You have to be certain you can pronounce it…

Richard H.

High up above or down below, when you’re to in love to let it go. But if you never try you never know, just watch your words…

Eagle Point / Grand Canyon

A Skywalker is someone who, at certain times, certain lives, decides to return to our planet despite their advanced stage of evolution. These Spiritual mentors are given some of the most auspicious tasks, the most impossible proposals in order for others to understand and feel their infinite humane power of exsistance. Some call them members of a silent group, the Brotherhood of the Sun; la Hermandad del Sol. Others are just in awe once brought into contact with these beings. It takes great courage to carry oneself upon this Earth as if you do not live in hell.

Skywalkers are known to engage in very specific human cycles. According to and carrying with them their chosen traits and social engagements they make sure people enter the age of remembrance, the moment in time we currently reside in. All that manifests in this stage is to remind us.

There are many names for a spiritual being that chose the density of our planet wearing nothing more than a human looking space suit. Let’s agree that we are all spiritual to some degree. There certainly is an upward line when it comes to how people assimilate information. About their surroundings and themselves. “Spirit” deserves to become a Superstar on his own through all of us. Dividing rubbish from truth or the other way around. We all share this experience of the now. In case you missed it, its all there is. A heart beat could not define it better. Expecially if it’s the last one. Skywalker or not.

The Brotherhood of the Sun manifests on so many different levels of society. Some choose the fine arts to conquer the awareness of others. Many others engage in the early stages of the educational reset, while other ones are forging a path on their own to inspire loved ones and others. Writing, publishing, music and dance are some of their weapons of choice due to their longlivety, as is painting. Paintings where found in caves, very old places and confirm that our ancestors knew that remembrance matters. Honouring your ancestrial linaje truly serves us once we know how to move the cradle.

Skywalkers are reluctant to mainstream, they truly follow the beat of their own heart, and they can hold that line indefinitely. Life after life. To the extend that their physical presence is not needed due to their legacy while attending class. Eternal students turned into to forever Skywalkers.

Loved. RIP Richard

I’m first, I’m last

We are all part of the hydraulic cycle. We are starseeds and starseeds surely can remember that humans are part of water. Watch the water.

The Native American Indians, in this case The Hopi Tribe, have left us with great insights to remember what we as Starseeds have come to do. Our current global narrative certainly reflects some of these teachings. Climate change is one of them and part of the worn out track our “Rulers that shouldn’t rule no more” are manipulatively abusing throughout the Fifth Element, the Main Stream Media. That Phoenician stronghold is about to collapse and according to some in a Biblical way. I’m not that much of a Biblical guy myself since the most interesting parts are the ones not in it such as the book of Enoch. Admittedly “Revelations” is a part that occasionally reminds me of better days ahead.

The Hopi however remind us of the previous three worlds and that we are currently manifesting the fourth world. Science or spirituality easily could transform this into the 3D – 5D paradigm for those who resonate with that. This Hopi elder explains with great clarity the process of our lives and the transformation that happens after we have manifested our physical bodies here on Earth.

Four Worlds

If ever there was a time in the long journey of your Soul to remember now is that time. You are first and you are last. Understanding that to its full extends will bring you everlasting peace, whetever you may roam.

SPI: Spiritual Purpose Inception. 2017

I dreamed I had turned off the internet. Luna was waiting for me at the gate for a “spiritual interference” mainly focussed on self-preservation. This time I know what is coming and willingly I accompany her on a stroll around the estate. Whenever in the pine forest next to the urbanisation of “El cuarton” in Cadiz, Spiderman’s head bounces off in concerning ways; manners of behaviour that indicate “drastic reforms”. Three numbers bounce inside my head and quickly I scrabble them down, its 555 and the third time I notice them since this morning. Anything to conquer paradise, with or without a heist at this stage. I wander if I should carry a flag over the estate, I can pick anyone I want; they all hang tidily along the square courtyard of the principle house. After Berlin I should raise the German flag, or a Russian one to commemorate a dead ambassador. This is not provocative anymore, it lives in the third dimension and we should all be able to understand what is going on. So how does one react to a native paquistani or Tunisian police officer in Turkey shooting down the Russian ambassador at the opening of a exposition? Both Turkey and Russia have reacted “well composed” in my opinion. Regardless who produced these “false flags”, although Spiderman’s head suggest strong interference from American and British intelligence agencies, the only group that could benefit of an escalation in the region would be the military industrial complex. That and all it needs to sustain itself. The only negative expansion power, the one that ends things by placing military units, bases and camps around the world is the United states. So, in theory I could easily march around the woods with a stars and stripes, but I’m European. Have one of those as well, has never been used before, and I thought Jean Claude would appreciate it if he would “fly by” for a quick visit. This time I hardly notice German flags covering the profile of Facebook users; who wants to do the wrong thing by now? How should one react? Anyway you see fit as far as I’m concerned, and that I am. Who wants to acknowledge the shortcomings of our own intellect as a group? Where is mad dog Alpha and his wiggling tail? Luna will find him and teach him a lesson. Is it the short-term memory loss we all severely suffer from?