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Truth 54

Human Energy Pillars.

In the Universe there are millions of spirits that have already completed their enormous cycle of incarnations in the 3rd, they have already learned and contributed enough not to have the need to reincarnate. When I say “that they have fulfilled” I mean that the energy that they came to misuse in the hundreds or thousands of their past lives has already been redeemed or transmuted, that is, in human words “the karma is already settled”. A spirit with such a level of experience no longer needs to reincarnate, as it has already learned and experienced everything that it should learn and experience during its evolutionary process in this dimension. This type of advanced spirits can go to other dimensions to continue completing their infinite process in higher dimensions, however, many of these Wonderful Beings decide to reincarnate out of Love and Compassion to help and dedicate time to their younger brothers, that’s right, their brothers We are younger, we are here and now trying to learn and advance as much as possible in the 3rd. Those Beautiful Beings decide to return and incarnate as many times as necessary only for the Love of a Planet, its Children, which we mistakenly call animals or humanity, they can incarnate on the planet, country, city and even on whatever social level the appropriate one with respect to their plan, but normally they decide to do it where they do not belong to a social, financial, educational or religious system, that is, they are free from any ideological chain to which they normally force us to belong, such as religion for example or having to work in a company as a slave, among many other things.

These Beautiful Beings were able to resolve not belonging to those dark systems in the simplest way, but at the same time it is a lifestyle in this dimension almost impossible to bear, I am sure that you are reading this regardless of what nationality you are or In what city or country do you live have you had contact with these beings, yes, you have had contact with them and it does not even cross our minds what kind of Masters have we seen from the front and even crossed glances, I mean thousands or millions of homeless people in the cities of the planet. That’s right, most of us who we despise, we avoid passing by them, we avoid sharing food and we even deny them a greeting, a smile or a “good morning”, those beings decided to incarnate without any need, simply for Love of you, to me and to the more than 7.5 billion people who inhabit this planet. It is no coincidence that most of them are always accompanied by some Beautiful Master Dog or Cat, in fact they planned to come together and be in the corners, streets, garbage dumps, vacant lots, parks, old buildings or anywhere, they are in the time and in the perfect place keeping your energy, that of your city, your country and the planet. Yes, as absurd as it may seem, this is completely real, they are Human Energetic Pillars, their mission is to maintain part of the energy of the Planet and that of all of us who are here, because the darkness that currently envelops this world and its inhabitants is enormous and we are so distracted still in absurd things such as money, materialism, drugs, among many others, that it is not possible for the Planet and its Children to sustain the energy by themselves, that is why these Beautiful Human Energetic Pillars help to maintain a perfect balance in what we we learn to maintain it. Now that you know what the majority of those “Vagabonds” are, you should pay attention to their looks every time you meet them, with this I do not mean that all those you see on the streets are teachers disguised as vagabonds, no, many of them are not. are. Seeing these beings again will change the way you see life, just by having them face to face you will feel that great vibration that surrounds and emanates them, if your Heart indicates it you can make their stay more pleasant, helping them in some way, sharing something with them, from food, clothing or even with an honest look and a smile, in fact most of them will tell you if they are any of these Great Warrior Spirits by looking at them and seeing that they smile at you first they will be telling you that they are one of them . They, like you, are God in Power, in fact they are Incarnate Angels like you.

Truth 50

Before starting with this Truth, I want to quote one of the greatest universal laws that exist: “If you want to hide the truth, put it in front of everyone.” Throughout this life we have seen in many cartoons, television series or movies a large number of characters who use a “trick” or a “super power” to make themselves invisible and almost always use it in dangerous situations from the villains. This has been put in front of us since children and to this day we continue to see it, but we always laugh or think that it is impossible that we can achieve something like that. That super power that these characters use when they become invisible in critical moments is a Truth that has led us to believe that it only happens in movies, but the reality is different. If you look closely at any of those cartoons or movies, the characters may become invisible in the eyes of the bad guy or in any dangerous situation, actually anyone in real life can do exactly the same, the only detail is that for To achieve this you must be in the proper vibration of Universal Love and Light. Yes, I know you may be thinking this is absurd, however it is not, let me explain. Remember that you are multidimensional, that is, the human body that you currently occupy is in the 3rd dimension, of which you are aware, but you are also present in the 4th, 5th, 6th, etc. Yes, you are present in all existing dimensions, but because the body we occupy and the rules of the game when incarnating in this dimension do not allow us to have a 100% clear consciousness of who we really are, unless you raise your vibration at a dimensional level and you can access those dimensions while still incarnated in a 3rd human body. By achieving this we can travel wherever we want, we can visit planets, solar systems, galaxies or universes of other dimensions, as long as we have the appropriate vibrational level to access, that is, you can achieve it as long as you can raise your vibration in Love.

