How much does it give to you, and how much does it take?

Real life contains much more fantasy than your dreams could ever take…

Ruben Miller

Many people are currently experiencing a “push & pull” for perhaps the very first time in their lives. Many have lost the life that comfortably held them in a position from which they could engage with society, do whatever makes them tick, to subsequently, retrieve into the cocoon they themselves have been constructing over lifetimes. It is mistakingly known as participating into a social conduct. Social media outlets have created, with great entrepeneurship, a parralel conversation among its stakeholders that has led many people to the believe they are actually contributing to the betterment of the awareness of the collective. Even this is a false conduct. There are things that one can touch and things one can’t and never will.

What you need to understand is that a lot of people have simply chosen not to wake up during their current incarnation. Sounds like science fiction perhaps but it’s true. These people, like any other manifestation, are mere reminders of what you, yourself need to acomplish in order to fill your cup, become who you set out to be, I’m sure you can imagine many scenarios that fit this resemblance.

What is it you don’t understand? I must have added it to posts a thousand times and not once there was somebody that actually asked a question regarding information that was either difficult to proces, assimilate or to place within their current area of conduct and understanding. Instead, and this can be seen clearly on the same platforms I mentioned previously, these persons start to throw “digital rocks” and accuse those who are ahead in their evolution of being sick, theorists of any kind and anything they can get their hands on. Offcourse within the safety of their living room hiding behind a screen that has an on and off button. This has been created on purpose by entities you have never seen in real life.

Gaia itself is a machiavellico as they come and doesn’t need any of us in order to proceed in her evolutionary trajectory to fulfill her proposal as the enormously advanced soul she actually is. The difference being is that she understands her conduct and “push & pull like no other. I often think she is the one left out because of our presence, but even that is a lie difficult to uphold.

Once people understand that a letter with a stamp on it that takes 11 days to reach its destination contributes more to the fulfillment of your destiny and will last forever also has the abbility for correcting the course of your life. It adds to your records in ways that will blow your mind, while the world that can be “erradicated by the switch of a button” is designed for you to loose it all. Even your mind by a blackout of some sort.

How much does it give to you, and how much does it take? This is a serious exercise for those who not only want to leave behind their previous self, conduct and manners. It is a test of courage and reflection that leads to honouring your higher and eternal self. Wouldn’t it be wiser to understand your line, your part in all this electro magnetic soup we are cooking up collectively instead of adding to it without any true purpose what so ever?

Who or what will replace the erroneous and mischievous conduct of our so called “chosen leaders”? What will we, as a collective, allow to be the new norm, standard or rules of engagement? Its one thing to say that the best is yet to come, another the awareness that it is you and your conduct ( socially, emotionally, spiritually) that is the building block to materialise these proposals. Give that away and you are nowhere to be found, seen or rehabilitated after this storm has passed.

Because what gave you the incentive to “develop within a prefabricated structure” crumbled right before your eyes, and everything you gave to it, dissapeared with it.

Much love R