it holds the power to keep people in captivation. It does, doesnt it? How much does it give to you and how much does it take? How many of you have come across the Secret or other mystical teachings that have inspired you to follow a certain path or to change a certain lifestyle to obtain another of which you thought it would suit you better? And more importantly, what was your state of being at the time? One narrator of the Mindvalley academy openly suggests the beneficial workings of Ayahuasca for instance. A clear example of giving your energy away, to oftentimes, never get it back in your current life time while you are convinced that you are on your own unique path. well is it my friend?

I confess that until a few years ago I was living with the conviction that my heart was the same as everyone else’s. It made perfect sense to me since we are all equal under the sun, we all breathe the same air and we are all made out of the same tissue. So what’s the difference between us? I have struggled relentlessly with this and it became an unhealthy exercise and almost got the best of me. I just wanted to know so badly why certain things happened to me and not someone else and lay that next to my belief system that we all carry the same heart which I thought made us all equal. I was naive, hurt and broken before I discovered who I truly am. We all pay a price to obtain this knowledge and I’m not proud to say I paid the full amount. It has cost me dearly. From the age of 15 and onwards I set out to seek the higher ground in life. I often was accused of thinking too much which I pinballed back with the argument that I had my brain for a reason. That being true, now I know the human brain is only given to us to enhance our senses. I learned that by remembering who I am.

The Holistic industry is a giant, to such an extent that it is safe to say that it not only has grown into a multi billion industry but a social control system at large. A big layered cake we all get to pick and choose from. There is a flavour for everyone and it all leads to beneficial thoughts, feelings and circumstances. The master classes are flying around your ears these days.These activities all happen outside of ourselves, we need to participate in them in order to obtain or become part of an energy that will allow us to proceed in a specific order we previously have chosen to become our path of enlightenment or success. Vulnerability needs to make place for strength and approval that at least shows you’re trying to become a better person. Who doesn’t want to be accepted? Again attachments and at this point I need to state that there are activities within the spiritual bubble that do have proven benefit. Yoga is one of them and I wish that I had more continuity in it to absorb more of its healthy benefits.

 It’s not my aim to criticize activities that live inside the spiritual bubble, every person is in a different process of remembering and what works for one can easily be an eternal no go ever again for another. What bothers me is that there are people, pseudo scientists that abuse the weakness and vulnerability of their fellow man to fill their pockets while all they do is practice the art of the con. With the result being a society which over generations can be defined as one where laziness is disguised as accomplishment. That is going backwards and we need to go forward as a community, as a society, and as a kind. So who implemented these sacred and secret or mystical practises? Who has manifested such powerful knowledge upon us that we are all captivated by it, struggle by it in order to live by it?

Cosmic Races

Everything on our planet, ultimately, is a manifestation of a cosmic race. We humans are a race and live among other creatures. For some or many this might not have been part of their lives, but if anything has come to bare over the last year is the eradication of a dominant force that has led humanity for over thousands of years and is about to be replaced. In my article this is not a new world I explain thoroughly the domination of humankind by other more advanced and powerful entities. The most commonly known race is the Draco Reptilian race which decades ago was first mentioned and brought to the wider public by David Icke, his book The Biggest Secret dives deep into this as does Slave species of the Gods, the story of humankind from the cradle of humankind by Micheal Tellinger. These two giants have paved the way for a wider understanding among others about how social structures and industries have been implemented by these races in order to extract the energy humans apply to be part or subject of these structures. Think in terms of Politics, Education, Finance, Military, Science and Medicine.

The most consumed energy in our Universe is human energy and that is for a very good reason. The day humankind realises its full potential as a kind all these other cosmic neighbours will start to leave us be, in the meantime they benefit tremendously by implementing these structures for us either to believe in, follow, adore, implement and consume. Cosmic Races are among us and more and more people start to share their findings accordingly. Its no secret that there are shape shifting entities among us. Races that can take over a human body once it vibrates at a certain frequency. Others are here to gives us guidance throughout love and with these I mean those who we, as humans, erroneously call animals. How often do we hear from people that have swim with Dolphins to feel this tremendous energy we call love? Dolphins are part or belong to the Crustaceans Race just like Whales and Orcas do. These are Universal Energy pillars and we are meant to believe that their consumption, in any shape or form, is beneficial to us as Humans. This is just one example of how we as a race are being tricked into believing we are on top of the food chain and therefore are entitled to do so. Out of need or greed, the bottom line is the structure or control system that has us believing this (again attachments) is actually lowering the universal energy pillar these races represent. In some countries, most asian, people consume the fins of sharks while in others children eat hotdogs made out of Dolphin meat. I know for some this sounds like science fiction but unfortunately this is reality. By understanding the intentions of these races regarding the domination of the human species you will come to find that as a race humanity stands in its diapers. We maintain these structures by fighting senseless wars, vote for even more senseless politicians to upkeep a structure we are taught to be vital for our existence called democracy. The list is endless and over the recent year we all have come across the fake Covid 19 narrative, the hoax of the century which by all means was an intent of the Draco Reptilian Race to eradicate most of our fellow man and women. What we have discovered and still are is the horrible reality of pedophilia, which by all means is reptilian conduct, the trafficking of humans and the extraction of adrenachrome as a by product being extended by capsules that contain dried child meat. All of this is reality and should stand testimony for acknowledging the presence of cosmic races that in general dont have the best intentions for our kind due to the power we as humankind can achieve if we could let go of giving our energy away to the structures and systems I have mentioned previously.

Big Pharma vs Natural medicine

These two were initially written down as separate into the workshop. But in order to understand one we need the other. If there ever was a time when the Pharmaceutical complex was at its weakest it is now. What I mean by that is that it has much more to prove to be beneficial for us. Why else are many people so excited about medical beds? It is no secret that Big Pharma thrives with or by student debt. People that have obtained a certificate within a medical field are much more likely to follow the indicators of those who have granted them large sums of money in forms of loans. But our current reality is that people are dying over what is supposed to be a jab against some mysterious form of flu. Add to that the assumption through attachments, false knowledge that people somehow are still convinced that the betterment of men, the cure of illness has to come through the injection of a needle or a fabricated lab substance. A substance to which its producers even have reached a compromise with the delivering governments not to be held responsible for any adversary effects. Let that sink in for a moment and ask yourself why during the whole covid 19 pandemic the pharmacist remained open for business as usual. For generations we have been indoctrinated by false science studies, false discoveries that certain medicines were beneficial for us to take standard. From a young age children get vaccinated left, right and centre to avoid certain illnesses. But how real is this? Is it safe to assume at this point that certain political agendas ( here is another system) are merely brought to life in order to either dominate or eradicate great part of humanity in order to feed the ferocious hunger of other not so benevolent cosmic races. Currently a vaccine passport is debated, which if you think of it is outrageous. There is no doubt in my heart that returning to nature as a cure is a wise turn to take. One of my arguments is that the decline of our overall health is a huge downward spiral over the last 200 years. That is by design, and if the current state of world affairs hasn’t struck a little bit of lightning into you or at least has created a change of perception, then it is time to do so now. Natural remedies are passed on to us by our parents and grandparents. For centuries this has enabled humanity to achieve great things. All to be reduced to a farmstock control mechanism that we currently experience.

Eyes that don't see, heart that doesn't feel.

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