Once it is clear that we are Multidimensional Beings, you will understand what it is like to become invisible. All matter in this dimension has different vibrational levels, all people have different levels, for example, I imagine it has happened to you that when you see a person and feel their dense energy, you do not want to get close, because you feel discomfort or even fear, it is just when we say, “what a bad vibe that person has”, this is because that person has a very low or dense level of vibration. On the contrary, it has surely happened to you that there are people who love to see them, hug them and talk with them, it is due to the high vibrational level that they have that many times you do not want the hug you give them to end. When you have the control of being able to raise your vibration in seconds, wonderful things happen, such as being able to see beings from other dimensions, such as Angels, receive information from other universes or make yourself invisible while incarnate. Yes, a person with a high vibrational level can rise to such a degree that he or she can make thier physical body disappear or cease to be present.

Seen for as long as necessary, be it seconds, minutes or hours, as long as that tool is used for its own good and the good of all those involved, otherwise, if it is to be used to create some evil or damage someone, it doesn’t work. I recommend that you try it, if you are ever in a situation of fear, where you are at risk, raise your frequency and you will see that absolutely nothing happens to you, in fact, you could be in the middle of a shooting and if you use your invisibility cloak you will not no bullet can touch you and you will be safe. If someone tries to rob you and you use your cloak, you will disappear in the eyes of those people, because your vibration is infinitely higher than that of the thieves, they cannot access such a high level, because they have decided to be in the dense levels. This topic may seem absurd, but it is completely real, being able to modify your essence and your human body to any other dimension at any time you want is your divine right, start practicing, you will see how easy it is to achieve it, in fact ask assistance to the Beautiful Dralions, they are specialists in helping humans to raise their vibration in a matter of seconds. Do not forget, you are not alone or alone, there are thousands of Beings belonging to the Cosmic Races of Love and Light that assist you with all their dedication, remember You are God in Power. Ask.

Truth 23

The Legacy of the Cosmic Races.

Our Beautiful Mother Earth Gaia is a very special place in the Universe for many reasons: due to weather conditions, cosmic and terrestrial geographic issues, internal richness of elements, proximity to the Sun, the infinite diversity of species that exists, because it is a young planet, as well as because it is a Living Cosmic Library *, among many other things. Many of the animal and plant species that exist have been gifts given to this Beautiful Being called Gaia, our Beloved Mother Earth, here is an example. There is a place called Tula, in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico, very close to Teotihuacán; This place is known for being the home of the imposing Atlanteans of Tula, better known as the Giants of Tula. They are impressive sculptures in the shapes of cosmic guardians, which were sculpted by the survivors of Atlantis who settled in Mexico after the sinking. Beneath this beautiful place there is also a huge Golden Sun Disc that was implanted by the Cat Race of Number 9 (I spoke of this race in the first part of this Booklet). The Golden Solar Disc was placed in Tula thousands of years before the sinking of Atlantis, as the cosmic Races of Love and Light were preparing the planet and the places where new cultures would establish themselves. At that time also the dark races had knowledge of everything that was prepared for this beautiful planet and for the Races of Love and Light that would come to evolve, once again I mean the dark reptilian race and the Aryan. I have to mention that the leaders of the dark reptilian race belong to the lower 4th dimension, although they also manifest in the 3rd dimension and from there they have manipulated many other races, the human is the best example I can give you. However, there are many other races that are also in the process of evolution and have been deceived and subdued by much larger negative entities. There is a race called insectoid, they are a species of humanoid crickets or grasshoppers, they are literally giant crickets, they are a race that is also in the process of ascension and that have been manipulated by the reptilians and were brought as slaves to this planet to serve this dark race. You may wonder, what does Tula, Atlantis, reptiles, the insectoid race and the Feline Race have to do with it? The answer is the following. Thousands of years ago just when the Feline Race implanted the Golden Solar Disc on the planet in Tula, a group of insectoids under the command of the reptiles were sent to this place to try to destroy it, to prevent Gaia from continuing with its evolution; When the insectoids began to destroy the place, two representatives of the Feline Race, a Beautiful Puma Woman and a Majestic Puma Man appeared and intervened in the detestable acts of the insects; the Felines, in a very peaceful way, asked the insects: “why are they doing this, why are they destroying a place and a planet without any cause?” to which the insects replied: “because we have been sent and we have to destroy everything that we have been told, we have orders to carry out” (The Beautiful Cat Race is a Race that is known in the Universe as “Makers of Cosmic Order” precisely because they intervene when the Universal Laws are not respected, they are a very powerful Race and feared by the dark forces, in fact they are called “Destroyers of dark systems”.) Upon hearing the response of the insectoids, the two representatives of the Feline Race they asked the insects to allow them to show them something, otherwise they would respond to their aggression. The insects accepted the Felines’ proposal. The Beautiful Pumas opened the Akashic Records of the planet of origin of the insects, (I do not have the data of what planet it is, or what it is called, or where it is located). The insects began to see how thousands of years ago, the insects were about to devastate their own planet by the indiscriminate abuse of energies that they could not control. When they were about to extinguish their planet, the Beautiful Feline Race was called to intervene by orders of the Higher Beings of the Insectoid Race, the Feline Race decided to intervene and with much work and effort they managed to restore the planet and of course the inhabitants From the insectoid race, literally the Feline Race saved the planet and those who lived there. The Insects that were in Tula looking at the Akashic Records of their own planet, could not believe what they were witnessing, they had no idea what had happened on their home planet thousands of years ago. Seeing this, she immediately changed her vibration and way of thinking, they looked at the Felines and thanked them infinitely for what their race had done for them and their planet. The Insectoids realized that the damage they were causing to Mother Earth Gaia was not right and decided to leave a legacy of Love and Light on the Planet as an apology for the damage caused. The Legacy they left was to be present on Earth with small representatives of their race; yes, the millions of beautiful crickets and grasshoppers on the planet was her legacy. You may wonder, and what function do crickets and grasshoppers have or what do they contribute? The answer is simple; These beautiful insects emit a little sound when rubbing their paws, if you pay attention and remain silent one night you will be able to hear that beautiful sound they emit, that sound is really the legacy of this Insectoid Race, that wonderful sound comes directly from the Cosmos, they are the channellers of that beautiful energy manifested in sound waves, that little sound that these beautiful beings produce, it is cosmic music that raises the vibration of the Planet, it is a cosmic concert that millions of beautiful animals play every day to raise the vibration of each one of the beings that we inhabit on this planet; they generally do it at night to transmute and counteract the negative energy that was generated during the day. Currently most insectoids have resumed the path of Cosmic Love, but there are some who decided to continue with the reptiles.

Truth 52

The Light at the end of the tunnel.

As we have already told in some of the truths of the first three parts of this booklet, there are many dark races that are interested in keeping enslaved those of us who are incarnated on this Planet and in this dimension, most of the beings that belong to These dark races are allowed to be in the 3rd dimension, however many of them break the universal laws and have created hundreds of ways to be present physically and energetically here, they have found solutions to feed themselves, stay full of energy and satisfy their uncontrollable hunger of power and manipulation over humanity, animals and the Planet in general.

These entities are everywhere, they created all religions, economic, financial, sports, media systems, they control the planet’s food, war, governments and much more. We have been their prey and food for millennia, but it does not end there, in fact, their hunger to have us enslaved so that we continue to give them our power, life and energy goes beyond the third dimension, yes, even when we leave human bodies they continue stalking us and trying to prevent our spirit from reaching the place where it has to go.

I will try to explain it in the simplest way. When a spirit leaves its physical body, that process that humanity calls “death”, we leave that suit that we use in this dimension, it stays here, but our essence or spirit transcends to a higher dimension and we go to certain places where we must arrive so that our cosmic evolution continues, depending on our evolutionary plan is the place and dimension where we go to disincarnate. When leaving the human body that belongs to the 3rd dimension, the spirit or our essence that inhabited that material body must first return to the place where its Higher Self or Beloved I Am Presence is located. Leaving the material body means going through some dimensions, that is, if the spirit leaves the body and decides to go to the 7th or 9th dimension to reconnect with its Beloved Presence, it must go through the lower 4th dimension and from there go through some others. To get there, the problem is that right in the lower 4th dimension there are many entities that are there, among them reptilians, lyrans, gray Aryans, among others. These entities try at all costs to stop those who are just leaving their physical bodies, because the energy they possess is also their food, the more spirits they have in that dimension, the greater their food supply will be, since even being disembodied and passing out there, depending on the behavior and the vibrational level that the spirit reached in that incarnation that is ending, it can become afraid and terrified of the drastic change that it has just undergone when leaving a 3rd dimensional body and passing to a different dimension.

It also has a lot to do with the situation in which he died, an accident, murder or a violent death. That story that we have heard from people who have had a near death experience and who have seen a dark tunnel and at the end there is a beautiful light, it is not exactly what they have led us to believe, actually that light that is reached through see at the end of that famous tunnel is the beginning of a higher dimension and the dark walls that generate the illusion of being a tunnel, it is not a tunnel, in reality it is the thousands or millions of entities of the lower 4th dimension that are doing a kind of passageway to frighten the spirits that are passing through there to instill fear in them and prevent them from going to a dimension beyond the 4th, actually if these entities were not there, the passage to the next dimension would be absolutely a flash of light, without any tunnel, everything would be light.

This is why many spirits that left their bodies have to wander in the 3rd dimension, because they do not dare to pass through that tunnel and resign themselves to remain disembodied here for years, many of these cases are those documented by humanity as ghost experiences and all those cases of paranormal activity, most of which are manifestations of these spirits and all they want to ask us is to help them, they want to communicate to us that they need our help, because they do not dare to pass, but ignorance on the part of those of us who are incarnated is so great and the fear of the unknown is so strong that the first thing that comes to mind in these cases is: “they are ghosts”, “they want to hurt us”.

The purpose of you reading this is not to make you afraid, or to be afraid of “death”, on the contrary, this information is so that we are aware that we must raise our vibration being incarnated and live a life of gratitude and Love To the Planet, to the Universe, only in this way, lifting us up and remembering that We are God in Power, nothing and nobody can ever harm us. Do not forget, You are God in Power. Namaste.

Gerado Amaro

Truth 55

Extra-terrestrial poison.

This Wonderful Planet was created millions of years ago to carry out cosmic plans of great universal significance, which would positively affect the Planet itself and the hundreds of beautiful cosmic halls that are part of this solar system, of this solar system galaxy and this universe. As we have discussed throughout these little books, Gaia, is the Pineal Gland of this galaxy, it is the one that is driving the evolutionary process in the surrounding planets and stars of this part of the universe, that is why there are so many external or extra terrestrial eyes good and bad looking at what’s been going on for thousands of years here and what’s currently happening. This planet is of great interest to other entities whose intensions are not good at all. What is happening day by day is one of the most important events in this universal stage, is the awakening and evolutionary advancement of thousands of planets and humanities, curiously where all this movement is being detonated is here, on this planet called Gaia , Earth, Pachamama.
Currently the vibrational elevation of the Planet is enormous and positively affects the growth of humanity, that is, if the Planet moves forward, most of humanity will continue at the same vibrational level, those who cannot or do not want to maintain that vibration they will have to leave their bodies to go through that process that humans call “death.” To subsequently reincarnate on a lower frequency. Millions of people are entering the same planetary vibration, that is, we are growing spiritually and in every aspect, we are remembering what we really are and what we can create, there are more and more people who are fully aware that we are all God’s in potential. We are Universal Creators embodied in material bodies and we are elevating the vibration of a material dimension as dense as the third, this had never happened in this part of the galaxy, it is a huge planetary event and most certainly universally speaking.
Hundreds of obscure entities that mistakenly believe that this Planet and many others belong to them have done their best to stop this planetary evolution. They are fully aware that the force and speed with which Love and Light is rising is unstoppable. For thousands of years they knew that this moment of galactic change had to come yes or yes, but they never imagined it would be so fast. This great change is the worst problem that these dark races can face, because by raising the vibration of the planet and humanity, they will not be able to remain here, nor in this part of the galaxy, for Love and Light will be so great that literally it is as if they were inside a microwave oven. These entities will not be able to withstand the high frequency and will have to leave this place or lose their existence in the 3rd and 4th dimension and then they will have to go even a process of self-confrontation called Universal Cosmic Judgment*.
This is imminent, the dark races that have been dominating social, financial, religious systems, and any other human system for thousands of years. Hundreds of ways have been put in place to be able to control us energetically and physically. If we do a quick recount, they have forced us to practice thousands of religions that they have invented themselves. Catholicism, Hinduism, Judaism, jehovah’s witnesses, no matter what it is, they have all been created by extra-terrestrials races of darkness, absolutely all of them without exception. If we talk about financial systems, it is the same, they have created the concern for the lack of money that we have been carrying life after life. If we talk about education systems it is the same, they have invented all those false stories that force us to learn in schools, if we refer to the current “spiritual therapies”, many of them have been created and brought to this planet to keep us tied up.

An example is the famous “Theta healing” a completely reptilian creation, the well-known deeksha is another “spiritual therapy” brought from lyre by entities of luciferian origin. These two techniques were brought to the Planet to embed chips or grafts that cause the energy-blocking of the people who practice these holistic ventures. There are even people who give akashic records workshops who work hand in hand with the race of the greys by grafting energy chips into people, those people or self proclaimed “Akashic Masters” are not working from the Love of the Akashic realm. These people work from the greed of their ego and the obscure entities posing as the holders of the Akashic Records and their transformational power . Remind yourself of anyone who offers their healing powers upon you.
Anyway, we’ve been subjected to this perpetual slavery for many lives. To be even clearer, even the food we have been feeding ourselves for thousands of years to this day has been imposed on us by the dark entities, it is one of the best weapons to keep us subscribed and blindfolded, here is an example:
A large percentage of the world’s food is based on wheat, most of the dishes that are consumed are made with this ingredient, for example, bread, beer, pizzas, pastas, among many others; in fact almost everything contains wheat flour, you have to wonder what has this to do with anything? Wheat is a cereal plant that is harvested in all countries of the world and contains an element called gluten, which has led us to believe that it provides a lot of energy to the body, which is completely false.
This famous plant called wheat is not a terrestrial plant, it was brought from another galaxy to this planet thousands of years ago. The planet from which the wheat comes is called Urgón, does not belong to this solar system and is very close to the Pleiades. The dark entities were responsible for spreading it all over the continents during the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis, in order to be consumed by the generations that would come after the planetary energy change, that is to say for about 11,000 years to this day. Gluten as its name says, it is a glue that when consumed causes the cells of the physical body to stick literally preventing them from being free, causing great complications, physical deformations and detonating a myriad of diseases. Humanity should not consume any wheat flour, as excess gluten in addition to producing diseases causes the electromagnetic field of the physical body to be completely low, because when the cells are glued, they are prevented from functioning properly , because if the cells are not moving and vibrating as it should be freely, the electromagnetic field or aura automatically lowers its vibrational level, being unprotected or helpless in the face of thousands of low-vibration bodies who are only waiting for one opportunity to steal energy by getting into you. They have metallized us to such an extent to consume gluten and the thousands of foods that are prepared with it that even in OUR FATHER we repeat it, it appears right in the part that says, “Give us our daily bread today”, in reality we should say : “Give us today our daily Prana”, but it was misrepresented. **

The Races of Light had to counter this act, it was decided to bring a wonderful plant that could neutralize the damage that wheat causes to humanity, that little plant has been used by great civilizations of Love and Light such as the Maya and Incas, that plant Aliens brought from the Central Sun of the Galaxy is known as Corn, the real name of Corn is Zima, hence the word Cima of Castilian, Zima in Kimú* means Freedom. Thanks to corn millions of people have neutralized the devastating effects of gluten for centuries. The energy that wheat has is a reptilian male energy, the energy of Corn or Zima is an all-female energy. If there wasn’t Zima on this planet, millions of people would have died because of the wheat and all its derivatives.. Now that you’ve remembered what wheat and gluten really is, the recommendation that I can humbly provide from the Heart is to try to consume as little wheat-prepared foods or any of their flours as possible, try to eat direct foods from the Planet. Now you understand why there are so many GMO foods and why there are multinational companies that sell packaged or boxed bread and thousands of junk products like pizzas, doughnuts, beer and thousands more products? All are of reptilian origin and earn millions poisoning humanity every day in every country of the world. Especially now, hamstering like proper trained slaves we actually bring in the poison to our home. Thinking we are safer by doing so.

*Universal Cosmic Judgment is to present you to your Higher Self and to the Higher Beings of cosmic Races that you have damaged in some existence to face and hold yourself responsible for the damage that was created and to seek the way you can redeem and transmute the damage caused by the Universe and everyone involved.

**Understand Prana as the solar energy that humans will at some point feed on. This will happen when our vibration is so high that we don’t need to kill animals or cut fruits from trees or take water from a river, our food will be pranatic , there will be no need to take anything from the Planet to stay here, only Solar energy.

The dark races reverted the name Zima to Corn to reverse the vibration of the sound. This happens with every human control system that was created by our farmers.

Kimu is the language of the Trees, on Earth it is known as Irdín, considered the language of the Angels. Kimu means “The Truth” since the Trees never lie, they always speak with the Truth. It is a Universal language used by Thousands of Cosmic Races of Love and Light in millions of places and dimensions in the Universe.

Excerpt from Part 4 of “World’s Smallest Book with The World’s Greatest Truths” Available completely free on

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